Friday, April 18, 2014

This Is 40

For the past few months I have been freaking out, and usually not so silently, about this day as it drew near.  Today I turn 40.  FORTY.  1, 2, 3, that will take way to long.  10, 20, 30, 40.  That seems better.  Okay four decades seems better than 40 years for some reason.  Let me start with saying that it's not really the number or the actual age that has me freaked out.  I'm not worried about being closer to death.  Although I suppose I technically am closer, but the truth is I could get hit by a bus next week.  I'm not that close to "old age" where I'm freaked out about that.  Turning this age does bother me a bit because of the fact that my looks and youth are slowly fading.  I know that is shallow, but I'm just being honest here.  I don't like the fact that I LOOK older.  I always looked so young.  But the bigger issue I'm having with turning 40 is what it represents to me.   Here let me break it down.

The first decade of life, well let's face it, who remembers most of it?  The first decade I was just surviving and learning how to be a person.  When I hit the second decade and my teens, it was all I could do to get through the day without some sort of angst in connection to a boy, my clothes or my hair.  By the end of that decade, I went to college and started to grow up a bit.  Then I hit the 20s or what I like to refer to as, the party decade.   I don't know about you, but I did party and had a blast doing it.  Of course, that does get old after a while.  The 20s are also the time I learned about who I was.  I realized that I could be a bit overbearing, judgmental, opinionated, and a tad forthcoming with those opinions especially after a couple of drinks.  I don't tend to sugar coat things.  However, I am also loyal, kind, fun and hardworking.  It took me until the end of my 20s and even the beginning of my 30s to accept the "bad" parts about me.  It has also made me aware of what I do and how that can affect other people, so  I try to work on not giving in to those worse qualities, even though it can be difficult.  I had a good job for a while in my 20s, which I enjoyed and I got married to my fantastic guy at 27.  However, I was looking forward to what became the third decade of my life, becoming a mom.

My 30s have (so far) been my favorite decade.  I found out I was pregnant with Sonya one month before my 30th birthday.  Maybe that is why I wasn't so afraid of turning 30.  I had a goal.  I was working on something.  I was becoming a mom.  And yes, I'm still a mom, that will never change,  but the girls are older and don't need me like they did in my 30s.  Being  mom was something I always wanted to do.  It was honestly the biggest goal in my life.  I know that is so not PC to say these days, but it was.  Sure I had other dreams and aspirations, but without kids, none of that would have mattered to me.  I loved being pregnant and loved having babies. I wasn't crazy about the infant stage but it goes so fast that looking back now I suppose it wasn't that bad.  As crazy as I was during my 30s, and having the little two within 15 months of each other making me crazier, I still loved it.  Sure there were some days they drove me to drink, literally, and I was ready to run out and find the first place that would hire me, but I am so glad that I was there for all of it.  I was there for the funny things they said as toddlers, or the amusing things they did like the hair cutting incidents.  I know they still do need me more than they don't, but that's all going to change in this next decade.  And here is the reason that turning 40 freaks me out.  I have no idea where to go from here.

I feel like 40 is to old to try and start something new.  I know there are plenty of you out there who say it isn't, but most of the world would disagree with you.  Especially the hiring world.  To be honest, I don't even know what I would want to do.  The fact is I like being home with the girls.  I want to see them after school.  As they go through their teen years in the next decade of my life, I feel in some ways that's when I need to be here the most.  Sure they may not need help to get themselves fed or ready for bed, but what about when they are faced with being pressured to drink or take pictures of their boobs for snapchat?  What about when a boy breaks their heart or they are frustrated with their best friend?  I feel like I need to be around to monitor those situations.  I'm not saying I'm going to stop everything bad from happening, but being around will certainly help them to know that I am more likely to see what is going on in their lives.  So it appears that I should be okay with all this, but for whatever reason I'm not.  I feel like I need something else.  Something that doesn't involve PTA or Girl Scouts or any of the other things I do for them.  I need something for me, I guess.  I just don't know what that something is, and turning  40 is shining a glaring spotlight on the fact that I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I know all of you have fantastic advice on what I could do and how to do it.  Trust me, I've thought of things too.  I still have aspirations of becoming a personal trainer of some sort, or teach workout classes.  However, getting certified requires me to take classes which cost time and money.  Those are two things I seem to be short on for myself these days.  Perhaps that will change once Georgia is in school full time next year, I don't know.  It's kind of a wait and see situation.

There's also this writing thing I do which I love.  It would be great to find something where I could write and do it from home, but isn't that the dream for every stay at home mom these days?  The market is saturated and I don't know that I'm good enough to break through that mess.  I already tried that once being a 20 year old blond hair, blue eyed actress, among the other 20 year old blond hair blue eyed actresses in this town.  We all see how that worked out for me.  If I'm being honest, that is another thing I would love to do again- act.  I've thought about trying out for a play near where I live, but again that lack of time thing gets in the way.  

I know, I know, I have to make it a priority for me and maybe that's what my 40s will be about.  Trying to find something for me while still being there for my family.  Right now I can't even imagine how I'm going to do that or where to start, but at least if I have an idea of where I'm headed that's better than nothing.  How much did I really know about kids at the beginning of my 30s before having the girls?  Not nearly what I thought, but I knew I had a goal of having babies and staying at home to raise them.  I did that, and I think I've done it well for the most part, so I can do this.  I can find something for me while still taking care of my babies and my husband.  Hopefully, finding something for me will help me to take care them even better.  Okay 40s, here I come!  Let's do this!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Last of the Firsts

Look who lost her first tooth!

It has been loose for a few weeks now and wasn't really ready to come out as of a couple of days ago, but that changed quickly.  She came running out of kindergarten today clutching a little plastic ziplock baggie and yelling, "I lost my tooth!!

Yay! Wait, what? But you are my last baby to lose her first tooth and I didn't get to pull it out or be there?  No, in fact when I asked her about how it happened she told me,

"I pulled it out myself!!"  

Yup.  That one isn't going to need me at all by the time she is seven.  On the plus side at least SHE still believes in the tooth fairy which is more than I can say for Sonya.  More on that story next time.  All this combined with my impending 40th birthday on Friday, may have me rocking and crying in the corner while singing, "Cats in the Cradle" before the end of the week.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not Quite Like the Spring Breaks in College

I think I've mentioned before that my family lives all over the country.  We are in Los Angeles, both of our parents are in Florida, Andy's brother is in Rhode Island, my sister Beth lives in Virgina and Megan in Wisconsin.  As you can imagine this makes it pretty difficult to get together for family dinners.  That's why last year when we went on the cruise it was so great because my sisters and I got to hang out with each others families.  I love that our kids got to play together for a week.  I wish we could do it more often, but it's so expensive to travel with five people and my girls have only recently gotten to the point where I don't mind traveling with them.  They are easier now.  They can be entertained by an iPad for two hours, and I can actually read a book without being in the bathroom.    

I decided a few months ago that we needed to go visit Megan in Wisconsin, because I haven't been to see her longer than anyone else.  She's been here to Los Angeles for one reason or another, so we have seen each other, but it was our turn to visit her and her family.  We decided the girls' spring break would be a good time.  You know, because as the rest of the country is taking their spring break to escape the cold, why not be the people going right to the heart of it!  And oh my sweet baby Jesus was it effing cold!  Or as I liked to refer to it- real life "Frozen".

Let me start by saying, I do not like the cold.  Nope, never have.  I don't mind it for a day or two, but winters in Boston during college may have kept me from getting to a class or two.  Who the hell wanted to go out when it  was 10 below and so windy that I could walk at a 45 degree angle?  I liked the snow, when it was snowing or right after, but the grey black shit it turned into in the city was not so pretty.  When we would finally get a slightly warm sunny day in March, I was that person in shorts and a tank top running around yelling "what a GORGEOUS DAY!"  In fact I believe I used to call those sort of days, "orgasmic".   That's why living in Los Angeles is perfect for me.  Our coldest winter day is 50 degrees.  Perhaps it gets colder at night, but I'm inside with the heat on under a blanket.

 My sister Megan is the opposite.  When she looked for places to go to college she sought out every good college in the tundra.  She eventually chose Marquette in Milwaukee, WI.  Since then her family has moved to the middle of Wisconsin to a little, and I stress the word little, town called Stevens Point.  That is were we went for spring/still winter there break.

How hot and dry our winter has been here in L.A. is just how cold and wet the winter has been there in Stevens Point.  Her girls didn't go to school for three days because it was TOO COLD TO GO OUTSIDE!  W..T..F?  I will admit I was looking forward to a little cold and some snow for a few days though, since it had been so hot here.  Plus she had heat and hot chocolate so we were all good.

We had to fly into Minnesota, because there is not close airport to my sister.  Well, not one that doesn't charge an extra $300 per ticket to get to it.  That was fine though because Minneapolis has something that I would never make a trip to go see.  Since we were there though, the Mall of America was a sight worth  seeing.

We got in on Monday night and drove the three and a half hours to my sisters house, arrived around 1am and unloaded the sleeping children from the car.  That's when it started.  Lana complained about a sore throat.  Crap.  I just brushed it off to traveling and it being late and her being tired.  The next morning she was still saying her throat hurt and she didn't feel well.  I gave her some Motrin and we went about our day.  The kids played outside in the snow and came in for some hot chocolate.  All seemed fine. It wasn't until we were sitting in the movie theater that afternoon enjoying the new Muppet movie that I noticed Lana totally spacing out.  It only took me one swipe of her forehead to know she had a raging fever.  Crap, crap, crap.

When we got back to Megan's I gave her more Motrin and she rested for a bit.  I had hopes that perhaps this would be a quick fever.  She would get over it by the morning.  I should have known better considering that Georgia had a fever two weeks before that lasted four and a half days.  The good news was we were at a family members house and not a hotel in Hawaii.  (So help me, if one of them ends up with a fever at the hotel in Hawaii next month.)

For most of the week we layed low and the kids played.  My sister has a gorgeous house with a gigantic playroom.  Not to mention a workout room where Andy and I could escape to get our exercising in and finish the first season of Orange is the New Black. (OMG! That show!!) It was fabulous in that aspect.  It was not so fabulous that Lana's fever continued the ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE.  We didn't let it stop us to much.  When we wanted to do something we would give her some Motrin and the fever would go away enough for her to enjoy the outing to the cheese factory, or the half an hour I spend with them building Baby Buttons the snowman. 

The Cheese Factory

Time to make the cheddar!

"Do you want to build a snowman?"-you know you were all thinking it.

So maybe there wasn't A LOT of snow to make a big one.

But this is one bad ass selfie I took!

 The only symptom she seemed to have was the fever.  And no, I didn't take her to the doctor for a number of reasons.  Georgia had the same fever and it went away, so I assumed this would do the same.  Plus every time I've gone to the pediatrician for a fever he's said, "it's a virus.  It will be gone within a week.  $25 copay please." So I figured what was the point? Plus Megan is a nurse and she didn't seem to be alarmed so I didn't feel I should be either.

The end of the week is when we went to The Mall of America.  Unfortunately, Lana STILL had the fever, but the mall has an American Girl store (not to mention the amusement park and mini golf course inside).  Aunty Megan had promised Lana she would buy her a birthday present there and dammit, no stupid fever was keeping that girl from American Girl.  So we dosed her with more Motrin for her to feel better and off we went.  Oh!  I forgot about the aquarium that's inside the mall too.  You guys this mall is CA-RAZY.  I've never seen anything like it.  Like I said, I would have never made a special trip, but I'm glad we got to go and see it.

An amusement park INSIDE a mall.  Similar to a chicken cooked inside a duck inside a Turkey.

Poor Lana!  She looks so terrible here.

So we did the aquarium, and American Girl.  We rode some rides at the amusement park, had lunch and then Lana started to go way downhill.  She was tired, cranky and obviously getting the fever back.  We were going home the next day thankfully, at which point I would take her to the doctor because it had just gone on for so long.

Andy and I were dreading the flight home the next day, because Lana had started complaining of ear pain.  I was positive it was an ear infection.  However, the problem these days is that they don't treat ear infections all the time like they used to when we were kids.  So even if that is what she had, I wasn't sure she was going to get anything anyway.  Still getting on a plane with a kid with an ear infection was not top of my bucket list.  However, short of renting a car and driving for three days, there was no way else to get back to Burbank.

I did give her benadryl for the first flight, which resulted in her falling asleep the entire flight. Phew!  The second flight I didn't give her anything but the Motrin and she fell asleep anyway and didn't complain of ear pain the entire time, which I found odd.  Maybe she didn't have an ear infection after all.

First thing Monday morning I took her to see the pediatrician.  I told him all the symptoms and said I was waiting hoping the fever would just go on it's own.  He assured me I did the right thing.  Then he took one look in her ears and described them as "miserable".  Oh.  Well, then. My mother of the year award should be arriving soon.

Did I still do the right thing?  And how come she didn't have terrible pain  on the plane?  Well here's a little tidbit for all you flying with kids.  Their ears bother them less with an ear infection on the plane.  When they have an infection their ears fill with puss where there would otherwise be pockets of air.  When we fly that air builds pressure until it pops.  If there is something filling that space, like the puss, there's no pressure and it doesn't hurt.  Who knew?! Still he said I was in the right to wait out the fever, but he was prescribing an antibiotic and suggesting I give her double doses that day. This is a doctor who is usually conservative about giving out the antibiotics, so I knew this was bad.

By the next day Lana's fever had gone down, and then came back for a bit.  I panicked and called the Dr again.  They assured me that I needed to give it a couple days to work properly.  By Wednesday night she seemed to be completely better even though low on energy.  Either way I was sending her to school on Thursday.  I half expected to get a call from the school nurse at some point, but fortunately I did not.  She managed to make it through the day and even to Girl Scouts.  She was exhausted by bed time and it took her through the weekend to get back to "normal".  She was spacing out and seemed to not hear us from time to time, although I'm not entirely sure that wasn't selective.  I'm just thankful she's better.  

I'm not usually the mom that freaks out just because her kid has a fever, because I have three kids who have had many fevers.  However, they have never had one that lasted so long and if I'm being honest I may have started to freak out by Tuesday just a bit.  She's completely better now, but slightly cranky and sensitive.  I guess being catered to for that long and not having to do chores will make going back to real life sucky.  And because I'm such a nice sister and was taught to share, we shared our germs with my nieces and both of them got the fever as well.  Fortunately, they never got quite as sick and were better within a couple days.  Still don't say I never shared anything with you Megan!  

Thanks so much for the hospitality!  We had a fantastic time despite the sick kid, and the cold wasn't THAT bad.  In fact it was quite a bit of fun, but only because I got to come back to the warm sunshine.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five Going on Fifteen

Most days Andy drops all the girls off at school.  First Sonya goes and then the little two an hour later.  It's kind of a pain in the ass, which is why it's nice Andy doesn't leave for work until 9am so he can help with this part of the day.  Especially because I never have help during the afternoon run around.    On Monday, however, I had to take Lana to a Dr appointment right after their school drop off  (because she was on day 7 of a fever which slightly derailed our Spring Break, but more on that next post) so I decided to take Georgia and drop her off first. That way Andy was able to leave for work a bit earlier.  

Usually when I drop the girls off, I pull up to the curb where the gate is to the school, put the car in park and get out to help the girls out of the car then give them a kiss goodbye.  I don't really need to get out of the car because we have the van with the automatic doors, and I usually don't when I drop Sonya off, but I feel like I need to with the other two.  Like they need the little extra help.  Apparently they don't.  Well at least Georgia doesn't.

I pulled up to the curb outside of the gate on Monday, put the car in park and started to get out when Georgia shouted,

"No, no, no Mom!"

I stopped and turned to look at her, "What?" I asked.

"You don't need to get out," she told me.

"I'm just going to get out and help you and give you a kiss goodbye," I told her.

"No, it's okay.  I can do it.  Just give me a kiss here," she said.

"Ooookkaayy..." I said shutting my driver's side door.

She walked to me from the back gave me a kiss and yelled, "Bye!" Then she hopped out of the car, met up with her friend Julia and skipped off to school.

Huh.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't FIVE a little young to be embarrassed by your mom dropping you off and giving you a kiss goodbye outside of the school?  Not cool, Georgia, not cool.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucky Number 7

Where were you seven years ago today?  Do you know?  Because I do.  I was at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles in Labor and Delivery giving birth to my second baby.  Today is Miss Lana's seventh birthday.

Yes, every year I marvel at how old my girls are now.  I know it gets old, but damn I just can't get over how FAST this is all going.  Everyone warned me, but when you are chained to your house waist deep in diapers you just don't believe those people.  It wasn't until the girls started school and leaving the house from time to time that I thought maybe there was something to what those people had told me.  Now I work hard to take a minute every once in a while to commit to memory where my girls are in their lives and enjoy the great little ladies they are becoming.  Even if they are a pain in the ass every day as well.  

Earlier today I was talking to the mom of one of Lana's friends in her class.  This is a recent friend for Lana, maybe since December.  We didn't really hear much about her before, but then she and Lana started playing at school and it was, "Sienna this and Sienna that."  So naturally we invited her to Lana's little party tomorrow.  Well, it's not really a party, because we don't do big ones anymore.  We are taking her and 3 of her friends mini golfing then having pizza and cake at home.  No biggie. 

 This mom called to tell me that unfortunately Sienna wasn't going to be able to make it and she felt bad about.  I understand though, we always have things going on all weekend too.  However, her mom really wanted Sienna to come to the party to hang out with Lana and her friends, because apparently she  had some trouble with other girls in the class earlier in the year.  Problems like these other girls leaving her out of playing when they felt like it, and something about a point system that can only be reminiscent of middle school mean girls.  REALLY?? We are doing this in FIRST grade?? 

I felt so bad because her little girl is so sweet.  Then I realized how extremely proud I was of Lana.  Sienna's mom had told her to find some other kids to play with when this all happened a few months ago.   Apparently she approached Lana who welcomed playing with her without incident, even though she already had a group of girls she payed with.

I guess I shouldn't be to surprised.  Lana has never been one to exclude others from playing.  Granted kids gravitate to certain other kids and form little playgroups at school.  This is something that is completely natural and  we also do as adults.  I certainly have some mom friends I'd rather go have a glass of wine with over others.  It just depends on personality.  However, if someone wants to play in her group, Lana has never been one to say no.  The more people the bigger party for her.  In a time where there seems to be so many bullies and "mean girls", I am so proud that my daughter is not falling into those categories and that she is accepting of everyone.  

In the seven years I have known my Lana, I have seen what a strong personality she has.  She is loving and loyal.  She is brave and not afraid to do something that might make her slightly uncomfortable like this:

That was her audition for the play she is doing at school.  She sang it in front of about 30 other kids from the school most of them older than she is.  She sang every word, and the musical interlude in the beginning and in between just kills me!  

On the other hand, she can also be brutally honest(wonder where she gets THAT from) and a bit temperamental(or that?).  However, she has grown into such a lovable little girl who doesn't let much bother her and is willing to accept anyone for who they are. This past year with her has most definitely been the best.  She's learned to deal with her temper and found ways to calm herself down.  That's not to say we don't still have issues here and there, but less than ever before.  As she's grown older, she's learned to deal with her temper and her anger better and has become more loving and kind.  Six for Lana has been a dream.  I  only hope seven will bring us even better times. But no matter what it brings I love this little girl with all of my heart and I am so grateful to have her in our lives. Sure there were some rough times with her in the past, but looking back it doesn't seems so bad anymore.  Funny how that happens.  Just like how "everyone" was right about how quickly this goes by.

Happy Birthday Lana Lu!  You are the second of the three extremely brilliant shining parts of my life. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Is Not The Loneliest Number To Her

In a couple months the family is packing up and heading to Hawaii.  (Cue the Brady Bunch creepy idol HI music.) Try not to be to jealous of me.  Okay you can.  I'm totally excited about it.  This is not a trip we would have taken right now and definitely not taken in May, but Andy's good friend, Jamie, is getting married there and he asked Andy to marry him and his fiancee, Monique.  This will be his third time marrying a couple.  It's quite a little side thing he's got going. Anyone else want to get married?  He's up for hire.  We decided right from the beginning that this would be a family vacation, even though my in-laws were pushing for us to go alone so they could come take care of the girls.  However, that would go against my "I don't fly over water without my family" policy.  Don't ask.  It's part of my anxious neurotic side.  It worked out anyway, because they decided they also wanted Georgia to be their flower girl.

You might remember that the girls were in a wedding about a year and a half ago as flower girls and had a blast.  At the time I thought that might be their only opportunity to be flower girls, since my sisters and Andy's brother are already married.  Georgia is Jamie's Goddaugther though, and there are no other girls in his family or on Monique's side either, so we win!  Monique-(who I should mention here is an avid reader of my blog and a fantastic person, and not just because she reads my blog.  I really like her and think Jamie found a great girl.  Hi Monique!)-asked me a couple months ago if Georgia would be in the wedding.  I knew Georgia would be beyond thrilled and since we were already planning on heading to HI, of course I said yes.  She wanted to ask Georgia herself, so we set up a time where she and Jamie could come for dinner so they could talk to Andy about the ceremony and ask Georgia to be in the wedding.

The week before they came, I decided to tell the older two girls that Georgia was going to be in the wedding and they were not.  I knew that it would be better to prepare them, because they all do so much together and we try to keep things even, that I was afraid of how they might react if they were blindsided by this info.  I do not have a problem with just Georgia being in the wedding.  After all, she is Jamie's Goddaughter.  Sonya was supposed to be in my best friend Melissa's wedding when she was younger, but me getting pregnant with Georgia sorta messed that up.  I'm glad I know my girls well though and decided to tell them because Sonya got upset when I told her.  I told Lana a few days after  and she didn't get quite as upset at first.  Then a couple of hours later she was saying to me, "Georgia is NOT going to be happy that she is the only one being a flower girl."

"Oh no?" I asked.

"No she's going to be sad that Sissy and me are not doing it with with her," she told me.

I wasn't so sure.

Unfortunately, about three hours before Jamie and Monique came over, Georgia was hit with one of her migraines. Since I was making dinner and we weren't going out, we still kept our plans with them.  I figured they could still ask her even if it was in a pukey state.

Monique had made a cute little invitation on the computer asking Georgia to be her flower girl.  At one point in the evening Georgia asked to come out of her bed because she wanted to say hi to everyone.  It must suck to know that there is fun going on without you and there is absolutely no physical way you can participate.  I always feel so badly for her.  I picked her up and carried her out to the living room where she shielded her eyes from the living room light.  She gave everyone a meek hello and Monique told her how she felt bad for her.  But she had something that might make her feel better.  She pulled out the card to show her, and she lifted to head up for a minute to try and figure out what it said, but we ended up reading it to her.  I'm not sure she completely got what was going on, but she nodded her head yes, that she would be her flower girl and asked to go back to bed.  I felt bad for Monique, because it wasn't exactly the response I'm sure she envisioned when she was making the sweet card.  I knew once she felt better she'd get it though.

Two days after  her migraine when she was completely better, she found the card sitting on the counter and said,

"Oh!  Let me try thisth again!"

Then she read it out loud with a big smile on her face.

"Are you excited to be a flower girl?" I asked her.

"YESTH!" she exclaimed.

Then she said, "And just I get to be the flower girl!  Not Lana or Sthonya!  Just me!  I'm the ONLY one!"  She repeated this about five times over the next two days.

Sorry, Lana.  I don't think Georgia is upset at all about being the only one to do something for a change.  It'll be a nice opportunity for her to get out of the shadows of her big sisters.  Plus, we get to go to Hawaii, so you know, there's that.  I just hope we don't come across any cursed idols.  I would hate to wake up to a tarantula on my bed.  (dooodaleedoooo...)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just Proving Further How Much She Is Like Her Father

Over President’s Day weekend, Georgia got a migraine.  That damn thing lasted almost two full days.  The first day was the worst.  Especially because the last 2 she has gotten have started around 5 o’clock in the evening.  This would be great if she would just go to bed and sleep all night, but no.  She sleeps until about 9:30pm and then is up every 20-25 minutes to throw up.  I end up staying in her bed with her because it’s easier than running down the hall every time I hear her start to cough.  Not to mention I don’t want to miss the throwing up, because that means more work for me what with changing sheets and bathing her at 2AM.  A task I’m no stranger to, but is not something I enjoy.  As you can imagine sleeping in 20 min intervals is not so refreshing for the next day.  Didn’t Kramer once try that on Seinfeld?  I seem to recall it not working out for him so well either.  Yeah, there is a reason we sleep for a solid block of time at night.  

The next morning when I finally decided it was time to be awake for the day and not just to hold the bucket for two minutes, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  The good news was that unlike other times she’s gotten a migraine, we had nothing going on that day.  We could just chill at home while she slept and threw up.  Andy took the other two out to do some things so they weren’t cooped up all day.  

When she gets a migraine, this is what happens: As the day goes on and the throwing up starts to subside, she will get hungry and thirsty.  Then I start to try and get her stomach back to normal by giving her spoonfuls of coke and salty crackers of some sort.  Now before you give me crap about the coke, I normally do not let my kids have soda ever.  Even when they do have soda it is usually something caffeine free.  But for some reason the coke helps to get her body back to where it needs to be.  Go figure.  Also good advice for stomach bugs that won't go away. 

The salt in the crackers is the other thing she needs.  Last time the final thing that worked to get her back to normal was McDonald’s french fries.  I know, I know also not something my kids ever eat,  but damn did it work.  Just a side note: Why is it that two of the worse things you can put in your body are two of the best things to get her body back to being good?  I don't get it.   Anyway-the bigger problem is keeping these things down.  Her little body get so thrown off with the constant purging of nutrients, that it doesn't want to hold on to anything even once the migraine is gone.  So then she will throw up if it's to much to soon, which depletes her body further which can lead to her being dizzy again.  It's a vicious cycle. I'm still trying to figure it out.  Then when I think I do, it changes again.  

So this time she was in my bed watching TV as I was cleaning or putting clothes away, or one of the other 100 things I can never get done.  She was not feeling dizzy at that point and I had given her a bowl of crackers to try and keep down.  She had only nibbled on a couple and I walked over to her to see how she was doing.  

"How are you feeling?  Still dizzy?" I asked.

"No," she replied.

"Well, you should try and eat some more crackers then," I told her as I picked one up.  

"I had a little bit," she said. 

"Try and have some more," I encouraged and popped the cracker in my mouth.

"Well, I licked da salt off of one," she said looking at me.

"Which one?" I asked munching on the ritz.

"Da one you just put in your mouth," she smirked at me. 

I can't even begin to tell you how much she reminded me of Andy in that moment.  I doubt she had really licked any of them and even if she had, there was no way she knew exactly which one it was.  She did it purely to mess with me. Even in the midst of feeling so crappy, she was able to do it.  So looking forward to having two of them like that in this house.