Friday, August 31, 2012

Firemen VS Policemen-Lana Weighs In

Yesterday, I decided it would be a good idea to make sure that Lana knew how to dial 911 if need be.  Sonya has known how to do this for years and because she knows, I figured we were good.  Then I realized, she's not always around since she's in school all day.  It might only be Lana or Georgia if I misstep down the attic stairs while getting out Halloween or Christmas decorations.  What if I lay unconscious at the bottom of the ladder and the girls have no idea what to do!  These are the crazy, anxiety ridden thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis.  I'm fairly certain I come by this naturally.  Thanks mom!  So to calm my fears, I figured they should know what to do in case of an emergency.  I decided to start with Lana.  Partially because she's older and partially because Georgia still gets our address number and phone number mixed up.  No need to throw another number at her just yet.    

I explained that I was going to show her how to dial 911 on the phone.  I  emphasized that this is ONLY for an emergency.  You know like if mommy was laying with blood pouring out of her head.  Okay I didn't say that, but I said if something happened to me and I couldn't move or talk.   I showed her how to turn the phone on, listen for the dial tone and then dial.  Then I told her someone would come on the phone and talk to her, and she should tell them what the emergency was.  She seemed to understand, and I had her show me which numbers she should push and how to turn it on by pressing the "talk" button.  Suddenly she got a concerned look on her face and said,

"But mommy?  Then I will be talking to a stranger!"

Okay, so that's one lesson that she got through her head!  My scare tactics ARE working! 

"That's true," I said, "But this is a stranger YOU are calling and it's to get help.  You can only talk to the people on 911,  and then they send someone to help..."

"Like the firemen or the policemen!" She said interrupting me.  I have no idea how she figured out that they would be the ones to show up.  

"Yes!  Exactly and they are good strangers too because they are there to help."

Then she thought about this for a second and said, "Yeah, but it will most likely be a fireman that comes, because firemen help people and the policemen just put you in jail."

"Well," I said, trying desperately not to laugh.  "The police can put people in jail, but they can help people too just like a fireman, so you don't need to be worried about them.  Okay?"

"Okay!" she said.  Then she ran off to play babies with her sister, with another piece of knowledge embedded in her brain.  

Hmmm...should I be concerned that she already thinks that all the police do is put people in jail?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Feeling The Love, Or Not

Over the weekend I went down to Carlsbad to spend some quality girl/no kids time with BethAnnDoddKoehn.  We got our nails done, lounged around our hotel room and went to a fancy dinner.  Later that night we met up with some old friends from high school for drinks.  It was a fun night and I was glad to have the chance to get away and not play mommy for a few hours.  Something that is needed for every mom.  Thank goodness I have a great husband who has no problem with me going or taking care of the girls on his own.  Thanks babe!

The night before I left I told the girls I would be going away the next night,  just so they would get used to the idea.  Georgia started whining and crying about how she didn't want me to go.  Please stay here, I don't want you to go, why do you have to go?  These were the questions and requests I got from her.  Lately, every time I go out somewhere, even if it's to the grocery store alone, Georgia becomes whiny and clingy about me leaving.  I suppose it's just another bout of separation anxiety they go through at this age.  Eventually, I talked her down and by the time I left the next morning she seemed to be at peace with my absence for the day.  Lana, however, cried.  Usually she doesn't care, but for some reason on Saturday she did.  After I was gone and fun Daddy took over, nobody really cared though.

When I came back yesterday afternoon, everyone was happy to see me and told me all about their day.  Then, for the next two hours, Sonya and Lana proceeded to lose their minds and have complete breakdowns about various things.  Of course, they had been angels while I was away, but whatever they were holding in, they decided to let out with me around.  Thanks ladies!  Georgia didn't have a meltdown, but did get in trouble for lying to me.  Something she's been doing a lot of lately.  It seemed that perhaps coming home yesterday wasn't working for anyone.  I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

Last night at dinner, Georgia decided then was the best time to be honest.  Every night we do something with the kids to find out more about their day.  It actually something I stole from my favorite blogger Heather Hamilton at  I figure I should give her the credit.  Its great though, because the girls love doing it and we all find out something about every one's day.  We all go around the table and say what our most favorite, least favorite and most thankful parts of our day were.  Then a few weeks ago Andy added what you might be sorry for that day as well.  I like that one, because it gives everyone a chance to clear the air of any wrongdoings of the day.  We got to Georgia and she told us her favorite part of the day was going to breakfast that morning and her least favorite part was "Mommy coming home."

Wait.  What?

"Your LEAST favorite part of the day was me coming HOME?"  I asked kinda hurt.

"Yup!" She said with a smile.

"So you didn't want me to come home at all?"

"No," she replied still smiling.


I supposed everyone acting crazy upon my arrival made her rethink me being around.  Fine.  Beth, I'm coming back and staying for a week.  You in?  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Like Little Fish

For about ten years now, we've been trying to teach the girls to swim.  Okay, I guess that's not right since Sonya is only seven.  It just feels that way.  In reality, this is the third summer in a row the girls have taken swimming lessons.  You might remember the stories from the past summers. and finally, FINALLY, about a month ago Sonya really started swimming:

(Did you like the way Lana had to get herself in that video? Now, I was claiming victory.  At least one of them was somewhat comfortable in the water!  At least one of them will  put her head under without going into hysterics!  I just figured we'd worry about the other two next summer.  Then Lana (yes, Lana! The same one who did this one summer.) surprised the hell out of us and a couple weeks ago started doing this out of nowhere:
So now we have TWO of them at least willing to try and move in the water!  Georgia is still very hesitant, but fortunately we live in Southern, CA where is will be summer until at least November.  This is my friend Stacy's pool, and I plan on living there until I have all three of them swimming like Michael Phelps.  Or at least like Michael Phelps when he was three.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Zachary's Choice

Most of the time my sister was here we did our best to make meals at home.  Let me tell you how crazy it is to prepare food for six kids.  I have no idea how John and Kate do it for eight, let alone the insane Duggars with their 19 or 20 or whatever it is they have now.  We did go out for a couple of meals, but we tried our best to save money, and our waistlines, by making sandwiches for lunch and putting together a healthy meal at dinner.  The good thing is that with the two of us together doing it, it did go a big quicker.  Perhaps those Mormons who have sister wives are on to something.

The last night they were here, we decided to make baked fish for dinner.  My nephew Zach, will eat everything, much like Sonya.  I never have to argue or cajole her to eat something like I do with Lana.  Gracie, however is Beth's Lana.  She will look at something and if it looks like she might not like it, she will turn her nose up at it.  So it was no surprise that halfway through the meal, Sonya and Zach were done and Gracie along with my two youngest were pushing food around their plates.  They were also very hyped up and giggly for some reason and in not much of an eating mood.  

I had  made rolls to go with our meal, but I never give my girls their roll until they've eaten a good portion of their dinner, otherwise that is all they will eat.  As it happened, I also had cake that I had bought from an awesome bakery here called Porto's, earlier in the day.  So the negotiations started.  The girls wanted a roll and cake, but they knew they weren't getting anything until they ate their meal.  Since Sonya and Zach had eaten their meals with no fight, we gave them a roll and then they sat patiently waiting for the picky girls to finish so they could have dessert.  

Eventually, I had to set the timer for them, because they were just not eating.  I knew once dessert came out they would all of a sudden become hungry.  We do NOT have dessert for dinner in my house.  They don't have to eat everything on their plate, but at least a good portion and all of their vegetables in order to get dessert.  After the ten minutes was up, all three had eaten enough to win them a piece of cake.  I know, I know, don't reward eating with dessert, but again, they had to eat their dinner to get it at all.  Plus we don't have dessert every night, so using it every once in a while isn't that bad.  

I got up to get everyone a piece of cake and Georgia said to me,

"Mom, do we get  woll AND cake or do we has to pick one?"

"No, you do not get both because you guys didn't do a good job eating on your own. You have to pick one," I told her.  This is the rule in our house.  If we are having rolls and dessert and I have to set the timer for them to eat, even if they do end up eating everything they can't have both things.  

"Okay," she said.  "I'll have cake den and no woll!"

"I figured," I said.  

About thirty seconds later I noticed Zach sitting in his chair with tears streaming down his face.  

"Zach?  What's wrong, buddy?"  I asked.  Was he sad to go home the next day?  Did someone hurt him?  I had no idea.  He was sitting there at the table just crying.  My sister walked over and tried to coax it out of him.

"Zach, buddy, we can't help you if you don't tell us what's wrong," she tried.  

He sat there sobbing, still not talking.  

"Zach," she said.  "You need to talk and tell me please."  Apparently, he does this all the time.  He will get upset about something and just not tell her what it is.  I found out later, Beth knew exactly what he was going to say, but wanted him to get it out on his own.  Finally, between sobs he choked out,

"I already had a ROOOOLLLLLL!!!!"  Then he cried harder.  

What? At first I couldn't figure out what he was talking about then it hit me.  Oh!  My rule to the girls of not getting both roll and dessert.  He thought he wasn't getting cake because he had already eaten a roll.  

"Oh no, no Zach!" I said.  "That wasn't a rule for you and Sonya, because you guys ate your dinner without any problems.  The little girls didn't so they have to chose which they want.  Don't worry buddy, you still get a piece of cake. "  I assured him.

He immediately stopped crying, wiped his tears, sniffed and said, 

"Oh, can I have a  piece of chocolate then!"  

And that was it, back to being happy.  It was the shortest emotional outburst I've ever seen.  Something very different from what I experience with my emotional roller coaster queens on a daily basis.  Poor thing thought he lost his chocolate cake because of eating a roll.  I have to say, I can't blame him.  If I thought I had given up cake for a roll, I would have been crying too.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty As A...

One of the nice things about having the "special passes" at Disneyland was that we all got to ride something if we wanted to, even if the little kids weren't tall enough for some of them.  Half of us would go,while the other half would stay with the littles and then we'd switch.  Since we were always going in the fast pass lines, we were able to get through fairly quickly.

Even though Gracie is almost a whole year younger than Lana, she was about an inch taller and able to get on a few things like Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain.  Poor Lana.  She's such a peanut, and will probably be 13 before she can ride Space Mountain.  She didn't really seem to care though, at least this time. Perhaps her next breakdown at Disneyland will be about that.

We all headed to Big Thunder Mountain and I took my two girls and Ben, who is only 2, and everyone else went to ride the coaster.  If it didn't take to long I would switch with them after they rode.  I think it took all of ten minutes from the time they entered the line.  When they came out my sister and her husband stayed with the kids who couldn't ride and the rest of us went.  

Gracie decided she wanted to ride with me. I think Gracie had a great time at our house because we have nothing but girl stuff all the time around here.  Grace is in the middle of her family and the only girl.  So she gets to always be the girly girl and doesn't have to fight over the pink bowl in her house, but she also doesn't have the amount of girly toys we do.  Still she gets to be the only princess in her house where my girls have to share that spotlight. Not that my sister and her husband treat her like she's a princess.  She just takes on that role herself as most little girls do.

Fortunately for her, she was tall enough for most of the rides, but just barely, so they kept measuring her when we got to the front of lines.  It was no different with this one.  We got up to the front and the "cast member" working the ride said to Grace,

"Come here princess, let me just make sure you're tall enough."

She was and we were pointed in the direction of our coaster.  As we were waiting for it to come, Gracie in all seriousness looked at me and asked,

"Hey Auntie Kristi! How did that lady know I was a princess?"

I giggled and told her, "I guess she could just tell."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day

In her Classroom and SO excited.

Yesterday was the first day of school for the girls.  Third grade for Sonya and Kindergarten for Lana(cue the crying for me).  Actually, I was OK for the most part.  I only got teary for a minute or so.  I just can't believe they are already this big and I only have Georgia left at home.  It seems like only yesterday, Lana was a little baby and I was crying over a positive pregnancy test.  Then sometimes it feels like 100 years ago.  Either way, having big kids make me really sad some days because I miss the toddler years.  Then again, I got to go to the gym by myself this morning, so you know, it's not ALL bad.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Build Up To Break Down

As I mentioned in my last post, I disappeared for a while because my sister was visiting with her family.  She also has three kids, which means there were six kids and four adults in my house for a week.  That's ten people, for those mathematically challenged.  SIX of them were kids.  Did I mention my house is only 1600 square feet?  Yeah it got a bit squishy at times, but it really wasn't that bad.  For the most part were weren't home except to sleep. And to drink LOTS of wine.  Hence the reason my posts have been lacking.  There were trips to, the beach, Disneyland, The Aquarium of the Pacific, The Getty Museum, and Grandpa's house to go swimming.  It was bit busy.  One of my favorite, yet most exhausting days was most definitely Disneyland.  I mean who doesn't love Disneyland?  After all it IS the happiest place on earth.  Someone just forgot to tell Lana that.

Yes, this is yet another one of those posts where I wonder what to do with that kid.  Don't roll your eyes, YOU don't live with her.  Her emotions are always so hot and cold.  It's been like that since she was a baby.  We used to joke and call her bi-polar baby.  I know, we are such awesome parents.  Anyway, she woke up that morning a ray of sunshine.  In fact she was the only one of all the kids who got up, got dressed, had breakfast and was ready before every one else,  with a smile on her face the whole time.  We were looking at a good day if SHE could be like that.  Then I made the mistake of allowing Georgia to have her blankie in the car on the way to Disney.  How dare I!

Quick explanation: The girls all have blankies they sleep with only at night.  I always pack their PJs and blankies when we go to Disney so when they fall asleep on the way home it's an easy transition to bed.  Georgia was up at 4:30 that morning.  Yes, 4:30 AM.  I REALLY wanted her to take a nap on the way to Disneyland, so she didn't break down later on in the day.  That's where the problem came in...

Lana was a bit jealous that GG had her blankie and she didn't, and she decided to let us know, for the first 25 minutes of the car ride.   She cried and whined about not having her blankie.  Not that I usually EVER let them have it during the day, but I guess because her sister had hers, she felt it would only be fair.    In retrospect, and knowing how that incident would set the tone for the rest of the day, I should have given her that damn blankie. But no, I was sticking to my rule dammit!  She finally gave up the fight after half an hour and SHE fell asleep for the rest of the trip.  Georgia-not one wink.  This was going to be a fun day.

We got to the parking garage, which is about a half mile from the actual Magic Kingdom entrance.  Now keep in mind we were at Disneyland... on a Saturday...during the summer.  Crowded?  No, no, it was only sardines in a can feeling for part of the day.  When we saw how long the tram lines were we decided to walk.  We were going to be walking all day so what difference would another half a mile make?  Apparently, it would make a big difference to Lana, who didn't want to walk even if it meant Disneyland was at the end of that walk.  Oh wait.  IT WAS!!  That child did not care.  All she cared about was the fact that there walking and she had to walk and the walking was to much and it was hurty for her legs with all the walking.  I'm not sure how we ever made it to the entrance.  All I remember is arguing with that child for half a mile about how it wasn't that far, and she would be fine when we got in there, and no I wasn't going to carry her.  More whining ensued.

When we finally made it to the park I thought we were going to be okay.  I figured we had sidestepped a Lana bomb.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  She was just ticking waiting for the right time to go off.

She was good for a while.  We got into Disney-all for free I might add. I have friends in high places.  (Melinda you are the bestest, most awesomest, friend ever!  I love all my friends, but the rest of you don't get me in to Disney for free, so you know...)  There were also the special passes to get on all the rides in the fast pass line.  I'd love to tell you how we did that, buuuuttt...well then I'd have to kill you and I like having my readers alive.  Let's just say it's a good thing my nephew and niece were with us.  We wouldn't have been able to ride half of what we did if not for those passes.  And Lana is NOT good with standing in lines for more than oh, five minutes or so.  This helped everyone out.

We ended up in Toon Town a couple hours into our day.  For those of you who have never been, it's an area for the little kids.  You can see Mickey and Minnie over there and go into Goofy's house.  We planned on going to visit Minnie, but the line was way to long and we weren't about to get to the front of that one.  Lana protested a bit, but when we pointed out how long the line was she seemed to understand that it was better not to wait in it.  She didn't really cry, but I could tell she wasn't exactly ok with missing Minnie.  Still the majority of us not wanting to wait in line won.  

Then came the carousel incident.  Oh boy.

After lunch we headed to the carousel.  A ride that all of the ages could enjoy.  We got in our "special" line and were allowed on first.  While we were waiting to go in, Lana eyed a pink and purple horse with bells on it.  She told me how that was the horse she wanted.  I had Georgia when we walked on and Andy had Lana.  I got GG and Sonya all settled and then heard a sobbing from behind me.  I turned to see Lana looking demonically possessed and completely losing her shit atop a horse that was NOT the one she pointed out.  Andy stood next to her shaking his head.  I walked back to them.  

"What happened?" I asked.

"Gracie took MY horse!!"  Lana told me in between sobs.  

I turned to the horse in front of her to see Gracie was indeed on the horse Lana wanted.  I wasn't sure what had happened, but I just needed to calm her down.  I told Andy to go with the other two girls, then went into operation "chill Lana out".  Something I've done more than once or twice. Unfortunately, I was to late.  She had already been taken over by the wild eyed, crazy, hysterical, demon five year old she sometimes turns into when she's at the end of her rope.  There were no deep breaths or counting to ten that were going to fix this in the next five minutes.  

I decided to take her off the ride, but the bell rang indicating that it was starting and off we went.  Lana was screaming, crying and trying to jump, yes jump off the horse she was on as it was going up and down, round and round, and yelling "I want THAT horse!!"  I stood there doing my best to make sure she didn't jump off  to her death, or at least a broken bone, and trying to ignore every stare that was coming in our direction.  With every second I became increasingly more frustrated and angry with her behavior.  It was the longest ride ever.  

The moment the ride stopped, I grabbed her off the horse, kicking and screaming, walked over to where our stroller was parked and grabbed my wallet and phone.  When the others came over, I told them to go ride whatever, I was taking Lana for a timeout and I'd find them in a bit.  Then I carried a hysterical Lana in the direction of Cinderella's castle not sure where I was going.  I didn't want to go all the way back to the car, but I needed to find a place to have her let this out then calm her down.  

On the side of the castle is a little walkway to Frontier land and there was a little corner with a door that was the back of one of the shops.  Perfect.  It was away from most people and in a corner.  I sat her down and there she screamed and yelled for at least another fifteen minutes.  Finally, she calmed down to just crying, and not letting me comfort her, to reluctantly letting me comfort her and crying.  At one point, one of the girls working at the shop opened the door and peeked behind it at us.  She saw me first and asked,

"Are you ok?"  Then she saw Lana and said, "oh."

I said,  "We just needed a little time out. We're fine."  

She nodded her head like this wasn't the first time she'd seen someone back there and went back inside.  I did find out later that particular spot is also a timeout spot for my friend BethAnnDoddKoehn's kids as well.  It's a good one if you're ever there and need one!

When I finally had calmed her down enough to talk to me, I tried to find out exactly what it was that made her flip.  I figured it wasn't just because of the horse, because of how crazy she behaved. I asked-  Was it the horse?  No-she said, not having blankie in the car?  nuh-uh. Because you don't want to walk?  Nooooo! 

"Is it nothing?  Are you sad just because?" I asked, because that has happened before where she cries and she doesn't know why.

"No!  It IS something!" she said.

"Then what?" I said.

"I didn't get to see Miiiiinnnniiiieeee!!!  She's my FAVORITE character and I didn't get to see her!!"

The sobbing started again, and my heart melted in a puddle for her.  Aw man, that kid LOVES her some Minnie and in that instant I felt terrible.  I know, I know, talk about first world problems, right?   I reminded her again that the line for Minnie was long and she wouldn't have wanted to wait in the hot sun, because believe me she wouldn't have.  Before the rest of you start to feel badly for her, I will inform you that this is about her sixth trip to Disneyland in her five years and she's seen Minnie every single time.   So don't be to sympathetic.  Not to mention we will be back for our yearly trip in November, so she will have a chance to see her again soon.  Besides, I think Minnie might have been the most disappointing part for her, but I believe it was a build up of all those things that threw her into tantrum land.  Not quite as fun as  Fantasyland I can assure you.

After about a half hour, she was feeling better and ready to have some fun.  She accepted that we weren't seeing Minnie that day and that she couldn't always get the horse she wanted on the carousel.  I later found out that she and Gracie had gone for the horse at the same time, each one on either side and Grace got to the top a split second before Lana.  I don't think Grace or my sister realized Lana had even been eyeing that particular horse.  She took a few minutes once we found everyone, to get completely out of sad mode, but one ride on the Teacups, with me watching on the sidelines, completely cured her.  (I don't do the teacups.  Nobody wants to see my lunch again.) The rest of the day went on without incident from her.  In fact she was very pleasant.   Whatever she needed to get out of her system she did next to Cinderella's castle.  

Later on that evening we were in line to ride Peter Pan, which is next to the carousel.  She looked at me and asked if we could ride it again.  

"You want to redeem yourself from earlier and get the horse you want this time?"  I asked.

She nodded.  So we all went on.  My sister made it a point to tell Grace that Lana was getting that pink and purple horse this time. It stopped right in front of us again as it had before.  When they let us on, Lana ran to it and started to climb up.  On the other side,  GG was trying to get up on the same DAMN HORSE!  

"No, Georgia," I said picking her up.  "It's Lana's turn for that horse this time."

Then, and I am so not kidding when I tell you this, Georgia started to cry.  SERIOUSLY?!!  Fortunately, Georgia is a much different, much more easy going kid.  

"Look G! Here's an orange one, your favorite color!" I told her.

"But I wanted the one with jewels!" she cried.  

"This one has jewels!" I said pointing to a fake inlaid sapphire in the saddle.  

"Oh," she said, and the crying stopped immediately as I helped her on the horse.  I was NOT about to go through that scene again.  

If you ever go to Disneyland don't expect your kids to be extremely well behaved or  super grateful just because they are at Disneyland.  I think as parents we think they should behave like that.  "They're at Disneyland!  They should just be happy about that!!" However, if they're having a bad day, they don't care where the hell they have their temper tantrums.  After all they don't get how much time, energy and money you've put into a day like that.  They're just kids and all they know is they didn't get the purple and pink horse or their picture with Minnie Mouse.  All you can do is explain they don't always get what they want, even at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Beds For The Little Girls

Oh hi!  No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, or the face of the Internet.  I'm still here!  I just feel way out of schedule, because my sister, Beth, and her family came to visit for a week.  We had a fantastic time and yes I have stories, but I will have to get to those when I have more time.  For now I just wanted to give you quick post so you know I'm still here.  Hi!  Still here!  Just real quickly, here's what Andy and I did the weekend before my sister came:

That's right, we got the girls bunk beds and put them together ourselves. Crazy, I know, but  we are pretty kick ass in this house. The good news is we are still married after putting those things together!  It was touch and go there for a while.  Especially when we had to put the top bunk together. We had to try to hold on the guard rails with the bed rails at the same time while screwing it all together, without letting the other side fall out.  That was a bit tricky and there may have been a few mad rants, and some name calling, but we came out on the other side with the bed and our marriage still together.   Just to show you how much work it was, here is what they looked like when they came to us. 

Bed rails

The drawers

The beginning

Well...Anyway the girls were extremely excited for their new beds.  It even came with a trundle bed for Sonya to sleep in for when get company, so she got to try it out right away.  I have to say the quality of the beds is great.  They are solid wood, and very sturdy.  The price was even better, less than $700.  They came with stairs instead of a ladder, which I felt was a bit more safe, plus-PLUS those drawers... they are STORAGE!!  STORAGE I tell you! Who doesn't need more storage?? Especially when you live in a 1600 square foot house.
Lana liked helping with this part.  
So okay, I might like them more than the girls do.  They even have a great new furniture smell.  If you are looking for bunk beds, we got them on line at a place called  No, I did not get paid to advertise for them.  I wish.  I just think they have a really great product at a fantastic price.  They didn't charge shipping either.  Then as Andy and I got toward the end of putting the beds together, we noticed we were missing hardware pieces.  Nothing that would hurt the beds from being used.  They were for the railing for the stairs.  To be honest, I don't  know if they shorted us or we misplaced them.  I'm willing to bet it was the latter.  So I emailed the company and told them which parts we needed and within two days I received a package with the parts, plus extra.  

The top pain in the ass bunk.

Sonya's trundle
All of us are happy with this purchase, even though it did mean taking out the toddler beds and admitting completely that I have big kids now.  That part was a bit hard for both Andy and me.  My babies are all in big girl beds, making them big girls and not babies.  Sucks.  Then sometimes it doesn't.  Like when I remember that I don't change diapers, and they can all tell me what they are crying about.  Still, it's hard to face how fast they are growing up.  The only thing that helps is how very little and cute they look in those huge twin beds.  I know though that in a few years they will fill those up too.  Well, Georgia will at least.