Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking a Break

This past weekend I got an early Mother's Day present.  Saturday afternoon, I drove down to my friend BethAnnDoddKoehn's house.  Turns out she lives about ten minutes from quite a few wineries and about 20 minutes from a fantastic hot springs/spa.  That together with a discounted Marriott (thanks Dad!) in the same area, and we had ourselves a girls weekend!

We took our time going to a couple of the wineries and tasting  a few good wines.  Then in the late afternoon, we decided to drive down memory lane.  We were only about 25 minutes away from where Beth and I met and went to high school.  We drove to the beach that we used to hang out at during the summers and on weekend nights.  It was our hang out place in high school since we were to young to frequent bars or clubs.   A place we had dubbed "the singing spot", because we used to park down there and sing songs.  Loudly.  Mostly from the movie Grease.  Yes, we are dorks.  

We grabbed a bite to eat and then drove around some more, going past our old high school, the house I lived in for two years and the house Beth lived in for longer.  We passed the spot where I got my first speeding ticket--good times!  It was fun reminiscing about our younger years when all we worried about was how our hair looked, and if the boy we liked was going to like us. Much simpler than worrying about money or how much we  are screwing up as parents. 

 I know some of you may drive by your old high school every day, but I don't see the places where I grew up to often, because of moving around my whole life.  When I do go to places from my childhood, it's always a sentimental experience for me.  It reminds me of how fast life is and how much I appreciate what I have now.  

That night we stayed at a Marriott near the spa we were going to the next day.  We stayed up way to late talking about everything and nothing.  The spa was awesome.  We got massages and sat in the sun as a mud mask dried on our bodies.  It was incredibly relaxing.  Too soon it was time for me to get back in my car for the hour and a half drive back to reality.  Funny enough, the drive was one of my favorite parts.  It was nice to sit in the car alone, listening to what I wanted to,  and just letting my mind wander.  

When I got home I found the girls and Andy in the backyard playing.  They were excited to see me, and the relaxing weekend helped me to recharge and be just as excited to see them, even if the house needed a little tending to.  Andy did a great job taking care of the girls and keeping them happy.  There weren't any tears about me being gone, which is kind of sad for me, but I suppose it is a good thing.  

These little trips I take from time to time help me to be a better mom and wife.  I recommend it to any moms out there who feel frazzled and worn out.  Even if it's just one night away to a hotel with friends and a bottle of wine.  Go relax, enjoy and keep in mind how fast life goes by and how much you love your family.  Sometimes in the craziness of our daily routines we forget to appreciate everything around us. 

 I feel incredibly fortunate that I have a husband, who not only allows me to dump the girls on him alone for over 24 hours, but encourages it.  I feel blessed that I have three great girls who understand that sometimes mommy needs time away, but they still know how much I love them.  I also feel lucky that I have friends like BethAnnDoddKoehn, who I can take a relaxing trip down memory lane with and have an incredible time.  Thanks for suggesting it friend!  

To all you moms out there, treat yourself this upcoming weekend!  No cooking, no cleaning.  You deserve it!

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