Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Faster Than a Crawling Baby

Most babies hit the crawling milestone between 6-9 months of age.  My girls are different in that they took ALOT longer to hit that milestone and when they did, well I'm not sure "crawling" is exactly the right word to use.  At least, not in the sense of moving on ones hands and knees.  Georgia has been no exception.  

Sonya was about 9 1/2 months when she finally started to crawl and I was freaking out that it took her so long.  However,  the crawl she did end up doing was more of a strange monkey like movement.  She had one leg tucked underneath her  and the other leg out to the side.  She would use her hands to propel her along, The good thing was that if she wanted to hold something and crawl at the same time it was easy to move with just one hand to help her. Andy and I thought that was probably a smarter way.  Plus, no strain on the knees!  Perhaps my kid was a genius after all!  Lana was about 11 months when she "crawled", and she was getting physical therapy at the time.  She crawled the exact same way as Sonya, but with the opposite leg tucked under.  Very weird how that happened.  The thing was, they both ended up moving really fast with that makeshift crawl.  So now we come to Georgia. On May 28th she turned 11 months and up until then she really wasn't moving much.  She would move from one place to another, but not very fast.  I couldn't figure out how she was doing it, until I watched her one day.  Basically, what she did was see a toy she wanted while she was sitting. To get to it she would split her legs then put them behind her and end up on her tummy stretched out to reach the toy.  It reminded me of  Tawny Kitaen's limber moves in the  Whitesnake video  "Here I Go Again".  You may remember that one where she's on the hood of her father's BMW doing splits for all the neighborhood boys.  Yeah, that's what Georgia was doing.  It's got me a little worried.  Anyway-about a week ago she figured out how to use her arms to drag the rest of her body behind her.  So now she's moving everywhere and let me tell you, the "drag the body" crawl is getting quite fast.  

Today I went to the bathroom, just to pee mind you.  No problem, 30 seconds to a  minute max.  Sonya was at school, Lana and Georgia were playing in the living room.  I went to the bathroom nearest the living room off the kitchen to keep an eye on them. In that time Georgia realized I wasn't going to get to her right away and dragged her little body 10 feet to the cat's food bowl.  She's been after that food for four days now.  By the time I caught her she was sitting upright with a fist full of cat food ready to chow down.  

"GEORGIA, NO!" I yelled.  

I startled her and she immediately dropped the food on the floor.  She looked like she might cry, but instead went for a piece of dropped food.  I told her no again while leaving the bathroom and ran to  get rid of the cat food in her hand.  She wasn't happy about me taking away her treat.  I washed her hands and gave her a graham cracker instead. 
"This will taste better, " I said handing it to her.  I sat her back on the ground and she happily munched on the cracker.  I turned to go to the kitchen and when I looked back to check on her, there she was doing the Tawny Kitaen to the floor and making her way back to the food.  I finally put the food up on the counter, which the cat is never happy about.

The worst part about all of this?  For the past two weeks I haven't gotten that damn Whitesnake song out of my head.  


Anonymous said...

Oh great. Now its my head too.
Oh wait. I like that song, nevermind.

Tim said...

How do you know it doesn't taste better, Hmmm? I say let the kid try it and decide! After all, cat food is food not poison (the cat hasn't died from eating has she?), so what could it hurt other than to gross you out? If she tries it and doesn't like it (and she probably won't - it's pretty fishy) she won't go after it again. Problem solved!

Megan said...

how do you know it's fishy?? wait, dont answer that, i don't want to know....

Allison said...

Nate is all about Bode's (he's our dog) water dish. He loves to splash in the water. Once he had a piece of the food in his mouth and I had to fish it out! Silly babies!