Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Sister or Second Mom

Sonya has always taken her big sister role seriously.  She likes to boss around her sisters which, I have to admit, is sometimes a huge help to me.  Since she's been home more during the summer, she has stepped it up a notch.  There are times, however, when I have to tell her to step off.  This is MY job, dammit!  I will be the one to tell Lana to not  pick her nose and wipe it on the wall in the Macy's dressing room!  But thanks for the heads up.  Most of the time I really don't mind her doing it, but when she gets a bit to bossy, I worry that the other two are going to get annoyed with her and start revolting like they do to me.  They need to be sisters and friends.  I need to be the common enemy.  So she tries to reign in it when I tell her to, but sometimes she just can't help herself. 

A couple weeks ago, after we got back from Florida, I had to take Lana to the school for her Kindergarten assessment.  This is so they can see what she knows and which class they will place her in this fall.(Or I should say summer, since they go back to school AUGUST 13th!  Don't get me started.) I had to take all three of them with me because where else where they going to go?  Apparently, the state of California frown on leaving a seven year old in charge of a four year old.  Whatever California!  You obviously haven't seen Sonya take over.  At least the assessment wouldn't take to long though.  

As we were sitting in the hallway waiting for Lana's turn, the teacher who would assess Lana came out to talk to the parent of the little boy she had just been testing.  We were sitting right there, so there was no way to not hear her tell the parent that he did okay, but needed some work on recognizing his letters and writing his name.  Immediately, I saw Sonya call Lana over to where she was sitting.  Sonya knows that Lana already recognizes and give you sounds to all the letters.  She has even started to read.  She also knows that Lana can write her name, but for some reason has been writing it in all capitol letters lately.  The teachers prefer they know how to write their name the proper way.  So Sonya, wanting Lana to do the best that she can just like a good little mother, says to her,

"Lana, when you go in there and they tell you to write your name, you have to write CAPITOL L, then LOWERCASE a-n-a.  Okay?  Remember that!"

Lana looked at her and nodded her head in agreement.  Then, just like a typical kid, Lana ignored her completely. The only thing the teacher said she needed to work on was writing her name with lowercase letters.  

See, Sonya?  This gig's not so easy after all!

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