Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Girl, Big Words

Lately, Sonya has been using big words in the completely wrong context.  At some point in time, if I think about it, I'm going to start writing them all down because they are pretty funny.  There is one that sticks out in my head that she said last week.  She ALMOST had it right.  Almost.

Lana had a play date last week with her best friend Angelina.  Not the actress with 50 kids, 30 of them adopted from Africa, but an adorable little blond haired girl in her pre-school class.  She is the only kid Lana will play with at school and she talks about her constantly at home.  In January, Angelina was out of school for a week because she was sick.  I thought Lana was going organize a search party to find and rescue her.  She was beside herself every day she went to school and Angelina didn't show up.  She had been bugging me to have a play date with her for a month, so I set one up for last Thursday after school.  Angelina's mom dropped her off and they got to play for a while by themselves, which was good.  Georgia was napping and Sonya was still at school, so Lana had much needed time alone with her friend, before her sisters tried to take over.  Then we left to pick Sonya up from school.

Sonya loves having company.  Doesn't matter if it's her friends, Lana's friends, or my friends.  She gets excited for anyone new.  When she got in the car after school, she happily greeted Angelina.  I gently reminded her on the way home that this was LANA'S friend, and while she was allowed to play with them, she was not allowed to TAKE OVER the playing.  Sonya tends to be a little, um...bossy.  I have NO idea where THAT comes from.  She assured me that she wasn't going to do anything but play what Lana wanted to play.  I sorta believed her.  She did sound convincing.  But then...

We weren't in the door five minutes when I heard Sonya saying,

"Okay, Angelina!  What do you want to play?  We could play with the babies or we have the dress up clothes!  Want to play dress up and do makeup?"

Before I could respond, I heard Lana start to yell.

"SISSY!  It is MY decision what to play! She is MY fwend!"

"Sonya," I called from the kitchen.  "Remember what we discussed in the car?  You may play with them, but Lana makes the decisions what to play. You may not take over."

Sonya very innocently said, "I know mommy!  I was just giving them what opportunities there were to play!"

See. ALMOST the right word, just not quite.   Lana, however, was not really all that impressed with the "opportunities"  Sonya offered anyway. 

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