Monday, July 9, 2012

She's A Heartbreaker

So as I mentioned on 4th of July we went to our friends Stacy and Rob's house to go swimming and BBQ.  They are Carter's parents who've I've mentioned a few times before.  Sonya and Carter have been friends since they were babies at Gymboree.  Despite being opposite sexes, they play really well together.  As far as we've always known, they only see each other as friends, almost siblings.  As it turns out Carter was thinking it might be more.  

We were all enjoying our lunch on Independence day, hanging outside by their pool, when I caught this conversation between Sonya and Carter.  

Carter-to Sonya, "You know, I'm old enough to have a girlfriend now."

Sonya- "Oh I'm old enough too, I have a boyfriend."

Carter-"Who? Me? Because you're my girlfriend."

Sonya-looking at him quizzically, "No!  Jordan."

Carter-"Who's Jordan?"

Sonya-"From baseball, remember?"

Upon hearing this I interjected. "Well, I don't think he's really your boyfriend, Sonya, you just like him."

Sonya-"Yeah, but I think he likes me too."

Carter-"But I thought I was your boyfriend?  I kinda thought we would get married."

Sonya-"WHAT?! NO!  You're my FRIEND, Carter!  I can't marry you!"

Carter, looking a bit crestfallen, said, "Oh, I just thought it made sense for us to get married someday."

Me-feeling bad that my daughter has just put Carter in the "friend zone" for life said, "Well, you never know what can happen Sonya.  Maybe you guys will get married one day.  Or you can have a deal where if you're not married by say, 35 you marry each other."

This suggestion was met by both of them giving me a "what are you talking about?" look.  

"Well, let's not worry about who is marrying who and when right now.  You are to young to think about it anyway.  Go swim!"  I told them both.  

There's nothing like witnessing the first time your daughter breaks a boys heart.  Sorry, Carter.  I have a feeling she will come around someday and you might break her heart, so you get a freebie.  Just this once.  

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