Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Morning in the Life

This morning was one of those mornings were I did nothing in peace.  Most days, at least one of my activities is done without the interruption of a child running around wanting something, but today was not most days.  No, today, potty time, working out and showering were all shared.   

When I went to the bathroom this morning, Sonya was having her own potty time, but not in peace because Lana was with her.  Georgia was napping.  I took a chance and hoped for the best, but I wasn't in there one minute when Lana wondered in. She tried to flip through the book that was currently in my hands.  When I told her to stop it she went for the "People" magazine on the floor and pointed out Kate in a bikini (of Jon and Kate).  

"Is Mommy," she said.  

"Nope, not mommy," I told her.  Mommy doesn't have money to get her body back in a bikini  like Kate does.  There's also the fact that I wouldn't be crazy enough to have THAT many kids.  Then from the other bathroom I hear Sonya yelling that she's done.  This means that I need to come in and check to make sure she wiped thoroughly.  Trust me when I say this is a necessary job.  I told her to come to me instead and she did.  Now, I had two of them with me and I decided I needed to be done.  I shooed them out, but Lana of course wanted to "fush" first so I let her.  On to working out!  This should go more smoothly.  

Lana went down for a nap, Sonya wanted to play computer games and so far no word from Georgia.  The problem is I never know how long she'll nap.  Sometimes she takes a good nap in the mornings and sometimes not.  It depends on how loud it is in the house.  She did well this morning, but eventually she had to get up. Luckily, I was through a good portion of my workout.  I paused my DVD and got her out of her crib. I put her on the floor of my room with some toys and continued my workout.  I got to the sit-up portion and Georgia thought this meant I was there on the ground to play with her.  Soon she was trying to crawl on me and laying her head on me, which really is too cute for words, but not so conducive to doing sit ups.  I decided to end the work out there-who needs sit ups and stretching anyway?

 I had to shower before I took Sonya to gymnastics.  I didn't want to smell of sweat around the other moms.  This meant G would be following me to the bathroom.  I mean it was only fair since she missed out on the fun with her sisters earlier in there.  I started to shower and she hung out at the entrance of the shower.  Soon she was reaching in trying to grab at the bubbles I was making with my soap.  She was babbling away and giggling.  At one point she almost fell completely in, but I managed to move her back.  I was repeating the word "bubble" to her as she tried to grab them.  Then she looked up at me with her one tooth grin and said, 


In that moment I melted.  In that moment I remembered why I wanted to be a mom.  Maybe it's because she's my last one and she's about to turn one at the end of this month.  Maybe it's because I know this will be the last time I can teach my baby a word and have her repeat it back so cute I want to cry. Perhaps it's because I just get sentimental about these things, but in that moment I decided I loved being a mom today.  I loved that I was interrupted when I was trying to go to the bathroom and that I couldn't finish my sit ups.  I loved it, because even if there are days I want to tear my hair out, and days I call my sister, Beth, to ask her when we're buying that one way ticket to Hawaii,  I do realize they're only going to be this little once. I know in a flash it'll be over.  In a flash they'll be on their way to careers, marriage and maybe kids of their own.  I'm sure I'll be harassing them to give me grand kids, just like my mom did, if only to have a small piece of this time again.  A time where some days I'm actually happy to not poop in peace.  


Megan said...

can i get one of those tickets to Hawaii too?

Kristi said...

oh for sure. We'll have a Taylor sister getaway. Maybe we'll come back maybe we won't.:)