Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Girl

This past weekend was Georgia's birthday party.  Although her birthday isn't until next weekend we had to do it this Saturday in order for my in-laws to be able to attend.  My parents were here as well.  My father, unfortunately, had to leave early on Father's Day Sunday to be back at work for Monday.  

My Dad-the guy who flies 6 hours across the country to spend only 2 full days with his daughter and her family.  My Dad has always been a great father and some of who I am today came from him.  Physically, I have my Dad's dimples.  My love for all things science fiction, especially Star Trek movies, are all Dad.  I remember when I was about 5 or 6 years old and the first Start Trek movie came out. Beth was about 3 at the time, so Dad was taking JUST ME to the movie.  I remember taunting my sister about that, but she could have cared less at that age.  He took  me, because my mother will only willingly go see predictable romantic comedies.  Yes, The Proposal is so on her summer movie list.  I don't know if she's even seen any of the Star Wars films.  The horror!  I believe my Dad is also the reason I picked a guy who is also a fantastic father to my three girls.

Dad has always been supportive of everything I've wanted to do in my life.  He's always pushed me to do my best and if my mom isn't crazy about something I wanted to do, he was there to help smooth the transition for both of us.  He's always been proud of me no matter what.  Even though we don't agree on the same politics anymore, I know he's happy that at least I vote.  When I started doing this blog a few weeks ago, he was one of the first to read it and the first to become a "follower".  He's even brought things up that I've written about so I know he reads it all the time.  Over the weekend we were getting ready for the party and I finally decided it was time for me to stop getting the house ready and get myself showered and dressed.  I was in the bathroom, actually having some peace for once.  I figured with 5 other adults in the house I had to be able to get some private time in.   I heard my Dad walk into my room.  I think he was putting something back there, because my room becomes the dumping ground for things we don't have space for (or don't want destroyed), when we have a bunch of people in the house.  Through the closed bathroom door I heard him say, 

"You back here pooping in peace, Kris?"

"I was until you came back," I called out.  Then he laughed that familiar laugh I've known my whole life and walked out of the room.  

Thanks for always supporting me Dad.  Thanks for always helping me and thanks for being the best Daddy a girl could ask for.  Happy (belated) Father's day.  


Megan said...

thanks for making me cry this morning - great story :)

BethAnnKoehn said...

Man...that made me cry