Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sounding It Out

Recently, Lana has been sounding out words.  She has even read the first two books in the series of BOB books.  If you don't know what these are and you have a child who is starting to read or will be soon, do yourself a favor and get some.  They are fantastic.  They are basically "Dick and Jane" for our kids generation. Anyway, she has been seeing words and trying to sound them out wherever we are.  Whenever I hear her doing it I try to help her out, because even though she gets all the right sounds of the letters, she still has a hard time putting those sounds together to make a word.

Yesterday was Lana and Mommy morning.  Sonya is in school all day, and Georgia now goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Some of my friends thought I was crazy to not put the girls in preschool together at the same time, but I planned it this way ON PURPOSE.  Yes, maybe I am crazy.  However, I did it because little miss Lana has never had any alone time with me like the other two have.  Unless you count from when she was 11-15 months.  I was pregnant with Georgia then and Sonya had started preschool, so we had some alone time then, but it just isn't the same thing.   Next year she will start kindergarten and my alone opportunity with her will be gone, so I decided to take it while I can this year.  It's not like we're going to Disneyland or anything, just running errands or maybe hanging out at home, but the point is, my attention can be solely given to her.  Lana is a kid that REALLY needs that sometimes. I've always said she would have been better off as an only child.   So yesterday, we went to Target.  She was excited about going, because I promised she could get a new lunchbox, which until last week she didn't want.   You may remember, I tried to get her one when I got her sisters' each one a month ago.  Well, after going to school last week for the first time and realizing she had the same old lunchbox, she decided she now needed a new one.  So I promised her a trip to Target to buy one on our first Mommy and Lana morning.

It was a fabulous trip to Target with only one kid in tow.  She did almost have a tantrum over toothbrushes while we were there, but I managed to talk her down.  Possibly because there wasn't anyone else to add their two cents.  (I'm looking at you Sonya.)  We were getting everything we needed and at one point she asked to walk instead of sit in the cart.  I allowed her to as long as she stayed next to the cart.  At one point I was preoccupied in an aisle looking for some sort of product and when I walked  back to Lana and the cart I found her trying to read the word on the side of the shopping cart.

"Teh...Aww...rrr...gga...eehh...teh," she sounded.  "Teehh...awww..rrr..gggaa..eeh...teh."

"Good job, Lana!" I encouraged.  "Now put it all together," I said, just waiting for her to sound it out enough and hear herself saying the word "Target".  Instead, she smiled pointed at the word and said,

"Shopping Cart!"

I guess we will go back to the BOB books.  

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Christy Marshall said...

my favorite part about this blog post was this part: (i'm looking at you sonya). cute post.