Thursday, May 31, 2012

How They See Me

I know it's way past Mother's Day, but I had to share these with you.  I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to get them on here yet, so better late than never!  We get these at our Mother's Day Tea along with a gift the kids make at the preschool every year.  It always makes me laugh what they come up with, although Lana was pretty dead on this year. 

WHAT?!  I COULD be 16!  Although that means I had Sonya when I was 9, but still!  And while I do enjoy sushi, I'm not sure why she thinks I like fish so much.  The only thing I could figure is because when I make fish at home, she is so traumatized by me trying to get her to eat it.  She hates it so much.  
I think Georgia thought they were asking her questions about herself:

Although she did get the age right.  Still makes me a teen mom, but I'll take 26!  
I can't believe I only get one more year of this.  Lana has graduation from preschool tomorrow, so that sobbing you hear coming from the direction of Los Angeles around 1pm?  That will be me.  

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