Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Lesson On Raising a Boy

Well, I'm back from my east coast getaway!  My girls are all still in one piece and the house is still standing.  Andy did an excellent job as stay at home Daddy for the four days I was gone.  They all did miss me too, which was nice.  I missed them as well.  Especially when I called to check in and both Lana and Georgia burst into tears at the sound of my voice.  I almost broke down myself.  Still, they survived and when I came back yesterday they were thrilled to see me.  Today we're back to the routine and it's like I never left.  I do feel re-energized though and more like good Mommy, instead of burnt out Mommy.

It was so much fun to see my sister, her husband, and their kids.  They were great for the first couple days I was there.  Zach had a bit of a rough day on Monday though.  I decided then I was ready to go home and deal with my kids and their own brand of bad behavior.  I wasn't used to dealing with a boy.  Gracie I knew how to handle, because if she got upset it was the same behavior I deal with at home.  Whining and crying.  Although, my girls could teach her a thing or two in that department.  She's quiet compared to them.  However, the boy thing always throws me.  They are just different.  Zach is more rough, there really isn't much crying and no whining.  Boys are also a little more um...gross.  I figured since I spent the last few days with my sister's kids, this post could be about them.  Or more accurately Zach, and the fun time we had with him on Sunday afternoon.  Fair Warning: there will be talk of poop in this post.  

On Sunday, my sister planned for us to drive up to Charlottesville, VA to go apple picking and wine tasting.  Since we don't get to go apple picking here in Southern CA and I'm always up for wine tasting, it sounded like a great time to me.  The weather was perfect for that kind of day too.  Better than what I would have dealt with here at home. (110 degree heat! YUCK!!) There it was cloudy and cool.  It felt like fall was in the air.  We went to the apple orchard and walked down the hill to the apples we were told to pick.  Beth had baby Ben in a baby carrier, and I held on to Gracie's hand while Zach ran ahead of us.  We filled our plastic bags with pounds of Jonagold apples.  We also sampled some of them while we picked.  The kids sampled quite a few.  I think I counted about four different apples that Gracie had munched on.  They never fully finished them, but it was still a lot of apple.   If you're not aware, apples have a quite a bit of fiber.  Fiber which can help make one... well poop better.  Or sometimes maybe too much.

We got done with our apple picking and headed over to a place for lunch just down the street.  They had a buffet of southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans etc.  Yeah, I didn't eat so healthy this weekend and my scale, as a result, is not being so friendly.  Looks like I'll be pumping up the P90X this week. Anyway, We had lunch with friends of Beth's who met us up there and had brought their two boys along. After our really unhealthy, but so damn tasty lunch, we went off to find a couple nearby wineries.  

Now, I had never been wine tasting with kids before.  Apparently my sister had.  I wasn't quite sure how well this would work, but it was actually OK.  These particular wineries did have big open spaces outside for the kids to run around while we had our wine.  So we took turns wine tasting and watching the kids as they raced around.  

Zach and his friend Matthew were racing each other back and forth across a big open lawn, while my sister and her friend bought a couple bottles of wine after our  first tasting.  As we headed to the car to find the next winery, Kevin mentioned to Beth that Zach might have had an accident.   Beth asked Kevin what he was talking about. He informed her that while Zach was running around he heard a loud "ppppttthhhaattt" come from Zach's behind.  Then he slowed down running and started to move a little funny.  That's when Kevin noticed something wet on his jeans, and had hoped Zach had just sat down on something wet, but instinct told him different.  It wasn't too long after that we headed to the car and Kevin felt he should tell Beth, before Zach sat down in his car seat.  I looked at the back of Zach's pants and sure enough there was a big wet spot .  

"Yup there's a wet spot on his jeans," I told Beth.  "But since he's not my kid, I'm not confirming if it's poop or not.  All yours!"  I said and walked away.  I did however, change Gracie's poopy diaper.  That seemed like the better deal to me.  

Kevin took the bullet and found that it did indeed smell like poop on his jeans.  

"Zach!  What happened?" Beth asked.  

Zach just ignored this questioned and tried to make his way to his car seat, but Beth grabbed him and tried to talk to him again.  He wouldn't tell her anything, most likely from embarrassment, so Beth had to take off his pants and find out what happened herself.  

What had happened to Zach is something that has happened to most of us at one point or another, no doubt.  It's what we like to refer to as a "shartShart combines two words together, in case you're wondering.  This is what happened to Zach, as he was running around after being filled with apples and fried chicken.  

Now you're probably wondering, "how did it get on his jeans though?  Wouldn't underwear catch that?"  Ah yes, that would have been the case, if he had been WEARING ANY.  Zach had decided that morning, while getting dressed, to not put on any underwear, unbeknownst to us.  Actually the night before, when he was getting ready for bed, he took them off to put on his PJs.  I asked Beth about it at the time and she said it was fine.  Then when he dressed himself the next morning, he decided to go commando.  There was nothing to catch what came out besides his jeans.  

At this point Beth started scrambling to  figure out what to do.  Zach is almost five, so she doesn't keep extra clothes for him in the diaper bag anymore.  The options were, stay in the gross jeans or go naked.  Neither one was really a good option.  Then I spot on the floor of the van a plastic bag with some clothes.  I grabbed it and pulled out a pair of jeans, with the tags still on, in a size 5.  

"What are these?" I asked Beth.

"Oh, I forgot about those.  Jeans I was going to take back because they were too big for him," She said.

"Well, he'll grow into them eventually," I said, tossing them to her.  

She got him cleaned up and the new jeans on, sans underwear of course, and we were on our way. Beth, Kevin and I couldn't help laughing at the situation the whole way to the next winery.  

Zach was fine for the rest of the day.  Beth told him he didn't have any underwear on and we were out of jeans, so he better be careful.  Then that evening as Kevin was getting the kids ready for their bath it happened again.   Zach, was peeing, standing up as boys do, when he had to pass gas again.  This time there was nothing to catch what came out.  Let's just say, Beth had to clean up the bathroom floor with some Clorox wipes.  I know, ewwwww, but I warned you before you read this.  I think that time I laughed so hard I almost sharted myself.  Kevin was completely grossed out because he actually watched it happen.  EWWWWW!

 See this is a situation I highly doubt I would ever encounter with any of my girls, mostly because they would not go without underwear.  That is something guys can get away with...unless this happens.  I do thank Zach for giving me this story though.  It gave me a "mom of a boy" viewpoint for once.  I'm sure there are those of you out there who will appreciate that.  In the end, I think the lesson here is be careful how many apples you feed your children.  Or at  the very least,  make sure they're wearing underwear if it's going to be a lot.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Girls Don't Cry

Yesterday I took all three girls and myself to the Pediatrician to get a flu shot.  Yes, it's that time of year again!  I mentioned we were going to the Doctor's to Sonya the day before, and she asked me the same question she always asks when I say we are going there.

"Are we going to get shots?"

To which I replied, "Yup."

I feel it best not to lie, because then they find out later you lied, when the nurse it sticking the needle in their arm.  As a result they never trust what you're telling them.  Usually, I wait until just before we leave for the Dr office to even mention that we're going.  That way they're will be less anticipation, but for some reason I slipped that day.  Only Sonya knew at that point and she wasn't happy when I told her.  Then I reminded her that it only hurt for a second and she would be rewarded with a lollipop and sticker afterward.  This seemed to help.  Well, for that minute anyway. 

Yesterday, on our way to pick her up from school, Lana asked where we were going after we picked up Sissy and I told her.  She too asked the same question.

"Are we getting shots?"

"Yup," I said once again.  

Lana whined about it for a minute, then I told her the same thing about the lollipop and sticker.  When Sonya got in the car, she started to talk about how she didn't care about getting a shot, and it wouldn't be that bad, plus she wasn't even scared anymore.  Uh-huh.

Meanwhile, Georgia is oblivious to any of this.  She has no idea what a shot is or what we are talking about, so she could care less.  

We arrive at the Pediatrician's office and everyone was fine.  No tears or anxiety.  They looked at the fish in the fish tank and played with a few of the toys.  Then we went into one of the rooms and Sonya told me she was getting nervous.  Now it was Lana's turn to play the part of the brave soldier.  She kept saying,

"It's just one wittle shot like dis (pokes her arm). Den it's all done and you get sticaw and lollipop!  White mom?"

"Yeah, Lana!  No big deal!" I told her.

Sonya was not agreeing and I could see her starting to get more nervous.  Then the nurse walked in and that was it.  The tears started.  I asked her if she wanted to go first and get it over with, but that didn't sound so great to her.  The nurse suggested I go first and we go in order of age.  After she gave me the shot I held on to Sonya who was close to hysterics at that point.  She got her shot and didn't really even notice when it happened.  Her crying stayed the same.  She went to sit down and I grabbed Lana who immediately abandoned all of her brave hope and started screaming and crying,


At this point, I couldn't help but giggle a little bit.  It was kinda funny how much they were both freaking out. It's kinda funny because the shot is so quick.  While I admit it does hurt a bit when they inject the medicine in, I know it's more the anticipation of the needle than any amount of pain it causes that makes them flip out.  

After holding Lana down for her shot, I put her back in her chair while she continued her cry.  I turned to get Georgia, who I was sure was running for the door at this point,  but to my surprise she stood in front of me with a big smile on her face and shouted,

"MY TOAWN(turn)!"

I scooped her up and put on on the examine table.  I thought for sure as soon as she saw the needle or it went in her arm, she would see why her sisters were in such hysterics and join them.  I was wrong.  Way wrong.   She watched the whole thing.  When it was done I picked her up and she had a huge SMILE on her face.  The nurse and I made a big deal of what a brave girl she was and how she was even more brave than her sisters.  Sonya did not like that comment,  and cried more, but oh well.  I guess the truth hurts.  Perhaps even more than the shot.  She was more brave than they were.  There was not one tear from her!  Not ONE!  Which further proves my point that it's just the anticipation of the shot and not the actual shot that causes such freak outs.  Plus I'm almost certain that if we would have walked out of that room without her getting a shot, she would have cried.  Everyone else had one, including me, so she had better get one too.  Ah the mentality of the youngest child.  They are happy to get shots if it's what her siblings are doing.  She better not be left out, damnit!

As a result I've decided that next time, I'm not telling them we're going to the Doctor's to get shots, until we're IN the Doctor's office.  Then we will let Georgia go first.  That way it'll look really bad if the older ones cry after she goes first and doesn't shed a tear.  Perhaps they just need some incentive.  Of course by next year, Georgia will understand more what a shot is and  be right there with them crying in anticipation.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grocery Shop of Horrors

Ever since Lana started Preschool a couple weeks ago, I've made Thursday morning my grocery shopping day. Why? Because Sonya and Lana are both at school in the morning. This way I only take sweet little Georgia shopping. And can I just say what a treat it has been just taking that little one? She has been so good and sweet. She listens to me and even if she asks to get down she stays next to me and doesn't run around. There is not one minute of whining or crying and I don't even think I've had to break out a snack once. She is SO GOOD when she is by herself. It's amazing. She made it so I don't mind going to the grocery store again.

Then today I did something stupid. I took both her and Lana to the store. I kind of had to because, tomorrow morning Georgia has a Dr appointment and we wouldn't have time. There is no way I'm taking all three of them in the afternoon anymore. I'd rather spend four hours straight strapped to a chair watching Yo Gabba Gabba than do that again. I know some of my mom friends and my sisters swear by going at night alone. I would love to be able to do this, but by the time Andy gets home, I wouldn't get to the store until close to 8pm. The LAST thing I feel like doing after a long day with the girls is go grocery shopping. No thanks. Besides, the new fall season just started and I'm already backed up on my DVRd shows. I need my TV time! So yes, I had no choice. They both came with me.

From the moment they sat in the little race car part of the shopping cart, they started to fight. Then we got some lunch meat and the samples from that kept them quiet for a minute. Soon Georgia wanted out to walk. Fine. At least they wouldn't be fighting. She was good for bit until Lana got out. I managed to reign them back into the seated part of the shopping cart with snacks of apples and peanut butter crackers. Unfortunately, that only lasted about 3 aisles and then the, "I wanna get down!!" whines started again. I managed to hold them off until we got to the end of our trip at the produce area. They wanted to "help" so there was no more putting it off. I let them got down.

At first they were okay and I kept them busy with giving them things to put in the cart. Soon they were finding their own things to put in the cart. Then they ran over to where the apples and plums were stacked and started picking out fruit to eat. Right then. I will admit, I've let them do this in the past. I know, I'm a horrible terrible parent. Today, I didn't though. They had already had enough snacks and lunch was around the corner. Not to mention the produce guy was standing RIGHT THERE. I guess I have to teach them a little bit better about being discreet if they're going to semi steal fruit at the grocery store. Don't worry, even when I do let then have an apple, I always buy a few of that same kind and put their half eaten apple in the bag to pay for what's left. I mean the most we don't pay for is maybe five cents. As much money as I give Ralphs, I doubt they're missing that five cents.

I did my best to keep redirecting them other places, but Georgia was hell bent on eating a piece of fruit. She even got a few to her mouth a couple times before I would grab it, put it back and carry her away. I don't THINK there were teeth marks, but to be honest I'm not sure. Neither one wanted to sit anymore, of course, so I just finished up as quickly as possible. The good thing was there weren't many people at the store at that time on a Wednesday morning, so they weren't really bothering anyone, but me. Still, I'm not happy when they act like that in public. It was clearly Lana running the show. Georgia would just follow her lead. At one point I just gave them the "mad mommy" look as they ran around in circles. Oh! And then I heard the "you've got your hands full" comment from at least two people. Which loosely translates to "You have no control over your children." Can't say at that point I would have disagreed.

Finally we were done, and I was exhausted. Checking out proved to have it's own problems, including them both wanting to help put everything on the conveyor belt, but not being able to reach the food in the basket OR the belt. We eventually made it out of there with all the groceries and both girls sitting back in their original seats.

The amazing thing was, as crazy as they were being, I wasn't getting as frustrated as I usually do with them. I had more patience for some reason. Maybe it's because I hadn't done this with both of them in a few weeks, or maybe because I know I'm not going to deal with them at all for a few days. Whatever happened I liked not feeling so mad at at them. I mean after all they are just being kids. If I don't really like going grocery shopping how can I expect them to love it and behave for over an hour? Although from now on, I am sticking to my Thursday routine when just Georgia and I shopping. I'll make the Pediatrician appointments for the afternoon when I have all three. He's already used to my kids acting crazy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Leaving On a Jet Plane

I'm not sure why, but lately my patience has been very short with the girls. I knew I was feeling this way and then Andy pointed it out last night at dinner when he said something like,
"I don't think Mommy can handle three girls anymore," because I was getting frustrated with one of the girls about something. Thanks, babe. Then I thought about it, and he is right. I guess I've just been feeling "burnt out", so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls more than anything and I like staying home with them, but all the whining, crying and FIGHTING has been starting to wear on me. Not to mention how they don't listen to me and general bad behavior on a daily basis. I'm sure it's partially because we have things to do just about every day and I'm running around like crazy, since Sonya then Lana started school. I know this is part of the kids getting older and getting more involved in activities, but damn it's hard to get used to. I long for the days of having one baby and hanging out at home just trying to get her to roll over.

Then there's the fact that I was sick last week, and then Andy got sick on Thursday, which meant I had no break from the girls all weekend. Sometimes he will take a couple of them out on the weekend with him to run errands or go bike riding, giving me a small break. He'll also help out with bath and bedtime, but since he was sick AND working all weekend (albeit from home), I didn't get that. These are the times it REALLY sucks that all of our family is on the other side of the country. I would have loved nothing more than to drop them all off at a grandparents' house for the day.

I did discover, however, my patience with them is much better when I only have one or even two to deal with. I took Sonya on Saturday to go play mini-golf, as a reward for her good behavior chart. The other two were napping so it was a perfect opportunity for us to have some one on one time. Something she and I don't get much of at all anymore. We had a great time. She listened as I tried to show her how to putt and she ended up doing really well. Afterward we shared a lemonade and a stale soft pretzel. Not the best food at the Castle Park Mini-Golf, but we enjoyed hanging out, just the two of us.

Then yesterday, I threw a surprise baby shower for my friend, Ann. Sonya and Lana came with me and GG stayed home. Partially because it was during her nap, but mostly because I knew I would have had to keep her entertained. The older two I didn't have to worry about. They were so well behaved. They played and did what I asked, there was no fighting or whining, and I was able to get everything done I needed to without hassle from them.

I've also realized that my days aren't so bad until Sonya comes home and adds the third party dynamic. Then everyone falls apart. It's not just her, it's anytime all three of them are together. They are CRAZY! Lana is willing to go along with Sonya when it's just the two of them, but when Lana has Georgia to control, there is a power struggle. Hence, the whining, screaming, and constant FIGHTING. I know the fighting is just karma coming back and biting me in the ass for all the fighting I did with my own sisters when I was a kid. Sorry, mom. I get it. Karma can stop now.

I'm sure other moms have felt this way... I think. Some days are just hard. Andy helps when he can, but most nights he comes home after the entire bedtime routine is done. By that point in the day I'm REALLY done. At every turn I'm surprised by how hard this job is, and while, I love it, sometimes I do need a break. Even people who go to a job they love need to take a vacation every once in a while, but even when we take a vacation as a family, I don't get a vacation. So here are my solutions for my current problem:

1-Drink more wine-preferably during the day to take the edge off
2-Sell one of the girls
3-Go away for the weekend, by myself

Well, after much consideration here are the conclusions I came to. The first option, while appealing is generally frowned upon when raising kids and having to drive places. Plus then words like "alcoholic" and "intervention" get tossed around and who needs that? I considered Valium too, but I think that has the same effect. Although, I haven't completely thrown that one out for emergency situations.

The second idea does seem extreme but trust me, on days when one of them is being a complete pain in the ass, it seems like a viable option. However, I love them all so much and I'm sure whichever one I choose to sell one day, I'd be sorry and missing them the next. Although the extra money would be nice and since they are quite cute, I think I could could get a pretty penny for one of them. Still, Andy might take issue with this so not the best option.

So, I decided to settle for option 3. This is actually a plan that has been in the works for about a month now, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm leaving Friday night to visit my sister Beth and her family. I got to see Megan, her new baby and family when they came here in June. If I don't go see Beth and her newest addition, Ben, who knows when I'll get to meet him.
Yes, I know, she now has three kids too and I'm just trading my three for hers, but the thing is they're NOT MINE. Therefore, they will still be cute and fun and not have the same annoyances I have with my own. Plus kids are always better for people who aren't there parents. At least for the first day or two. By the time they get used to me and show their true colors, I'll be on a plane back home to my own. They will have missed me, be happy to see me and perhaps even be good for a day because of it. Okay, maybe half a day. Still, it'll be a much needed break for me and for them. Then they get to spend four fun filled days with Daddy! He's always complaining that he doesn't get to see them enough. He may not complain after this weekend. Especially when he gets to do my crazy Tuesday next week. Good luck, babe! It'll be good for everyone. Not to mention I'm really excited to see my sister, who I haven't seen in over a year.

Well, that's the plan. Take a break. Something every mom needs to do sometimes, whether she stays at home or works at a paying job. We need a break from everything and everyone sometimes, and while I really believe this is true and that there is nothing wrong with it, I know I will have guilt when I leave. I know I will miss the girls terribly and probably count the hours until I come home. But hopefully, it'll give me back some of my patience that I seem to be losing lately, and make me a better mommy. That whole phrase "Can't live with them, can't live without them," I'm pretty sure it was a mother who came up with it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Idolizing The Big Sister

Lately, Georgia has been walking around the house singing whatever song she knows that pops in her head. Sometimes it's a "Yo Gabba Gabba" song, other times it's one she's learned in her Mommy and me class. Then the other day I heard her singing and realized it was, "Head, shoulders, knees and toes...knees and toes." This is a song she's heard since before birth, because they sing it every week at her gymnastics class and point to the parts of the body accordingly.

When I heard her singing it the other day I thought-"Oh, how CUTE is she!" So I asked her to sing it to me again. Then I realized one of her words was off. I told her I wanted to hear it again and found that this is how she sang it,

"Heeeaaad, SONYA, knees and toes...knees and toes!"

I just laughed to myself and asked to her to keep singing it for me.

It is really adorable, but now I know she's giving her older sister WAY too much power. Just what has Sonya been telling her when they play outside??

Monday, September 13, 2010

Who's The Boss

Over the weekend we took a two hour drive to attend a kid's birthday party. Now I wouldn't do this for just anyone but since, BethAnnDoddKoehn is one of my closest friends, (and since I'm currently in the running to be her new BFF) we took the trip. The party was for her kids Wyatt and Molly who have birthdays two months apart, but she decided to combine them and have one party. Smart girl! Some of you may remember me writing about us driving to Molly's birthday party last year and what a disaster that trip was. At the time Beth and her family weren't living in CA, but were here visiting for Molly's birthday. The party was at her mom's house near San Diego. Since then, they have moved back and bought their own house in a place that is not as bad to get to. I mean don't get me wrong, there was still traffic and it still took two hours, but not the nightmare like last year. (THREE AND A HALF HOURS)

My girls had a great time at the party. There were balloon animals and face painting, two things they go nuts over, so it was a hit. Not to mention the theme was princesses (for Molly) and pirates (for Wyatt). "Princess clothes and face painting! Plus we get CAKE?! Can we come here EVERY weekend?!"

When we left we decided to stop and grab something to eat for dinner. Mostly because we didn't really want cake being their last meal of the day. Plus I figured this way we would kill about 45 minutes which would get us closer to them falling asleep in the car for the night. This way we could just transfer them to bed when we got home. I had brought their pajamas to change them so there would be no need to wake them later. It works so much better this way, something I discovered a long time ago. If you're ever in doubt of how late you'll be home, bring the PJs. You'll thank me later.

After we ate, I took all the girls to the bathroom to potty and clean their face paint off before we left. This was something I knew they would hassle me about, but the last thing I wanted was face paint all over pillow cases and sheets, so it had to come off in the bathroom. I informed them of my intentions of cleaning their faces when they were done going to the potty, and Sonya immediately started to argue.

"It won't make a mess! I promise! But it looks so pretty!"

"I know, it does but we have to clean your face before bedtime, Sonya," I explained.

"BUT..." She started again.

I just held up my hand to stop her talking, looked at her and said something I haven't in a while. I figured it was time to pull it back out of the arsenal.

"Sonya-who is in charge here?" I asked.

She looked down at the ground dejected, remembering this old question, and mumbled,


"That's right," I said. Then just for good measure I looked at Lana and asked her the same thing.

She also correctly replied,


Not to leave anyone out, I looked over at Georgia who hadn't been paying much attention to this whole exchange, and I said,

"GG, who is in charge?"

Without missing a beat, she smiled and happily replied,


To which Sonya said,


Looks like I am being slowly phased out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Than Ready

Well, it's happened. I now have two of three children in school. Sort of. Lana started preschool on Tuesday. She's only going on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three hours, but it's a start. We weren't sure how Lana was going to handle going to school. Well, that's not entirely true. I thought she might cry a bit but be okay. Andy on the other hand thought she would have complete fits. I was pretty sure that wouldn't happen. I had already been through that scenario with Sonya, and that wouldn't happen twice, right?

Here's the back story, because I wasn't writing this blog when Sonya started preschool. Too bad. The stories I had then! Anyway, when Sonya started preschool she cried every day I dropped her off for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. She was only going twice a week too, but still, you'd think after the first weekor two she'd get over it. Nope. We would get in the car and head toward the school and the sniffling would start. She only cried REALLY hard for the first couple weeks. Then it was just a minor cry for another month and a half. Eventually she got over it. Well, that is until we moved her to a different preschool six months later. I thought she would cry the first day or two. She surely knew how this worked by now. I drop her off, she has fun with other kids for three hours, I pick her up. Again, nope. At least it only took her a month and a half that time. I'm almost positive by Halloween she wasn't crying anymore when I dropped her off.

The good thing to come out of that was there was no crying when we took her to Kindergarten last year. Well, at least on her part. I might have cried just a bit, but she was fine the first day. The second and third day there were a couple tears, but that hadto do with some apprehension she had about finding "her line" at the beginning of school. Once she knew what she was doing, all was good and she loved going to school. Still does.

I guess you can see why were a little gun shy about Lana, and what she would do when we dropped her off by herself for the first time at school. We prepared her all summer for the fact that she was going to school, just like Sissy. We told her she'd only be going in the mornings two days a week, but that we wouldn't be there with her when she was at school. She seemed to be okay with the idea, but you never know until you drop them off. I remember Sonya saying she couldn't wait to start preschool until she realized exactly what was happening. I was fine with some tears, I was just hoping they wouldn't last as long as Sonya's did. I did not, however, expect what we did get.


I mean nothing. No sniffles, no "when are you coming back?", no "I don't want you to leave"-NOTH-ING!

We all took her on Tuesday, because Sonya has to be dropped off after Lana and then I had a class with Georgia. So the whole family went into the room with her. She immediately ran over and started playing with a kitchen set. Then she spotted play-dough on the table. She sat down in front of it and started rolling it out. Andy and I kinda stood there and looked at each other wondering if it was going to hit her what was going on. We all had to leave pretty quickly to get to our final destinations on time, so I decided then wasas good as time as any to rip the band-aid off, so to speak.

"Okay, Lana, we're going to leave now!" I announced.

"Bye mom!" She said, barely turning from her play-dough.

I leaned down to give her quick kiss and Andy did the same. Sonya and Georgia also kissed her goodbye. By the end of the farewell, she seemed to be getting annoyed with us. So we all left the room waving to her as we did, with her smiling and waving right back. We got about twenty feet from the door when Andy decided tojust peek in and make sure she hadn't burst into tears as soon as we left. She hadn't.

I wasn't calling this a victory just yet though. There's always crying after an hour, or crying the next time they get dropped off, when they realize they are going back. But here I sit on Thursday afternoon writing this and I can honestly say, she has not shed one tear about going to school and being away from us. On the one hand I'm obviously psyched about that fact. On the other hand...WTF?! Why DIDN'T she cry about being away from me?! It's not like she's ever gone to daycare and is used to this sort of thing. Sure they've had babysitters, but it's much different when someone comes to their own house to watch them, and when you drop them off at a strange place.

After thinking about it for a while, though, I realized Lana probably really needed this. Poor thing has been smushed in the middle of three girls since she can remember, really. This is a chance for her to be independent of her sisters and of me. A chance for her to make her OWN friends. She also knows this school well, since it's the one Sonya went to for a year. We dropped her off and picked her up three days a week, so Lana recognizes the building, the classrooms, and the teachers. I'm sure that's a comfort in some way too.

I suppose when it comes down to it, I'd ratherhave no tears than two months of them. Although a little sadness on her part would have been okay. I know I was a little sad to see her go. It is only preschool, but I know what's right around the corner in two years, and damn does it come MUCH faster than you imagined.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noticing the Differences

Tuesdays are turning into a- crazy I'm only home for a minute here and an hour there for the girls naps and maybe for a snack and then we are back out again for something else-kind of day. I would love to write about Lana starting preschool today, but I don't have the time for a post that long. Instead I'll give you this gem she gave us two days ago.

Sunday afternoon we went across the street to our neighbor's pool, since it was the last hot day we are going to have for a while. A little side note-Can I just tell you how great it is to have neighbors who have a pool? A NICE pool even. And they like us and tell us to come over ANYTIME. It's even better than having your own pool. Forget all the expense of putting your own pool in! Just move across the street from people who already have a pool. Only, they have to be nice people. I'd just like to say how incredibly awesome Kelly and John are for letting us swim over there all summer. Not to mention all the free babysitting they do. Since we don't have much in the way of family out here, having great neighbors helps out a lot. Thank you Kelly and John! And now back to my story.

We were all standing on the steps of the pool easing our way into the water. Now keep in mind we've been swimming at the pool, and going to the beach all summer. Not to mention, Andy walks around the house without a shirt on quite often, so it's not like Lana has never seen his chest. However, for some reason, she just noticed he didn't look the same as me. So she looked at him and said,

"Who cut off you big boobies?"

I kind of half heard what she was asking and Andy must have too, because he told her to repeat it.

"Who cut off you big boobies?" She asked him again.

That is when I burst into laughter. Then Andy calmly explained that he was a boy, and boys don't get boobies like girls do. Well most boys anyway. That is a different discussion for when she is older.

"Oh, okay," she said, satisfied with his answer. Then she was ready to swim.

I was still off to the side of the pool giggling for about five minutes. I found her question funny and odd. Funny that she thought Andy had boobies at one point, and apparently they were big in her mind. Odd that she thought someone had cut them off. That part I can't figure out. It might be all those Saw movies I keep letting her watch. Could explain the nightmares too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cats In the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

Well now she's gone and done it. She's really starting to grow up. Yesterday, the girls were sitting at the breakfast table and Sonya said,

"My tooth hurts."

"What tooth, where?" I asked.

"This one," she said. Then all of a sudden, she yelled,"Hey! I think it's loose!!"

I just thought, yeah right. There was no way she has a loose tooth this soon. I mean there are quite a few kids in her class who have lost teeth, but Sonya never got her first tooth until a week before her first birthday. I remember waiting for her to get teeth for what seemed like FOREVER. Then she sprouted that first one right before her birthday. I thought then she would be ten before she started loosing teeth, because when you get your teeth is linked to when you lose them. At least according to the pediatrician. The longer it takes to get the baby ones, the older you'll be when the permanent ones decide to appear. Makes sense. So last year when all of her friends started getting visits from the tooth fairy I felt bad, because I was sure we were at least a couple years away from that.

I was wrong.

I walked over to where she was sitting at the breakfast table, and said,
"Which one, let me see."

She pointed to the bottom middle left one. The first one that appeared as a baby and sure enough, I could wiggle it back and forth with my finger. I came so close to tears right then I had to turn away. Thanks mom for passing down that overemotional side that wants to burst into tears every time one of my kids hits another milestone.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and matched her excitement with,

"Your RIGHT Sonya! It IS loose! How exciting!"

So for the rest of the day, she kept talking about her tooth and how it was loose and have I seen how she can wiggle it? Would eating make it more lose? Maybe the tooth fairy would bring her prizes or money. Or prizes AND money. Or if not prizes just LOTS of money. Look how loose it is now! It's way more loose than it was in the morning. The tooth fairy brought Lourdes prizes, so she would probably definitely get prizes too.

Didn't we go through this last year? The tooth fairy just brings money. And not LOTS of it. Still, Sonya has other dreams. When that tooth does fall out, I hope she's not disappointed at the dollar she finds under her pillow. I mean I'm all for making your kids happy, but I can't justify giving her birthday or Christmas like presents for losing a tooth. Especially, since there are LOTS more teeth to come. My sister did suggest getting a silver dollar to make it look a bit more special. I will consider that option. I guess I should figure it out soon, although if I remember correctly it takes a week or so for a little wiggly tooth to actually come all the way out. Although, Sonya thinks it's coming out any minute now.

Yup, she's growing up. First it's loose teeth, next it's her period and then she's packing up and going to college. Damnit! Why does time have to move so fast?? Where is the pause button on the life remote control or at least a slow motion one.

Well, mom, looks like I won't handle my kids growing up and moving out any better than you did. Thanks for passing that gene down too.