Thursday, May 17, 2012

Double Standard

Here are the toothbrushes my girls have right now:

Kick ass, right?  I mean my girls have superhero-typically for boys- toothbrushes.  Granted this was mostly Georgia's doing, because she picked out this three pack since it had Spider-Man in it. Yes, she is still obsessed with Spider-Man for some unknown reason.  Sonya and Lana were on board with using The Hulk and Wolverine, for their brushes, even though I had bought them girly ones in case they didn't like those.  Last week I was looking at the toothbrushes sitting on the counter and thought to myself,

"That's so cool that my daughters like superhero boy stuff and can be swayed from pink and princess from time to time."  And that is totally okay and accepted.  Nobody would question it and most people probably think it's cute.  HOWEVER-if I had boys and these were the toothbrushes they picked out....

...I'm not so sure it would be quite as accepted and cool.  I mean I wouldn't care, but I can only imagine what other people would think.  Yes, it's a double standard.  This girls win this one.  It's okay though, because boys come out on the better side of the rest of the double standards in life.   


Anonymous said...

Wyatt wouldn't mind the girly ones. Anything his sister likes is cool with him. He plays Barbie and American Girl with her too. Granted, he's only 5 and he's ...Wyatt. But still, he's secure in his manhood. He even taking dance class! But yes, there is a double standard..


Ellen said...

Perfectly said!