Monday, July 2, 2012

Pregnant Free For Four Years

Last Thursday was Georgia's fourth birthday.  I know, I know I'm behind.  I'm behind on all the holidays and birthdays lately.  Some days I feel like I'm barely keeping my face above water, but here I am still writing twice a week.  Better late than never, or better late than pregnant in my case.  I guess I shouldn't say that.  It's no secret and well documented on here that Georgia was a surprise baby.  A good surprise, after I got over the initial shock of being pregnant, despite the fact that I was taking care of an eight month old.   However, without Georgia our family would never have been complete.  Some higher power knew that.  

Georgia has always been easier than the other two, from the day she was born.  She wasn't a screamy baby like Sonya, and she wasn't stubborn like Lana.  She was, and still is, almost always happy.  She is the comic relief in our family, definitely her father's daughter.  A couple weeks before we left for Florida I was reminded of this.

Georgia does not like to be in situations that feel tense or heated, especially when it's her getting in trouble. She will do what she can to try to lighten the mood.  Much like her father.  We were having dinner one night, and the girls were talking about pigs and oinking, just being silly.  Then GG did something she wasn't supposed to.  Who knows what it was-not sitting in her seat properly, not eating over the plate, spilling her drink, playing with food.  These are just a few things that we encounter with all of them at mealtimes on a daily basis.  My favorite is Sonya sitting half on and half off her chair, like she has to be ready to run out of the kitchen at any moment.  What is THAT about?  Anyway-Andy was lecturing Georgia about something.  She was half listening, but he was pretty upset at the time, so she was trying to smile and make light of what was going on.  She dislikes having anyone made at her.  He realized she was only half paying attention and he stopped his lecture and said to her, 

"Do you understand what I'm telling you, Georgia?  Do you hear me?"

She looked at him, smiled a bit and said, "OINK!"

I had to get up and leave the room.  There was no way I wasn't going to laugh at that, which I knew would only make Andy more upset and fuel Georgia's comedy.    How could I NOT laugh at that?  

Always making funny faces for the camera.
I love how adventurous she is too.  She is always willing to try something knew and is hardly ever afraid.  This is completely opposite of Lana who is always apprehensive about new things and rarely changes her mind to try it.  Sonya is usually apprehensive at first too, but more ready to let down her guard.  When we were in Florida we visited a place called The Jungle Gardens.  They had an area filled with all kinds of Parrots, parakeets, cockatoos, and any other type bird you could have hang out on your shoulder or arm.  You got to pick which bird you wanted and the wrangler would place it on your outstretched arm, then you could pose for a picture.  As soon as Georgia heard about what she could do she ran over and picked out one of the biggest birds.  

"I want to do it!!  I want dat one mommy!" She said pointing to a bit white cockatoo.  

"Maybe you should pick a smaller one," I said.

"Noooo!!!  DAT ONE!!" She insisted, her arm already outstretched waiting.    

Luckily the bird wrangler talked her out of it, knowing the bird was probably about half her weight and she'd never be able to hold it.  She was the first of all the girls, including her cousins, to hold a bird and was ready to do it again  seconds after they took it away.  Sonya gave it a go, after seeing Georgia do it.  Lana stood her stubborn ground for a while, but relented when she realized that the small parakeet her sisters had been holding hadn't pecked their eyes out, so she was probably safe. However, she insisted on having the exact same one they had held.  No big bird for her.  Had it not been for Georgia, though, I doubt any of them would have held one.  Her throw caution to the wind attitude helps to free her sisters at times. I think it might help that she's the youngest.  I mean because if you're little sister is doing it, there is no reason you shouldn't be.   Although this doesn't always work.  Especially with Lana.  Especially with food.  Georgia will take a bite of anything I put in front of her, including sushi.  Not many four year olds are up for that. 

As she's grown in this past year, I've seen these two sides of her personality really develop.  They were always underlying in her before, but it's only been in the past  year that she will try to do whatever she can to make someone laugh.  It's only been in the past couple months that I've realized how brave and adventurous she is. Before I thought that was a trait she had because she was young, but the other two were not like that at her age.  They've always been more suspicious.  Sometimes that is better, but that is why they have each other.  Sonya and Lana will keep Georgia from jumping off the bridge, but Georgia will show them that with a bungee cord, it could be fun.  Hmmm...maybe I need to rethink this part of her personality as being a good thing.  

She loves playing in the waves.

She was the first one to feed the Giraffes at Lion Country.  

In Sonya and Lana's recent birthday posts I did throwback stories from the time they were babies.  I didn't do that this time, because I started this blog when Georgia was eleven months old and truth be told, I can't remember much in the ten months before that.  The first year of her life is somewhat of a blur to me.  It was probably one of the most difficult times I've ever been through, dealing with the three of them all so young and two so close together.  There wasn't much sleep back then.  Now that I'm on this side of things, the side where it's a bit easier-no diapers, no breastfeeding, they can entertain themselves-I can say how incredibly lucky I am to have had a surprise baby.  I honestly could not imagine a world without her in it.  She is a super sweet, sympathetic,  funny, fun loving, try anything, silly, sunshiny little girl.  As my friend Melissa put it yesterday, "she's a good egg". Yes, she is.   Best. Surprise. Ever.  I love you, baby girl.  Happy fourth birthday!


Robyn in VA said...

aww Kristi! love your blog and watching your girls grow up! they are adorable... happy birthday to your lil surprise bungee jumper! :)

Anonymous said... that little G Money. Sad we missed her shin-dig this year. :(