Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nailed It

I am not the type of girl who gets her nails done on a regular basis.  First of all, like I would ever have time for that.  Secondly, that shit gets expensive!  That being said, there are a few times a year when I will go get them done.  Mostly when I have parents or in-laws in town.  I usually try  to make an effort to at least get my toenails done a few times during the summer. They spend their time hanging out in open air with sandals, instead of stuffed into socks and shoes.  I feel a bit more pretty when I see them with color. It just feels more summery that way.   I don't always get my fingernails done though, even if I get a pedicure.  The reason is- about three hours after leaving the nail salon, the polish takes one look at all the housework to be done and starts chipping itself off my nails.  After about a day, I'm lucky if I have one nail with polish left clinging to it.  Since I'm not a lady of leisure, who never has to touch a dish or wipe a butt, it's just not worth it to pay the money to have my nails look good for a few hours.  Sure, I could wear gloves to wash the dishes, and I usually will for the first day.  Then the polish starts to chip away, I say "screw it" and go back to bare hand dish washing.  I don't know why I dislike gloves so much.  My mother-in-law is always bringing some to use when she comes to my house, because I never have them.  I just can't get into using them myself.  I digress...

Last year my sister and my mom went to get their nails done and told me about "gel nails".  It's polish, not fake nails, but they put a special kind of gel polish on your regular nails.  It takes a bit longer and costs a few bucks more, however, it lasts a couple weeks.  I called BS, because really-there was no way.  They assured me that their polish stayed on through washing dishes and kids.  The only drawback was it was a pain in the ass to take off.  

I had my nails done since they told me about it, but never bothered with it.  Last summer, I would get a pedicure and occasionally had a manicure, only to have it chipped by the end of the day.  I think I had just forgotten about it this so called wonderful gel polish.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I decided to get my nails done for my friend Sooz's wedding I was in.  I had remembered about the gel nails and decided to give it a shot.  

You guys... 


My nails lasted for OVER a week!!  A WEEK I TELL YOU!!  I washed dishes, wiped butts, gave baths, cleaned counters, and bathrooms.  Not ONE chip  for over a week.   I did sorta wreak havoc on them on Sunday afternoon, cleaning all the outside toys and cleaning out the refrigerator.  So they sorta went to crap after that, but still!  It was the Thursday before that, I had gotten them done.  This stuff is amazing!  A-MA-ZING! It was totally made for us stay at home moms.  Well, those of us who do our own housework anyway.  I can't speak for any of the "Real Housewives".  I'm pretty sure they're nails stay because someone else does all that work for them.  Including wiping their kids butts.

The only drawback is that I can't really take it off myself.  Regular remover doesn't work, and I think you have to soak them in the hard stuff.  So I've decided I'm just going to go back to the salon and get another manicure and let them take it off.  At first I was just going to get regular polish, so I can take it off myself later on, but I think I may be addicted to this now.  I just want the gel ONE more time.  Wait, isn't that what addicts say? But my nails looked so pretty for soooo long!  I love it!  Although, I'm pretty sure Andy is sick of me shoving my nails in his face every day and saying, 

"But look!!  Not ONE chip!!"

He might just have to endure it for another week and a half though.  This time I might go with a color.  Perhaps something pink and summery.

My nails one week, one day and a lot of housework after getting them done.


Anonymous said...

Omg! Do you live under a rock?? Haaaaa haaaaa. You can have gel done on your toesies, too FYI.


Kristi said...

Shut it BethAnn! Some of us don't get out to the nail salon much. I wouldn't bother getting my toes done with it, because they always last long anyway. You know, because I don't wash dishes with my feet.

~Tara said...

its the best stuff EVER...you know...i work at a preschool and my gel lasts me at least 2-3 weeks! lol..trust me,,you will learn how to take it off cause after awhile it will start to peel..but i love the stuff NEVER going back to real polish...except for my pedicures :)