Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Eye of the Storm

I'm not sure what's going on with Lana in the past couple days, but she's been a bit of a pain in the ass unruly.  I can't even blame the full moon this time, unless that recent super moon has had a lasting effect on her.  Perhaps it's her upcoming preschool graduation that is stressing her out, as she tries to figure what she's going to do with the rest of her life.  Whatever it is, she's been averaging about two timeouts a day for the past week.  Something she hasn't done in months. 

Yesterday she started yelling at me and became angry as we were leaving our Mommy and Me class.  I gave her the three count, she didn't stop, so we immediately went to the car where I told her she was going straight to time out when we got home.  She proceeded to scream the entire way there. Thankfully we only live about five blocks from the school.  As soon as I unbuckled her (which she wasn't happy about) I threw her over my shoulder, walked straight to the "ducky" bathroom (the time out place), put her down and closed the door.  She screamed, yelled, cried and kicked her feet.  I heard her flipping out and throwing things around.  I continued to ignore her through the yells of, 


About three minutes into her timeout, the thrashing about and yelling abruptly stopped.  I thought maybe she had realized how she was acting and calmed herself down.  Perhaps she was finally understood the situation and was ready to behave a bit more rationally.  Perhaps I forgot  that she's five and that she's Lana, because the quiet was short lived.  She started her screaming and crying again at full volume, right before her time out ended.  After the timer beeped I walked into the hallway toward the bathroom and found this outside the door:  

Then I walked into the bathroom to find this on the mirror:

Don't worry, it's dry erase marker so it will come off.  

I guess she was mad.  However, she managed to ease off her anger long enough to write her name with a flower and heart beside it.  I'm assuming this was the brief pause I heard in the tantrum.  I suppose it's good to know she can turn it off and focus when she wants to, so there's still hope for a less volatile Lana in the future.  If only I knew how far off that future was...


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Hollyhome said...

Sounds like my Ava...I came to terms long ago that my job as her mother was to use her powers for good...not evil! I don't know where they get the strength to fight so hard, but I sure hope they save the world someday :)