Sunday, June 7, 2009

Potty Training

I've mentioned before, we are somewhat starting to potty train Lana. I've learned after going through it would Sonya, that it's actually quite a long process.  It took about a year from getting the potty seat to being fully trained for Sonya.   We got the potty seat out around 18 months and let her get used to it being around.  She would use it when she felt like it and get a jellybean when she peed in there.  Sometimes  we would make suggestions when to use it, like before bathtime.  About 2 months before her 3rd birthday, Sonya was wearing "big girl" underwear. She did still have accidents from time to time, but the diapers were over.  

With Lana we've been doing something similar, but the fact that her sister uses the potty makes her want to use it more and it's been a bit easier.  Sometimes, out of nowhere she'll yell "I have to pee-pee!!!" with as much urgency as someone would yell, "FIRE!" She takes off her pants, rips off her diaper and runs to her potty stool.  There are times she does pee and I find her diaper on the floor completely dry, but sometimes she has already peed in the diaper and misses her opportunity.  Still, she seems to be getting an idea of it, so that's good.  However, she will NOT poop in the potty.  We know when she's about to go, because she'll usually go to her room and close the door.  When I try to talk to her she yells at me to get out and leave her alone. I've tried to suggest to her, as she heads to her room with the newspaper tucked under her arm, to go in the potty.  I've even offered her a cookie at 9am if she would poop in the potty.  But alas, she refuses.  Sonya was the same way.  Pee - no problem, but please don't make her poop in that terrible potty!  Oh the horror!  

Yesterday morning I was having my own private potty time.  Andy was home, so I figured I'd get some peace, but no go.  Lana comes back looking for me.

"Mama?  Whair aw you?"  She asks.

"I'm in here," I reply.

"Le me in," She says. 

"Who is it?" I ask, knowing full well, but wanting to hear her say her name.

"It LALA!" She says.  I love that she calls herself that, it's so damn cute!  So I open the door and let her come in. 

"Whacha  donin?" She asks.

"What does it look like I'm doing," I ask her.

"Going pee-pee," she says.

I tell her she's right and she decides to hang out in there with me for the duration.  I manage to ignore her for the most part and continue my article in "People", on Jon and Kate. Yes again! (Let me save you the time and money, it tells you NOTHING so don't bother.  Why do I keep wanting to buy those stupid magazines??)  Now for those of you out there without kids, I know you're wondering why I let her stay.  Trust me, it's not worth the fight, first of all and second of all when you are trying to potty train it's good to have them see you going on a potty yourself.  So she hung out in there with her blankie and purses. Once I was done she of course wanted to flush the toilet.  She looked in the potty before flushing.

"Mommy pee-pee and poop,"she said to me.  

"Yes and where does mommy put her poop?" I ask her trying to make the point that we don't all go in our pants.

"In the potty," she replied.

"That's right!  Lana puts her poop in her diaper, but where should Lana put her poop?"  I asked expecting to get the same answer.  Without even missing a beat she yelled out,
"In the bathtub!"

Like I said before, that one should be potty trained aaany day now.


melpep said...

The bathtub! hahaha She is the greatest!

Can I borrow that People? I was in the grocery store and there were three different rags with Jon and Kate covers!!

Kristi said...

Sure I still have it, but I'm telling you he says NOTHING. Stupid People.

Beth said...

1 year...long process? That's short. Zach will be 4 in 4 short months, and still not done with this lovely time we call potty training. I know people keep saying he will not go to college pooping in his pants, but I think he may just be the first kid to pack his pull ups next to his lava lamp. His cousin may very well beat him at potty training. Go Lala!