Monday, May 7, 2012

Going To The Chapel

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about my Grandpa having a girlfriend? Yes, well, yesterday they got married.  MARRIED, YOU GUYS!  AT 85!!  Can you believe it?  They decided to do this a couple weeks ago.  My parents were here at the time to watch the girls, but that was not a good weekend for Grandpa and his betrothed, so they decided on May 6th.  I mean at 85 why wait??  My Dad managed to get a flight back out here for the weekend, but since it's the end of the year for my school teacher mom, she wasn't going to make it.  It wasn't to be a huge affair, family only.  My girls, however, heard "wedding" and assumed something completely different than what it ended up being.  

I let them dress up in their Easter dresses, because they looked so cute in them.  Plus it's nice to get a second use out of the occasion dresses.  (Can't say the same for my Bridesmaids dress I wore a couple weeks ago, but whatever).  The girls came to a wedding with us back in October when our neighbor's daughter got married.  She had a big wedding, with the white dress, fanfare and all.  I'm pretty sure this is what my girls expected to see again.  Before we even left on Sunday they wanted to know how long it was going to be, because the one in October had been a full Catholic mass.  They wanted to prepare for how long they would have to behave.   I assured them that it would be a fairly quick ceremony.  There wasn't any music or walking down the aisle.  Just an everybody gather round- do you?, do you? kind of event.  

The family  got to the church around the same time.  We had to wait a bit for the few who weren't there yet, but as soon as they arrived, my Uncle-who is a Pastor-started the ceremony.  Grandpa, Meta, my Dad-who was the best man, and Meta's daughter-Matron of Honor, stood up in front of my Uncle and the church.  Meta was dressed in a simple purple pant suit and Grandpa in his church suit.  Nothing fancy.  About three minutes into the ceremony, as my Uncle is in the middle of talking and praying, Lana leans over and asks me in her, normal non-whisper, there-is-no-way-everyone-can't-hear-her voice,

"Mommy!  When is the wedding going to start?"

I gave her my mom -be quiet look, then half mouthed half whispered, "They are doing it now."

"But mom!  When is it going to start?!" She asked more insistently.

"Right now," I tried telling her again.

"Now?" She asked confused.  Then I nodded my head yes to her.  

She sat back in her chair.  Then about two minutes later leaned over to get my attention again, and in the same voice said,

"Is THIS the wedding?"

"Yes, Lana," I said.  Then I gave her the "Shhh"sign.  

She still didn't seem convinced.  Where was the music?  Where was the big white dress?  Where were the flowers?  I guess I forgot to tell her that at 85 you don't have the time or the care for all that.  They just wanted to be married to take care of each other for as long as they have left.  They looked completely happy and content to be there.  No fanfare needed.

After the ceremony we headed over to Marie Callendars where Grandpa had reserved the banquet room for us.  Now I'm not going to go and be a foodie snob and talk about how I am not a fan of chain restaurants, even though I'm not.  I know Grandpa doesn't have a bunch of money and this was an affordable place for him to take us all to celebrate, so I am appreciative.  And hey, at least it wasn't the Olive Garden, right?  However, this particular restaurant, was remodeling their bathrooms.  So the bathrooms for us to use were porta potties in the parking lot.  Now, granted, these were the top of the line nice porta potties, but still with that porta potty smell.  A smell that reminds me of Girl Scout camping as a kid but is so horrible and makes me gag to this day.  Do you know how many times little kids need to go to the bathroom during a two and a half hour celebration dinner?  No?  Well let me tell you. Three times.  THREE times, I had to march to the porta potty aaaalllll the way in the PARKING LOT.  Okay, so that was a bit of a pain.  And again, I am grateful for the dinner, but you know, I have to complain about something on this blog.  

On the plus side, my girls were exceptionally well behaved at the church and the restaurant. We had comments all around from our family and restaurant patrons, who we passed multiple times coming back inside from the bathroom, telling us how adorable they were.  I have to say, they most definitely were.  I was so proud that they weren't running around and acting crazy, which they sometimes tend to do in those situations.  Perhaps it's because I may have threatened to take treats away for two weeks if they weren't model children.  Whatever works people!  Whatever works.  

Toward the end of dinner Sonya leaned over to me and said, 

"Mommy, can we call Meta Great Grandma now?"

"Sure!" I told her. "I don't see why not. She would probably like that."

"Okay," she said.  Then she paused, looked at me nervously and said, "But I don't want to be the first one to do it.  Can someone else call her that first?"

I giggled at her then told her, "Don't worry about it.  I'm sure someone else will say it before you get the chance."

My Grandparents were married for 63 years.  Even though Grandpa won't have that long with his new wife, I'm so happy he found someone to spend whatever time he does have left who makes him smile.  I haven't seen him so giddy in years, if ever.  So Congratulations to Grandpa and our new (Great) Grandma!  Here's to making the rest of your years left on this planet worth living for.  

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