Thursday, February 10, 2011

The BIrds and the Bees Go For A Burger

Last week I took the girls to In-N-Out for dinner.  While we were there waiting for our food, I started to talk about Auntie Melissa's new baby and how much better she was doing.  Sonya was excited Kennedy was going home and asked when we could go visit her.  I told her maybe the next weekend.  Then she asked me this,

"Mom, how do babies get in the mommy's tummy?"


Then I remembered that Andy fielded a similar question from her about a year ago, so I started to  answer her in the way  I remembered he did.  

"Well, there is a seed that is planted in the mommy and..."

"No, no, I know that the baby is a seed that grows in the mommy's tummy, but how does the seed GET there?"


Well, I guess that the answer daddy provided last year isn't enough for her anymore.  She has more questions.  Great.  So now this is turning into a SEX talk?  At In-N-Out?   SERIOUSLY??  

"Well, the daddy puts the seed there..." I started again.

"I know the daddy puts it there, but HOW??" She asked

"Ummm, weellll..." I was at a complete loss.  Then she brightened like she got it somehow and said,

"Oh!  Like when you eat an apple and there is a seed that you eat and it goes to your tummy?"

That's all I need!  Her thinking she is going to have a baby in her tummy from eating a random apple seed.

"No, not exactly,"  I said. 

Then I sat there quickly trying to figure out how I was going to explain sex and sperm, without exactly explaining it to a six year old.  In the middle of a fast food restaurant.  

Then I said, "There is a special kind of seed the daddy has.  When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, the daddy puts a special kind of seed in the mommy's tummy and that's how the baby starts growing."  

"Oh, okay," she said.  

Thankfully our order number was called, and the thought of cheeseburgers and french fries took over any leftover questions she may have still had.  


I think I did okay though.  The funny thing is, my friend Melinda and I were talking a few days later and she told me about a couple of books she came across from her childhood she wanted to give me.  They are books about how babies are made for kids Sonya's age, with illustrations and all.  So at least now I have some tools to work with next time the question arises.  Although I'm thinking I may take them out and read them with her before  she asks again.  This way we can talk about it in the privacy of our home, instead of in front of dozens of strangers at a popular California food chain.   Not so sure those people appreciated the birds and the bees talk with their double double animal style burger.  

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Anonymous said...

Please read the books alone or with Andy before you read them with her. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of how simple they made everything, illustrations and all!

PS I hope she doesn't notice the anatomical correction drawings I made in that one book ;)