Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Puppy Love

A couple days ago the girls and I got in the car to go somewhere. Who knows where, grocery store or Target most likely. Anyway-not really the point of this story. When we got in the car the mix CD Andy had made for Sonya a couple years back was on, and "I Think We're Alone Now", sung by Tiffany, was playing. We got about 30 seconds down the road when Sonya said kind of dreamily,

"This song makes me think of being alone with Carter."

Wait. What now? I mean I know the song talks about being alone with someone, but how does a 5 year old relate that to being with a member of the OPPOSITE SEX?? Carter is a friend of hers, who she's known since she was ten months old. We used to see him a few times a week, until he moved an hour and a half away, back in August. She does talk from time to time about missing him, but nothing ever like this. I asked her again what she said and she repeated it. Then I asked why.

"It just does," she said in a somewhat demure tone.

"So this song makes you think about wanting to be alone with Carter?"

"Yeeeahhhh," she said, coyly again. I'm NOT kidding. She was totally being coy about this. How does this happen at FIVE? I just didn't know what to say or do at that point, so I just said,

"Okay," and let it go. Then I spent the next hour wondering if ten was too young to put her on birth control.

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