Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Then There Were None

Well, I figured out when the longing for another baby starts again.  It's when your youngest baby starts pre-school.  Yup, Georgia started school yesterday and she could have cared less that we were leaving her there by herself for three hours.  I guess there is no reason she shouldn't be comfortable there.  She's been seeing her sisters go since she was an infant.  She was nothing but excited to go and had a great day.  The first thing she said when I picked her up was, 

"I didn't cwy or whine and I didn't pee-pee in my unders!"

I suppose that is all good.  I guess I should be happy she wasn't upset at all.  It is better than dealing with a crying child for TWO MONTHS, every time you drop them off (I'm talking about you, Sonya).  Still a little tear to let me know she would miss me wouldn't have hurt.  

Then Lana went today and this is her second year, so she's an old pro.  She walked right in, found her name, sat down and started to color.  There was a little boy sitting next to her who took a page from Sonya's book and had a complete meltdown.  I tried to encourage Lana to talk to him and let him know that school was fun and he would be fine.  She just shook her head no and went back to coloring.  I got the feeling his crying might set her off.  But she was fine and had a great time as well.  Plus she is in class with Angelina again, so all was right with the world.  

Now that I have all of them in school, it does make me wistful and sad for those baby days.  I guess up until now I've just had babies, so it's hard to feel like that when you're still taking care of them.  Especially when you have them back to back like I did.  It makes you not want to ever look at a baby again for a while.  I honestly thought I'd never feel this way but I do.  Don't worry though, we have NO plans for a fourth.  Even though the idea of having another baby is sometimes nice, I enjoy sleeping through the night now, and having my body to myself.  I am overwhelmed with three most of the time, so four would probably have me buying the next plane ticket to Hawaii.  I just think I will always miss having a baby.  I don't think that will ever go away.  I know it never really did for my mom either.   So I will just hang around the babies of my friends and get my fill that way.  The truth is it's really nice to hold them and play with them, but then give them back.  And I'm really enjoying the stages my girls are at now.  I just wish it would slow down a little.

 I think we have had this discussion before, Time.  I'm not asking you to stop completely, just slow to a crawl for a little while please.  I want to absorb as much of this cuteness for as long as I can.

Georgia-first day of preschool
Lana-first day of second year of preschool

*All of the girls first day of school dresses are Hartstrings and were provided by Nona.  Thanks Nona!

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Moomser said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. My first started preschool yesterday, and it made me really sad. And broody. My youngest isn't even two yet, but still, I kind of want a baby again. Except first, I'd like to sleep eight consecutive hours a night for like six months!