Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting To Know Mommy

 One of the fun things about the preschool Lana goes to is the Mother's Day Tea they have every year.  A couple years ago when Sonya attended the school, I went to it for the first time and found myself fighting back tears, because it was so cute. They have a place set up for the moms with iced tea and strawberry shortcake.  Then we each get a gift that our child made during school.  The kids come in and sing us songs they have learned about how much they love their mothers.  Then we also receive a folder decorated by our child.  Inside there is a picture they drew of their mom and questions they answered about "my mom".  This is by far my favorite part.  

Before we get to the questions Lana answered, I give you her portrait of me:

How cute am I?!  I would like you to note that she drew my dimples.  What attention to detail!
Next is the list of questions.  Go ahead and take a minute to read it, then I will address each one:

Okay-first of all the funniest I do is smile at her?  I'm not sure what to make of this one.  Does this mean I don't do or say anything funny ever?  The only thing she finds funny is when I smile?  Maybe she thinks I'm boring or mean all the time, but when I smile she thinks "Ah there it is!  She IS kinda funny!" Or perhaps she thinks I have a goofy looking smile.  Again not sure, but I think I better start asking Andy for some material on how to be more funny with the girls.  The problem with that is it might get in the way of all the yelling.  Oh well, I'll figure it out.  

Then there is my age.  When Sonya did this two years ago, she said I was 25.  This pleased me to no end, because who doesn't want people to think they are 25?  Five, however, may be a little young.  I mean according to Lana I wasn't even born yet when Sonya arrived into this world.  That would be a little tricky.  I guess she just figured I was older than her and since she is four, older than her is five, so I must be five.  It does sorta make sense.  

The next one is about how we have fun together.  Okay, see this one, this one makes sense to me.  First of all, she's saying we have fun when we go to the mall, and for girls that is a no brainer.  Of course we all have fun at the mall!  It's the MALL!!  Just ask my friend Melissa.  The reason this is fun for her right now is not the shopping, however.  It's because when I take them to the mall to do something I need to do, I let them have fun afterward.  They ride the little train that is there and maybe one of those stupid little rides that used to cost a quarter when I was a kid, but they are now FOUR quarters.  Afterward we usually all share a Wetzels Pretzel and then I let them play at the mall playground for a bit.  So yeah, they have a good time there.  Sometimes we do the little photo booth together.  We've gotten some fun pictures out of that!

As far as my favorite TV show being commercials, well, she obviously had no idea how to answer this one.  Especially since, thanks to the invention of the DVR, I haven't watched a commercial in about nine years.  I suppose I like to catch the ones on during the Super Bowl, but that's about it.  I don't know if SHE knows what a commercial is considering she watches nothing but PBS and Disney shows.  They don't really have commercials on those channels.  So this one also confuses me.  I'm thinking maybe it's all she could think of because she never really sees me watching TV, since I wait until they go to bed to watch anything.

What I look like is pretty straight forward, short hair and blue eyes.  I don't think I'd consider my hair short, but I guess in comparison to her sister's, it is.  She is right about my eye color which is pretty good. I don't even know if my husband would be able to answer that question correctly.  

Then there is this one-my favorite food.  I think this is the best answer of them all.  Salad.  Here's the thing-I do eat salad quite often, but not because I love them.  I suppose I don't mind them, or perhaps I've just gotten used to eating them, but favorite-um no. I eat salads because I have to.  It's a good way to get your veggies in for the day, and to keep me from eating too much of my REAL favorite foods.  If I had to choose three things to eat for the rest of my life, salad would be pretty far down on the list.  It would be something more like, cheeseburgers, pizza and chocolate.  Well as long as I get an option of wine as a beverage.  Otherwise I might have to replace one of those foods with wine.  However...I am pretty proud of the fact that she THINKS salad is my favorite food.  At least I'm sending out a good message about healthy things to eat to my kids.  That's the part I like about this answer.  Well, plus it is funny thinking salad is my favorite food.  Salad.  Ha!

Friends.   Perhaps I would choose a different color NOW, but nine years ago, Andy and I liked it.  Anyway, yeah purple is my favorite color, so she nailed that one.

These are the kind of keepsakes I will have forever.  The kind of things I will pull out in about 20 Mother's Days from now and reminisce about how cute and little my girls used to be.  Afterward I will think about how big and grown up they are and probably cry.  Then, as long as none of my favorite commercials are on TV, I will call each of them and see if they want to go to the mall and share a pretzel with me.  Or perhaps a salad. 


Selena said...

I hate to be that person but I posted my little mother's day gift too! They are so F****ing cute at that age. I love the perception of age!

Hollyhome said...

I love it! Jealous of your age a little...but when you eat that much salad and wear purple...who wouldn't mistake you for a playground and mall loving young lady :)
Hope your Mothers Day was fabulous!