Friday, August 13, 2010

Sonya and Carter Sitting In a Tree...

This past Monday afternoon, my friend Stacy, her husband and son Carter were here for the afternoon. I've mentioned Carter before. He and Sonya have known each other since they were babies, but last year they moved an hour and a half away from us. Sonya was heartbroken, but we still see them sometimes. Stacy's husband's family still lives here in Burbank, so they come up every now and then. We have also been down to visit them. Since they were going to be here on Monday, we made plans to meet up so the kids could play, and Stacy and I could catch up. I really haven't found another good mom friend since she left. Kinda sucks. Anyway we decided to meet at Menchies, because what's better than seeing old friends while eating frozen yogurt in August? On our drive to see them Sonya told me,

"I'm not going to get crazy with Carter today."

Huh? She explained herself further,

"I mean, he doesn't like it when I kiss and hug him, so I'm not going to do that to him today."

"Okay, well that's a good idea," I told her. "Most little boys don't like to kiss girls."

"Why not?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," I told her. "They just don't, but when he gets older he will."

Ooops. Too much information. I forgot who I was talking to.

She proceeded to question me about if her father was like this. Did he not like to kiss girls when he was little and he does now? Yes, Sonya. How about Uncle David and Uncle Matt, were they like that too and now they liked kissing girls?


We get to Menchies, she gets out of the car, walks over to Carter and very calmly says hello to him. They give each other a little hug, but that was it. We had our yogurt and then decided to take the kids to a nearby park to burn off their treat.

Sonya and Carter were having a great time playing together. They were in their own little world playing hide and seek, and climbing on the equipment. Stacy and I chatted while we pushed my little girls in the swings. We had been there for a while, the kids playing the whole time. Then during one of their hide and seek games, I watched as Carter walked up to Sonya, wrapped his arms around her, and planted a kiss on her left cheek.

"Uh-Oh," I said to Stacy, "Carter's done it now."

Sonya let out a squeal and yelled,

"CARTER! You DO like kisses!"

Then... he ran. Unfortunately for him it was too late, he had given her the opening. She ran after him trying to catch him to kiss him back. He eventually lost the race and she caught up to him. She played it cool though and only kissed him back once. They forgot about it after that and continued to play together until we decided to leave about twenty minutes later.

Great. So, it looks like Sonya is learning her boy lessons early. The more you try to leave them alone and just be friends, the more they want to kiss you. That's something that took me 23 years to figure out and my daughter mastered it by 5. Damn kids grow up fast these days!

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