Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nap Negotiations

This week has been a pretty peaceful so far for some strange reason.  I know, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, which I'm sure it will, but for now I'll talk about last week.  

I was working out one day last week in my bedroom with my step.  I have a couple DVDs that use the step and when the girls, particularly Lana, see that I'm using it, they decide to make use of it too.  This makes it difficult to do a workout, specifically using the step, when someone else is walking or laying on it.  The Denise Austin DVD I was following doesn't use the step the entire time, so when Lana came back and started playing on it I let her go.  

It was getting close to her nap time so I told her,  "Five more minutes until nap, Lana."

"K," she said.

She started to walk back and forth on the step yelling, "Wash me Mommy!  Wash me!"

"I see you Lana," I told her.  Then she proceeded to count to three and half jump half step off the end of the step.  She got up and started walking on it again, yelled for me to watch her again only this time she said, "One mo time, den nap!"

"Okay!" I said.  She wasn't going to get an argument from me.  She "jumped" off the side again and I said,  "Okay, time for nap."  

At this point the reality of what she promised me sunk in, and she ran from my room screaming, "NOOOOOOO!  NO NAP!!"

Wait a minute-isn't this what we JUST negotiated?  Apparently, she didn't want to hold up her end of the bargain.  The mommy mafia had to come out and enforce the deal.  I paused my workout DVD and chased her down the hall.  I scooped her up and she proceeded to kick and scream, which I prayed wouldn't wake Georgia, who was in her room sleeping 20 feet away.  I dumped her in her crib and she cried and whined about not wanting to nap, even though she had agreed to take one not 5 minutes before.  I do not understand why there is no reasoning with a two year old.

She eventually calmed down and layed  down to sleep.  I left and went back to finish my workout with the annoyingly perky Denise, who was just informing me it was time to use my step again.  I got it back to myself just in time.

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