Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rock of Ages (Three and Five)

In an effort to encourage my daughters to form an all girl rock band when they get older, Andy has been putting on rock concert DVDs every now and then for them to watch.  So far, they have seen Queen and Journey.  They like both, but Lana seems to be more of a Queen fan. She particularly likes the song Bohemian Rhapsody.  I mean who doesn't like to rock out to that song?  Certainly the drunk guy in Canada loves it.

A few days ago during lunch, Lana and Georgia were doing their best to sing as much of the song as they could remember on their own. After hearing it a few times, I finally picked up my phone to record them.  As you will see, Lana sort of gives up after she can't remember anymore.  Or maybe she only sings her favorite part.  Georgia carries it almost to the end, though.  First Lana gets the pink sparkly guitar, then they are  introduced to a good rock concert.  These are the building blocks my girls will point to later when they are doing their E! True Hollywood Story interview.  I only hope my disciplining methods aren't their source for painful childhood memories.  I mean, I did give them to the count of three!


Anonymous said...

Stop it! Cannot handle the cuteness. If they're interested in an 80s tribute band I may know another 5 year old! xx


cran said...

I am still grinning. So CUTE!!

Olex said...

Hysterical, and adorable.
Stumbled across your blog, and clicked for some odd reason.
I am not a blogger. but man did that make my day. Most excellent !!


The Ramsay's said...

I hope my kids are as cool as yours one day! I absolutely LOVE this!