Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Georgia's Eating Adventures

I have three different kind of eaters with my three girls.  As I've well documented on this blog, Lana is my picky eater.  If it's not peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese, it takes much coaxing to get her to try it.  Sonya will try just about anything I ask her to, but won't necessarily like it.  She is willing to try though, which I love.  She will also eat whatever she has to in order to get to a treat.  Although, we don't always have a treat every night.  Georgia, while she's not fond of veggies, she will eat just about anything else.   I made beef stew a few weeks ago, the other 2 gagged down their three bites.  Little G had two bowl fulls.

 Last week I made Chili for Andy and I one night.  It's a very healthy and not very spicy chili recipe I got out of my Cooking Light magazine.  The next night I decided to give the girls the leftovers for their dinner.  I was sure they wouldn't like it, but I feel like you should expose your kids to as many foods as possible, whether they like them now or not.  If you don't, then all they will ever eat is PB&J and grilled cheese.  At least this way they try new things and start to get a taste for them, and maybe someday they will even like different foods.  At least this is the theory I'm working with.

So I gave then all a little bowl of chili, complete with some cheddar cheese and crackers.  Lana took one look at it and gave me her usual,

"YUK!  I don't want to eat THAT!"

Sonya tried it, and even though at first claimed she liked it, was done after about five bites.  Georgia ate her entire bowl and then proceeded to eat TWO more bowls of the chili.  Although, she was not so fond of the kidney beans and did pick most of those out.  I couldn't believe it.  She absolutely loved it.  Then on Sunday night we were having "clean out the fridge" night with leftovers.  I gave everyone the choices of what was to eat and given the options between lasagna, pasta, and chili, girlfriend chose the chili.  Well, actually this is what she chose,

"Georgia, what do you want for dinner tonight?" I asked her.  I had already given the options a few minutes before and had asked the others. Everyone else was opting for Lasagna or pasta.  Not G.  She looked up at me and said,


"What?" I asked, not really sure what she had said.

"Cold," she said again.

"You mean chili?" I asked.

"Yeah!" she said.

Not only will she eat just about anything, but she's funny too!   I think next week I will try liver and lima beans, although I'M not eating that one.  


Christy Marshall said...

i love your girls!! i'm starting to form a favorite but i'm going to keep it to myself. teehee!!

Rachel said...

I have a picky eater too - don't you love how they look at things and just "know" they won't like it?

What's even funnier is that my picky eater is such a husky boy, you'd never guess he hardly eats anything.