Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

Oh Hi!  How are you?  Is it summer in your house yet?  Because it sure as hell is at mine!  yay.  That was sarcasm in case you didn't get it.  Summer began last week for Sonya and this is the first week the little girls don't have preschool.  It's Tuesday and I've already had to restrain myself from selling them on the black market at least three times.  Mostly because of the fighting.  O! M! G!  THE FIGHTING!!  I can not take it you guys.  They are going to drive me insane with the fighting.  When I am taken away and people ask what happened to that girl who used to write a blog about her three adorable girls, you can tell them it was the fighting that drove me mad.  The worst part about it is that it comes from nowhere.  They will all be playing nicely and quietly when all of a sudden someone, usually Georgia, is crying about something that happened.  Someone either hit, pinched, pushed or told her that they don't like her and aren't going to be her friend anymore. Oh well, too bad for you! You're sisters and you will be forced to be friends for the time being! Especially during the summer.

I'd like to tell you all that I have a plan to help this situation.  That things will get better.  Truth is, I don't and I'm not sure it will.  Summer is so bittersweet.  I was looking forward to it because it means less running around for me.  I don't have to pick up and drop off from school.  The extracurricular activities like Girl Scouts and Baseball are on hiatus too.  The little girls had their dance recital this weekend, which they did an awesome job at by the way, but dance is over until the fall also.  All we have this week is swim lessons for a half an hour in the late morning.  I couldn't wait for this week.  I was so done with running around.  Apparently, I had forgotten about the fighting.  Suddenly, driving around all day doesn't seem so bad after all.  

I do have some things planned.  This isn't my first summer break after all, but there is still A LOT of downtime.   We will go to the beach a few days here and there. Take a trip to the museum perhaps.  Maybe we will visit the aquarium.  The problem is- those trips are in the middle of days when I have to take THREE kids to Target, the grocery store or any other errand I need to run.  They are also in the middle of other days when nothing else is going on.  The days when all the fighting occurs.

We also have our Florida trip next week, which is going to take a week and a half out of our summer.  When we get back from that the girls go to camp in the mornings for a week.  That will put us to 4th of July week and from there it's only half a summer left!  I think the bigger problem for me this week is that I have to prepare us all for a long trip.  Oh and we are going camping with the girl scouts on Saturday, so I have to get everything for that with all kids in tow. Plus, PLUS!  We are getting a kitten this weekend.  More to come on that later. So there has been a lot of errand running in between our-hang out at home and get into trouble time.  What I've realized is- bottom line-there is no down time when you are a mom.  My relief of not having to drive anywhere, has just been replaced with my girls driving me crazy.  So my choices are running the kids around Burbank, but they're not home as much or they are home all the time and I have to find things for them to do to keep them from killing each other, or killing them myself.  If I come up with anything really good, I'll pass it along.  I know most of you out there are about to feel the same pain, if you don't already. 

In the meantime, I'm off to BevMo to stock up on my wine, because I have a feeling I might be needing it.   They are having their 5cent wine sale right now.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  Obviously,  someone who heads up that company is a mom with kids home for the summer.  

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Anonymous said...

Let me know about some of your beach/museum adventures and maybe we'll join you!

-Megan Givens