Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Cure For the Summer Doldrums

Yesterday I took Georgia to a class in the morning called "messy art".  Oh and it was!

When I first walked into the class and saw the table with whatever that was on it, my first instinct was to keep her away from that particular art project.  Of course her first instinct was to go to that table first. Turned out that was the same instinct every three year old had walking in there.  I mean it looked like fun, but it also looked like a total mess.  I eventually let her instinct win because the clothes she was wearing were already ruined clothes and hell, I didn't have to clean up the mess afterward, so why not?  She had a ton of fun with it, as you can see.  

I'm sure you are wondering just what it is that is all over her.  Well, that is the point of this post today.  As she was playing with it and I was thinking I would NEVER do this at home, I  then thought to myself, wait why not?  That mess that you see is shaving cream mixed with a liquid food coloring that doesn't stain.  Now while I would not do this INSIDE my house, there is no reason I can't set up this fun little project outside on the girls plastic picnic table.  Afterward, I can hose down the table and the girls.   I'm pretty sure they would play with this for at least an hour outside.  This is a perfect thing to give them to do this summer when I'm ready to ship them off to another continent.  They get out of the house to play, and I get a little peace inside to clean, write or even poop.  

I just wanted to share this with all of you so you too can give this to your kids to do.  Get the cheapest cans of shaving cream you can find and liquid food coloring.  I think you can find that at an art supply store like Michael's.  I believe it says on the outside of the bottle that it won't stain most clothing.  

The other art room we went to  had a different sensory project that was also easy and just as fun.  Something else to put outside on the picnic table!  They filled containers with corn starch, water and food coloring.  The corn starch and water make this kind of quicksand type substance.  It feels solid and liquidy all at the same time.  It's really fun to squish through your fingers too.  I could have played with that for hours!

So there you are my friends.  A couple very simple although very messy things for your kids to play with to help out with the "I'm bored" whines this summer.  I would suggest putting them in messy clothes, and for sure doing these outside.  Otherwise it defeats the purpose of making your life easier.  

We have another class we are going to next Tuesday, so if they have any more good, fun easy ideas I will pass them along!  Here's to hoping we all make it through the summer alive.

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