Friday, June 5, 2009

Shower Sharing

I'm so sorry to disappoint some of you yesterday and not post.  Thanks for always checking!  It's been a crazy couple days, but I'll start with a story from yesterday first.  

I was a bit busy yesterday, because I was preparing for a night out.  With adults.  And adult conversation.  Talking about adult things. And drinking adult drinks, which, let's be honest, is my favorite part.  I could hardly contain my excitement!  For those of you who don't know, my husband works at a movie advertising company.  He is a sound editor.   That basically means he creates sounds effects for the trailers you see at the theater and commercials for the movies you see on TV.  He also puts together commercials that will air on the radio.  He does a damn good job and if you see the GI Joe trailer, all those sound effects in there, that's my guy!  Anyway-the movie advertising business has a couple award ceremonies every year, believe or not.  Last night was the Golden Trailer Awards.  The place he works for had an extra ticket and he snagged it for me, because he knows I desperately need the adult conversation.  I too used to work in the movie advertising business in another life,  meaning before Sonya was born.  I was sure there would be people there I knew and I was looking forward to socializing even though the award part would be a tad on the boring side.  I mean this ain't no Oscars.  Still, free food and drinks so I wasn't complaining? 

 I don't go out very often and rarely during the week, but when I do, it's sometimes more of a pain to get everything ready.  It also means I have to put off my shower until the end of the day. This means I will for sure be interrupted since there are no more naps to be had.  I decided to shower around 4pm so I would have enough time to do my hair, makeup, get the kids fed, bathed etc.  I like them to be as "bed ready" as possible for Melinda.  (I should mention Melinda here, because without her I would NEVER have adult time out.  I'm so serious about that.  She is the best, and because she's a good friend she works for food.  Literally.  So I have to say a big huge THANK YOU for being such a great friend and babysitter Miss Melinda. And now, back to the story...)   Usually when I shower with the girls around, I put Curious George on in my bedroom. This way, they hang out in there and I can keep an eye on them when I'm showering.  We have a big open shower, with just a wall, no door, so I can see in to the bedroom from the shower.  It's a walk in type of shower (since it has no door), which makes it easy for the kids to well, walk into.  I get in the shower while Sonya and Lana are taken over by George.  Georgia on the other hand is just hanging out on the floor playing with her toys and sees me in the shower.  She decides to drag her little body into the bathroom because apparently she has a few things to say.  She sits there for a while "talking", which consists of "blablamamadadaGA!"  and points around.  Then she sees the bubbles that are being made in the floor of the shower from the soap, and I mean, come on-how FUN are bubbles!  So she drags herself closer and starts to try to climb IN the shower.  

"Noooo, Georgia" I tell her gently.  Lana, upon hearing this, walks in and says, "What GG do Mommy?"  

"She's trying to get in the shower," I tell her.  At this point Lana takes it upon herself to scold Georgia, "NO GG! NO!  That na nice!!" Georgia looks at her with a, "yeah whatever", look.  I tell Lana it's no big deal and not to worry about it and  she leaves.   A couple minutes later Georgia is trying to get in again and again I tell her no.  Lana comes back, asks me the same question and gives Georgia the same reprimand.  This went on for the rest of my shower.  I think Lana may have told Georgia "no" about four or five times, but Georgia managed to stay out of the shower and stay dry, which meant less work for me.  Thanks Lana!  I did get myself and the kids ready and left close enough to "on time".  And yes, yes I did have a great time talking with adult friends and having adult conversations-oh and let's not forget about all the free adult drinks.  


Allison said...

I'm awful jealous that you get Melinda as a babysitter. I'm sure she's the bestest babysitter ever.

Kristi said...

She really is. I was thinking about you when I wrote it too. It sucks that she doesn't live closer to help you out. In the same respect my sisters and I are always saying how much it sucks that we don't live closer to help each other out. If we could only live in a science fiction movie, then we would be able to go where ever we wanted when ever we wanted.

melpep said...

I feel like I should be on the off-ramp of the 5 holding a sign that says "Will babysit for food". :)
Thanks for the compliment and praise Kristi. Its what friends do, don't ya know!
Hi Sis ::waves::