Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vying For Attention

This week has been crazy for me.  First Sonya had a fever last weekend, and all this week Georgia has had it.  My kids love to get high fevers for long periods of time.  It makes going places and doing things so much more enjoyable.  Not to mention that since it's the end of the school year, we've had every kind of assembly, pot luck or meeting to attend.  As a result, Lana has been a bit neglected.  The attention hasn't been on her, and she showed it by attracting negative attention ALL DAY on Thursday.

I think it was around time out number five that I realized maybe that was why she was acting out.  Still, it's hard to give attention to the non-sick kid when the sick one needs you constantly.  It culminated to Mommy getting a tiny bit angry and yelling just a bit on Thursday night. It was directed at her and Sonya, who had developed quite a 13 year old attitude since getting over her fever.  Not sure what THAT is all about.

After I took a shot of vodka deep breath and calmed down, I talked to each of the girls about their behavior and how we could all better handle ourselves the next day.  At the end of my chat with Lana she asked if we could paint her fingernails the next day.  I told her that of course we could, figuring it would be perfect one on one time with her, and something fun and easy to do.  She was excited for her mani/pedi, and I told her the sooner she went to sleep the sooner we could wake up and do it.  

Thursday night was a terrible nights sleep for me, like the past few nights had been. Since the girls have been sick it's like I have a newborn again.  I've been up every two hours or so to calm feverish children or put them in the bathtub for a bit when it got to high.  Needless to say, it's been a bit hard to get up in the morning.  Thankfully, I didn't have anything pressing to do Friday morning besides getting Sonya and Andy out of the house.   I decided not to get up to work out that morning and sleep in a bit.  Around 7:15 I heard footsteps heading toward my room.  Then I felt someone climb onto the bed and on top of me.  I opened my eyes to Lana staring me in the face.

"Good morning mommy!" She said all smiles.  At least she was in a good mood.

"Good morning, Lana," I answered yawning.

"Can we go paint my nails now?"

Really?  Right now? I'm in bed, still half asleep, and not moving and she really thinks I'm going to get up and paint her nails? Even though I did say the next day, I didn't really mean the moment she got out of bed.  Next time I will have to be more specific.  

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