Monday, July 16, 2012

Here They Come, Walking Down the Street....

Well, the girls have a new obsession, thanks once again, to their father.  We've moved on from Queen.  If we had adopted Mercury a month later he might have been named Monkee.  Not the kind that swings from the trees, but "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees!" kind of Monkee.  Yes, Andy has gotten them into, not only the music, but the show.  

Okay, it might sound like I'm complaining, but I promise I'm not mad about it.  In fact it's a much better show for them to be obsessed with than Hannah Montana, in my opinion.  It was the family programming of it's day.  Something we don't really have anymore.  Now it's either iCarly for the kids, or 30 Rock for us.  When I was a kid we were able to watch shows like Growing Pains or The Cosby Show that entertained both parents and kids. There isn't anything like that anymore and it's kind of sad.  That is why Andy decided to order the first season of The Monkees on DVD.  The girls already knew most of the music, because both Andy and I play it on our iPods.  However, there really is only so many times one can listen to Autie Grizelda, before you want to punch the old lady yourself.  That's the thing about kids, you can get them to listen to your music, but once they find a song they like they want you to play it over and over again until you hate it yourself.  Still, I'd rather listen to Daydream Believer 50 times than Wheels on the Bus any day.  

Since summer is here, the girls have been watching a bit more TV than usual, and they have already watched the entire first season of The Monkees.  Now they're watching them over again.  They all have a favorite Monkee.  The unfortunate part of them watching a show that was made over forty years ago, is that they don't understand that all The Monkees have aged and in Davey Jones case, passed away.  May he rest in peace.  I had to explain this to Sonya when she told me red faced and shy one day that REALLY LIKED Davey Jones.  Maybe even more than Jordan-her 2nd grade crush.  Once I explained that the show was made a long time ago and they are all older (or dead) she got it.  Lana, however...not so much.

On Friday, they took their obsession to a new level.  We were taking a shower when Sonya started saying that Lana was going to ask for The Monkees to come visit us for her Christmas present this year.  Santa can do that right?  He can get The Monkees!

Ummmmm....Okay let's set aside the fact that my kids are talking about what they want for Christmas in JULY!  Seriously girls?  You're as bad as Toys R Us putting out the back to school stuff in the middle of June.  And no, Santa can NOT get you The Monkees.

"How 'bout Micky!  Can Micky come see us?" Lana demanded to know.  

"I don't think so, Lana," I said.

"But WHY!?  Just get his number!"  She insisted.

Yeah, okay.  Then I'll get Colin Ferrel's number and let him know he's on my "list of 5" and would he like to come over so I can cross him off, please?  Andy won't mind.  He's on my 5!  

"Lana, I can't get his number," I tired again.

"WHY!?  Yes you can!  You can get it!"

"No, I can't.  And besides, you know he's not young like he was in The Monkees right?  He's older like Nona and Grampy or Medz Mama and Medz Papa."

She completely ignored this and kept begging for me to get Micky to come over.  Finally, I just said,

"Okay Lana, we'll see what happens at Christmas."  I had hoped this would keep her quiet.  No such luck.  

"Yay!! When Mickey comes over, can he read us stories??  Or if we take a bath can he wash us up in the bath?!" She asked me.  

"Ooookkkaaayy Lana.  We'll just see about all of that." 

Oh, boy.  

So for the rest of the shower and getting ready for bed, Lana talked about Micky coming to visit.  How the hell was I going to get out of this one?  I will say when that kid gets her mind set on something she is determined to get it.  She made me believe for a while I COULD get Micky to come visit us.  Perhaps I could put a You Tube video of the girls pleading their case?  Yeah, she got me thinking.  That girls is going to get what she wants out of life.    

Anyway, after they were all dressed and ready for bed, I got on the computer and Googled Mickey Dolenz.  Up came a home page with three pictures of him.  The first one was of him now, which I have to say the guy has aged extremely well and looks good, but he is 40 years older.  There was also a picture of him from the show.  I called Lana to the computer and said,

"See, Lana.  Here's Micky," and I pointed to the old Monkees picture.

"Miiiicckkkyyyy!" She squealed.

"And here is Mickey now," I said pointing to the more recent picture of him.  

She sat there for a minute blinking at the screen and then said, "Oh."

"See, I told you, he's older now.  That show was made a long time ago.  Do you STILL want me to see if Micky can come visit?" I asked.

She thought for a minute, then looked at me and said, "How 'bout Mike!?"


If I have any Internet friends out there with Monkee connections, could you please let them know my girls would like them for Christmas.  Thanks so much!

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Robyn in VA said...

...and young Eddie VanHalen please! ..not the current one (he's old!) but the young one! i'll be over on christmas eve to pick him up! thannnks! toooooo funny! god bless those girlies of yours!