Monday, July 23, 2012

Figuring It Out Already

As I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes on Saturday morning, Lana was playing and laughing at Mercury.  Being a kitten, he's always doing something that isn't the smartest, which leads him to do things like fall off chairs, fall off the bench seat, run into a wall....  Don't worry, he doesn't get hurt and it's always funny to watch.  

I think that morning he was between chasing a fly, and jumping on the table which led me to squirt him with the water bottle.   I love this cat, because he is so loving and more dog like than any cat I've met.      Andy even pointed out that he wags his tail more like a dog than a cat.  Jazz was all cat.  She would decide when you could pet her and when she was done she was done, and you sure as hell better walk away if you valued keeping your skin unscratched.  Mercury, on the other hand, is always up for some attention.  Sometimes to the point of being annoying like some dogs can be.   However, Jazz was very smart.  Andy even taught her a couple of tricks like how to meow back whenever he said "hi" to her.  She knew not to jump on the tables or it meant getting squirted.  I've all but soaked Mercury with the water bottle and ten seconds later he's right back up there daring me to pull the trigger.  Now, perhaps some of this is because he is still just a baby.  Or maybe it's because he is a little more dog like and they can be slow to learn too.  But I think it may just be what Lana said to me on Saturday morning.  

"Mommy, why does Mercury do that?  Did Jazz do that?"  She was referring to his constant jumping on the table and getting sprayed.  

"No, Mercury is a little dopey right now about things like that, probably because he's a kitten."  I told her.  

She replied back, "Yeah, and also because boys are more dopey than girls."

That's right Lana, and don't you forget it!

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