Monday, December 20, 2010

Pointing Out The Obvious (To Mommy's Embarrassment)

Ever since Sonya lost her first tooth, my girls are obsessed with loose teeth now.  Sonya does have another loose tooth right now, but Lana and Georgia are always telling me that one of their teeth is loose.  Which of course it isn't.  They just want to be like their older sister.  Not to mention that they saw how she was given money for her tooth, so it seems like a good trade off.  Unfortunately for them, it'll be a few years before a tooth actually does get loose.   In the meantime they inspect every kid now to see if they have missing teeth then point it out to me when they do.  

On a completely different note, a couple weeks ago my dishwasher decided to stop working. (Stick with me, these stories will tie together)  Something that I was SO happy about since I was planning a Christmas party and had eight different types of cookies, not to mention appetizer to make.  This meant A LOT of dishes.  So yeah, great timing.  Doesn't it always happen like that?   I called Sears to come out and repair it for us.  First they weren't going to come for almost a week.  A WEEK!   Then I did call and manage to get a sooner appointment.  But in the meantime I had to wash dishes by hand.  Something I hadn't done since I was eight.  It was like living in the dark ages.  

Well, last Wednesday the repairman came to our house to fix our disabled dishwasher.  He was a very nice man.  However, upon first glance looked a little rough.  Like he had some bad younger years but was trying to get his life together.  He had a number of tattoos, which is not  a big deal to me.  I don't mind tattoos and in fact have one myself,  but it was the kind they were (skulls) and the places they were (on his neck).  The kind of thing that screams bad ass.  There was also the fact that he was missing about three teeth in the front.  But like I said before, he was a good guy.  He fixed my dishwasher, and he asked about the girls.  He had a two year old boy at home and we chatted about the terrible twos. 

As it turns out, my dishwasher had a build up of calcium due to the hard water we have here in California.  There was so much that it wouldn't run or drain properly.  He was telling me what I could do to keep it from building up again.  Lana was in the kitchen with me while he was explaining all this.  Then out of nowhere she looked over at him and then back at me and excitedly said,

"Look mom!  He lost his tooth!" THAT happened.

Well, I did what I needed to do.  I ignored her and carried on my conversation hoping he didn't hear her or at least understand what she had said.  Luckily, Lana didn't push the issue, which is kinda weird for her, because most of the time she would have made a bigger deal about it.  If he did hear her he didn't let on, which I was thankful for, although I did feel badly that she had said that.    

He finished explaining to me what to do with the dishwasher and soon left.  Thank goodness Lana didn't say anything else embarrassing, like "why is there Halloween on that guy's neck?".  Between Sonya recently saying embarrassing things and now Lana, I'm thinking that perhaps I will just give them all big pieces of bubble gum whenever people come over so they can't talk at all.  Well, either that or duct tape.  

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Anonymous said...

Did somebody say duct tape? I'm pretty sure I have some left if you are in need? I just love hem, Lana. All 3 of your ladies crack me up. I look forward to sharing stories and smack talking with you.