Friday, June 17, 2011

Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Man

This was the conversation on the way home from swimming lessons yesterday.

Me: "Georgia, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?"

Sonya: "She wants Spider-Man!"

Me: "Sonya, let her answer. Georgia?"

Georgia: "Spidaw-Man"

Yes, my almost 3 year old girly girl wants a Spiderman cake.  This is something she has been saying since Lana's birthday.  I find it adorable and pretty kick ass, actually.  For whatever reason she likes Spiderman.  She's never seen a show, movie or book, but she likes him.  That is the sticker she always picks out at gymnastics, while her sisters are getting Ariel and Belle.  Georgia always asks for Spiderman.  Even though she's been talking about  a Spiderman birthday cake for months, I had to check again. One day last week, she said she wanted Minnie Mouse.  Then I found out why, as the talk in the car continued.

Lana: "GG, what kin of cake you want for your birthday? Minnie Mouse?"

Sonya: "Lana, she JUST said Spiderman!"

Lana: "SISSY! SHHH!  GG-what kind? Minnie right?"

Georgia: "I wan Spidaw-Man, Lana!"

Lana: Frustrated now, "Aaahhh! Dat's all she been saying she want is Spider-Man, Spider-Man, SPIDER-MAN!"

Me: "Well, it's her choice Lana."

Georgia: "I yike Spidawman."

Lana: "I don't! Because he's a boy and I don't like boys!"

Georgia: "I do, I like boys."

Lana: "I don't!  I only like girls!"

Georgia: "I like boys and girls."

Sonya: "Well, Lana it's her birthday and her choice."

Lana: "Fine!"

End Scene

I love these car ride exchanges.  It gives me so much insight to what is going on with them.  


Meg Drew said...

so cute!! and this is why you don't turn the damn DVD player on for every 5 min. ride in the car. Look how much you would miss! ;)

Moomser said...

Awesome, I love Spidaw man too!