Thursday, June 25, 2009

Skyrockets in Flight...

Hello all!  I'm back!  Sorry about the light posting the past couple weeks, but I had to get through the craziness of all the grandparents being here at once, while celebrating my third child's baptism and birthday.  I'm sure you understand.  Even though it was a bit hectic it was good.  My mom was the last to leave this morning.  She stayed a few extra days to hang out with us and we had a good time.  I do have a story for you from a couple weeks ago.  It was something that happened before the birthday invasion, but I didn't have a chance to tell you about.

Andy likes to make mix CDs off the ITunes songs we have in stock.  From time to time he'll make a new one for me to put in the car and listen to with the kids.  His taste in music is vast, much like mine.  The latest CD he made is mostly '70's music.  The first time we listened to it was back at the beginning of March and it's been in my car CD rotation since, so the girls have gotten familiar with the songs.  One particular tune they know well and like to sing along to, is Afternoon Delight.

A couple weeks ago we had a scheduled play date with Sonya's best friend from school, Liza.  The two younger girls were napping and Sonya was anxiously awaiting her friend's arrival.  I had to go to the bathroom before they got there.  I wanted to keep Sonya occupied, without turning on the TV, so I told her to sit on the bench seat at the front window and watch for Liza.  She immediately hopped up on the seat and stared out the window waiting.  I made my escape to the bathroom.  I was in there no more than two minutes when I heard Sonya sorta yelling/singing.  I listened and heard,


Then she trailed off and I couldn't hear the rest of what she was singing.  I finished up in the bathroom and snuck into the hallway so I could get a better listen.

"AAAAAfternoon deeeliiiiggtt!  Skyrockets in flight!! Afternoon delight!  OOOOOO AAAAAFFTERNOON DELIGHT!!"  She sang. 

I stood in the hallway and listened to her singing her heart out, totally off key, and unaware anyone was listening.  If she knew I was there it would have been over.  So I just stood there and tried hard to muffle my giggles.  She was belting out that song with so much enthusiasm you would have thought Simon, Paula and Randy were in my living room.  There was my daughter, singing every word to a song about getting some nookie in the middle of the day.  Of course she's totally ignorant to what the song is about, but damn, it's funny to hear a 4 year old sing it.  

I walked out into the living room, when there was a break in her performance and asked what she had been singing, she just shrugged her shoulders a bit embarrassed and mumbled, "Nothing."

"Were  you singing Afternoon Delight?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she said.

"Well, it was very nice," I told her.

"Thanks," she said shyly.  

It was, perhaps, not the best rendition of the song, but hey she's only 4.  There's plenty of time before Simon crushes her American Idol dreams.  So for now I'll hide in the hallway and listen to what I think is the best rendition of that famous '70's hit.  

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