Friday, May 25, 2012

Living In A Perti Dish

Do you see this ridiculousness??  This is a result of what has been going on in my house over the past month.  My job title these days is pediatric nurse.  What are all those medicines for??  You ask.  Well, they are a direct result of me challenging the universe by having this thought run through my head two months ago,

"Huh-the girls haven't had a bad sickness all together in a long time."

Two weeks later, Lana got a fever, Sonya got a sore throat and by the end of the week they were both on antibiotics for strep throat.  Georgia, thankfully, never got it.  That time.  Yes, I said that time.  Because last week, Lana got ANOTHER fever and complained of her throat being sore.  I mean, it couldn't be that her strep throat came back right?  She had ALL of the antibiotics she was supposed to have.  Except that she could indeed have the strep back, as my sister Megan, who is a real nurse, informed me.  I was planning on waiting to see how she was feeling the next day before I rushed back to see the pediatrician.  She ate her breakfast of scrambled eggs the next morning, but only after the motrin kicked in and her throat didn't hurt so bad.  She seemed fine until 20 minutes later I heard her throwing up in the living room.  Lucky for me it was on the hardwood and not the rug.  So back to the pediatrician we went.  I couldn't figure where the throwing up fit in to her symptoms.  Maybe she did just have some virus.  However....

I gave the nurse the story of her symptoms and how she had strep two weeks before.  She said-

"Well, sounds like it could be strep again.  All you would need is for her to vomit and it definitely would be strep."

"Oohh, yeah, well she did that this morning too," I informed her.  I had NO idea throwing up was another symptom of that disease, but apparently it is.

The doctor came in, took one look in Lana's throat and confirmed, that along with all of her other symptoms, it was back.  This time she prescribed stronger antibiotics.

Now I was paranoid and constantly asking the other two,

"How is your throat?  Is it sore?  Do you have a headache??"

They claimed to be fine each time I asked.  That is until Sunday, when Sonya started to say her throat was a little sore.  GREAT!  The last thing I needed was for her to be sick this week, the last week of school.  The week where they do nothing but fun stuff.  The week that she had been talking about for TWO WEEKS!  Except when she walked into my room Monday morning I knew she was going to at least miss that day of school.  Not only was her throat still sore, but her left eye was swollen and pink, and what I was 100% positive was-you guess it-pink eye.  It was then I flash backed to the last time we went through all the girls being sick like this.  That's when I became certain she did have strep again and that for Georgia it was not a matter of if, but when.

I called the Pediatrician's office as soon as they opened and when I got the receptionist on the phone I said,

"Hey Rebecca!  It's Kristi Dadekian calling again.  It looks like Sonya has pink eye and she's complaining of a sore throat so I'm pretty sure her strep is back too..."

"SERIOUSLY?!"  Was her response.  I love that Doctor's office.

So back in we went where all my suspicions were confirmed.  Sonya was more than a little unhappy to be kept home from pajama day at school. If I'm being completely honest, I would have said "screw it" and sent her had it not looked like she went a few rounds in the boxing ring.  Instead she had pajama day at home and caught up on some episodes of Glee while eating creamsicles.  I felt bad, so she got a little spoiled.

By the next day all medicines had kicked in and she was good to go.  That's when Georgia started to tell me it "hurt in her mouf".  Here's the thing, I wasn't sure she really did have a sore throat or she thought it was just the thing to say.  Everyone else in the family was getting medicine, why shouldn't she?  Especially with her being the youngest, and wanting to do everything her sisters do.  So I waited.  The next day on the way to pick Lana up from school, Georgia was eating a granola bar and said to me,

"Mommy, it hurts when I swallow."


"Hi Rebecca!  It's Kristi again..."

"Can you come at 4:15?"


Three of a kind my friends! THREE OF A KIND! They all got it.  So all those medicines you are looking at break down like this-

Sonya-antibiotics twice a day, eye drops 4 times a day

Lana-antibiotics three times a day

Georgia-antibiotics twice a day,  in addition to the two medicines (one twice a day, one once) she takes to prevent her migraines-which by the way, I don't think are working.

Soooo....Yeeeaahhhhh....Good times at my house!  On the plus side, I am ALL SET when Andy and I get older and have to take a million pills a day for various reasons.  I've kept everyone's medication straight.  Well, so far anyway.

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