Monday, May 9, 2011

To Do List

Last Wednesday turned out to be a very busy day for the girls and me.   After I picked Sonya up from school, we had to go home so she could get her homework done right away, as well as some of her chores.  The reason was because by 5pm we had to be at T-ball practice.  Only we couldn't stay at T-ball the whole time because I had to get Lana to something she had to do by 6:30.  I told Sonya all this when we got home, and before she started her homework she made this list:

I was okay with everything up until "be draged out early." So this is what she thinks of me.  That I "drag" her away from things.  Oh well, just something else she can work out in therapy when she's 25.  

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Hollyhome said...

LMBO...funny stuff...esp when without my glasses I thought it said 'drugged' up early...which mother to mother...I didn't see anything bad about it...just thought it was a cold or something! LOL