Friday, September 9, 2011

For The Love Of Treats

I think I mentioned that my in-laws were in town last week.  One of the places they like to take the kids when they're here is Menchie's.  The kids love it and if I'm being completely honest, my father-in-law would eat there every night if we let him.  He loves ice cream.  Well, this is frozen yogurt, but they have hot fudge and when you come right down to it, that is what he really wants the most is the hot fudge.  They had already taken the girls once on Friday afternoon, after playing at the park.  On Sunday we went to the beach and we had decided everyone would go again to Menchie's that evening.  We had a late lunch after the beach, so Menchie's was going to be dinner/dessert.  I was not going, however, because I had dinner plans with my girlfriends for Melissa's birthday.  

The girls had been acting unruly since we had gotten back from the beach, and we had to threaten to take away the trip for frozen yogurt if they didn't find some better behavior.  They calmed down and played outside for a while.  Before I went off to get ready for my night out, Sonya said to me,

"You're not going to Menchie's?"

Or at least that's what I thought she said.

"No, honey, I'm going out to dinner with the girls," I told her. 

Her eyes quickly filled with tears and she started to cry.

"Oh honey, don't cry!" I said. "I can't go tonight.  If you want to wait until tomorrow to go I can come with you."

"Nooooo!! I want to go tonight!!" She said, and started to cry harder.  

I was so touched.  She was upset I wasn't coming with them for their big treat.  How sweet of her.  Then Andy walked by me and said,

"No.  She thinks NOBODY is going to Menchie's."

What?  No, but she's all upset about me not....

"Sonya, just I'M not going to Menchie's.  You guys are all still going," I explained.

The crying immediately stopped.  "Oh. We are?"

"Yes, you are all going to Menchie's and I am going out with the girls," I told her.  

She wiped the last of what tears had fallen, "Oh, okay!" Then she ran off to play with her sisters.

So it appears that my child loves frozen yogurt more than she loves me.  Lovely.  

My mother in law even said, "Well THAT'S gotta make you feel real good."

BUT!  But-about ten minutes later I was in the kitchen and Sonya came inside and said  to me,

"Mommy, are you okay that we're going to Menchie's and you're not?"

"Well sweetie, seeing as how mommy is going to a fancy, yummy dinner, which means I don't have to cook, and I'm not driving there, so I can drink more than one glass of wine, and have uninterrupted adult conversation, while getting away from the craziness of the house-yeah I think I'll be fine."  That was only the answer in my head though.  The answer I gave her was,

"Well, I'm a little sad that I don't get to go with you all, but it's okay.  I will go next time.  You guys have fun, okay?"

"Okay!" She said and hugged me before going back outside to play.

Well, she might love the frozen yogurt, but I'm pretty sure she still loves me more.  I think.  Let's not ask her to make a choice.  


Moomser said...

I wouldn't ask too many questions, just remember you get to go out and drink and talk and not have to clean up after anyone!

Christy Marshall said...

i'm just in from a fancy dinner, and night out with my lady friends too. except no wine, we are trying to catch up to you and have a third little one. so, just in wine. i loved the little misunderstanding between you and your girl. ha-larious! i think you should ask her if she likes you more, or yogurt more...she'll choose you. i just know it!!