Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Future Wine Enthusiast

Last Friday, after I picked Sonya up from school, I took the kids to Target so they could pick out their Valentines.  The Target that I regularly go to is in the Empire Center here in Burbank.  A shopping center filled with all kinds of different stores to meet all your shopping needs.  There's a Lowe's, Target, Best Buy, Michaels, TJ Maxx, and just recently added-a Nordstrom's Rack.  There are also a couple of restaurants and Starbucks, of course.  Then there is one of my favorite places, Bev-Mo.

For those of you who don't know this store, it's a magical place filled with all different types of alcohol, beer and especially wine.   Now some of you from back east may think this is the same thing as your package stores.  You know, the ONLY place you can buy booze in some states.  Here in California though, we can buy alcohol just about any time, day or night, any day of the week.  They sell it in Target, the grocery stores, and CVS.  Yes, even on a Sunday.  There was more than one occasion, when I was in college in Boston, when I would run out of Boone's Farm and have to wait until the next day for my refill.  The liquor section of the convenience stores would be chained in and locked down.  So that is one of the other nicer things about living in L.A. Well, that and not having to dig a snow tunnel to my car every day for the past 60 days.  (Sorry Northeast family and friends!)

Back to Bev-Mo.  It's not like the package store since you can buy alcohol anywhere here.  This is the place to go if you have questions about what you're buying or want a better price.  Similar to any specialized store.   For example, they sell kids shoes at Target.  However, if you need help finding your kids size or a better shoe, then your better off going to Stride Rite, where they might actually know what they're doing.  So yes, from time to time, I may visit the local Bev-Mo.  Especially when they are having their fantastic 5 cent sale where you buy a bottle of wine and get the second one for 5 cents.  Can't beat that!  When I do go there, I usually refer to it as the wine store, since that is all I really buy there.

Now we come back to last Friday.  We drove into the parking lot at the Empire Center, and Georgia starts to ask where we are going.  I remind her that we are going to Target for Valentines.  Then she asks, where is the Target, and immediately sees it and answers her own question with,

"Dere is Target!"

Right after that she sees the Bev-Mo and yells, with as much enthusiasm as any kid who has just seen a McDonalds,


Sooooo...Is that bad??


Anonymous said...

I love her.

brenda said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Uncle David needs to see this one!

Robin J said...

That's cute! Much cuter than my step-daughter pointing out my empty wine bottle stash to her mother (I was saving them for my dad who makes wine.) And saying, "We all know what Robin's favorite drink is!"

Btw, where did you grow up??? I live in the Detroit area and never heard of stores chaining up the alcohol (except on Sundays before noon.)

Kristi said...

Robin-I grew up kinda everywhere(dad was in the Marine Corp), but went to College in Boston. In Massachusettes, they won't sell alcohol at all on Sundays, so some of the places that did sell alcohol, like the convienence stores had to chain it up. Not sure if that law is still in effect, but it was in the 90's.