Friday, April 9, 2010

The Dadekian Infirmary Part 2

Okay, so here is the next part of the ongoing saga of my life in the petri dish.

Wednesday morning Sonya started the day telling me that she kept waking up and taking "sleepbuggers" out of her eyes all night.

"Let me see your eyes," I ordered.

Sure enough, the right one was red. Great. I threw a couple drops in and sent her to school. I noticed Georgia also had an abundance of eye buggers which looked a lot like pink-eye. I made a phone call to the pediatrician's office and asked if they could call in another prescription. I wasn't sure I'd have enough with the first one. They asked if I wanted to bring them in to confirm that was what it was. No thanks. I know. No need to make ANOTHER trip in there. Little did I know I would be back there anyway that day.

The most unfortunate part about Wednesday, was my parents leaving. I had no backup once I dropped them off at the Burbank/Bob Hope Airport. I felt bad they spent most of their time visiting, helping with sick children. I was very appreciative of it, however. Andy was back at work, even though still not feeling well, and I had another kid with pink eye at the very least. When I returned from picking Sonya up from school yesterday, Lana was a hot mess and I mean that literally. Her fever was back up and Georgia's was just back. I, once again, called the ped, who I now had on speed dial number 2, and made an appointment for that afternoon.

Now, at first I felt stupid going in yet AGAIN. I mean Georgia and Lana were in on Friday and he didn't see anything serious, and the Dr on Monday checked Lana's ears finding nothing. Turns out bacteria grows fast. Here's the list of ailments we walked out of there with:

Sonya-Pink Eye (so far)

Lana-Bad ear infection in the left ear, pink-eye

Georgia (the worst one) double ear infection, pink eye, sinus infection, bronchitis

Needless to say, two of them were put on antibiotics, which taste yucky, according to them. So THAT'S been fun trying to make them take it. Georgia has an inhaler, which she doesn't "yike". And they all have to have the eye drops, not twice a day, but FOUR TIMES A DAY, for FIVE DAYS! Damn you Boxstein! The other doctor only said twice! You have not lived until you've had to give three kids eye drops in their eyes, FOUR TIMES A DAY! I'm thinking of developing it into a game show.

I'd like to tell you that is where the story stops everyone is better now, the end. But you come here for more fun than that right? Well we deliver!

Wednesday night, Sonya started to act lethargic and said her throat was hurting. I was hoping it was all in her head, since everyone else had been sick. I had felt the same way most days at one point in time. It was not. She woke up Thursday morning with a slight fever and not acting like herself at all. I called the school and let them know she would be out sick, and turned on the TV for everyone. For the day. I didn't care anymore. I wanted them all to sit and relax as much as possible, so that's just the way it was going to be. They decided to watch Cinderella and I went to my room to workout. In the middle of my workout, Sonya walked in nearly in tears, telling me her ear hurt. This was NOT possible. The doctor checked her YESTERDAY, and she had nothing but the pink eye.

I gave her some Motrin and called my good friends to let them know I'd be visiting once again that afternoon.

"Can ear infections happen this fast, she was just checked yesterday?" I asked the nurse on the phone.

"Oh yeah," was her response.

So after naps off we went to see David. We're on a first name basis now. I mean this is four times in ONE week. I think I saw him more than my husband at this point. When he walked into the room and saw us, he just said,

"But I checked her yesterday!"

"I know, but she was complaining that her ear hurt and she had a little fever this morning," I told him.

He took a look in her ear and looked over at me nodding his head.

"Yup. Ear infection. Just starting," he informed me.

Then he looked at her throat, and added possible strep throat to that list. Good news though! The antibiotics for the ear infection will clear up any possible strep.

So let's review, just in case you're having a hard time keeping up. Between everyone sick in my house the ailments are: pink eye, sinus infections, ear infections, bronchitis, and strep throat. The medications are: antibiotics, eye drops and an inhaler.

By this morning, everyone seems to be feeling much better. I guess it's only natural, that I started to feel like crap. I've been warding it off for two weeks now with Emergen-C, ignoring it, and wine. I guess that only works for so long, when your surrounded by crazy germs. Unfortunately, I can not take the day off or watch TV all day, so I will power through, with Motrin and more Emergen-C. The bad news is Sonya's school carnival is tomorrow and I'm working a booth. The good news is I'm leaving all day on Sunday to get my hair done with my friends. If I wasn't a mom, I would probably stay home and rest, but since I am, I'll get more rest at the hairdressers. I'm looking forward to it.

Now, I'm off to call Terminex to see if they have a way to Lysol bomb my entire house.

On more thing-
Thanks again Mom and Dad for all your help and the day at the spa! It was so helpful having you here. I promise next time you come, I'll lock the girls up for four days beforehand to keep them away from ANY germs.

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