Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Big, Big Girl Bed

I know posting has been light the past week, and I apologize for that.  Can't say it's going to get much better until after Christmas.  I'm about to enter into a very crazy time because of the holidays. Oh and since I didn't have enough going on, I've volunteered to do things at Sonya's school and for Georgia's class over the next few weeks.  I blame my mom for this.  She also can never sit still.  Thanks mom!  Anyway, I will do my best to keep you updated when I can.  Keep checking back!  In the meantime I did want to tell you about Sonya's move to her new room.

Sonya turned six a few weeks ago, and I'm embarrassed to admit, was still in a toddler bed.  I know, I know, but we were just trying to figure out when and how to move her out.  Georgia was still in her crib and that particular crib turns into a double bed, so it was going to mean a whole lot of work getting everything switched around.  Since my in-laws were here until Tuesday, we decided it would be a good idea for Andy and his father to put the bed together on Sunday.  We would get a mattress for it and be all set.  There was also the matter of moving toys and clothes around while purging ourselves of a ton of baby toys we still had. (I won't tell you how sad that particular task made me.  Well, maybe not as sad as taking down the crib.  Tear.)  So the plan was to have Sonya at least sleeping in her room by Sunday night, even though the things in the rooms would still need moving.

Ah plans! How they rarely work out.

Andy and his father went to buy a mattress on Sunday afternoon.  I told him just to buy it and put it in the van because it would fit with all the seats down.  Instead they got it delivered for Monday night. Apparently it was cheaper price and a better mattress to have it delivered.  Don't ask me, I wasn't there.  Sounds kind of strange, but fine whatever.  Sonya slept on the floor with her sisters in her old room on Sunday night.  It was so nice with all of them in there together.  They went right to sleep with no problems.  Oh WAIT!  That's right, they were up until TEN PM!!  Sonya managed to fall asleep amidst the chaos around nine, but the other two were in full party mode for another hour.

Monday came and I worked on the rooms some more.  It look like a bomb exploded in my house, but it was slowly getting done.  The mattress was scheduled to be delivered between 6-9pm.  I just LOVE the delivery window, don't you?  I don't know why, but I had one of my premonitions that it just wasn't going to come.  I ignored it.  Then when 8:30 rolled around, but the mattress didn't, I knew I was probably right.  We eventually put Sonya to bed with the girls again.  This time they were all so tired from the night before they fell asleep fairly quick.  Still, she was supposed to be sleeping in her new bed and here she was on the floor again.  No phone call from the store, nothing.  The store was already closed, but I called and left a message anyway, letting them know I wasn't so happy.

Let me tell you now, if you're ever in a situation like this where you've been wronged, leave it to me to make it right.  I become what I like to refer to as "nice bitchy".  You can tell I'm mad, but I'm trying to act nice to not put the other party completely on the defensive.  It's only when I don't get results do I get "bitchy bitchy".  And I have had to go there a few times.  It's not pretty.  Ask anyone in my family.  Especially when I'm hungry and waiting for a table in a restaurant and someone who walks in after us gets a table first.  OH NO THEY DIDIN'!!  Do NOT go there with me.

Anyway, I received no phone call the next morning, so I called them myself.  I started out nice bitchy, preparing myself to take out the big guns if needed.  I explained the situation and the polite man on the phone, who didn't really have anything to do with our sale or what happened, went to investigate.  When he called me back he explained that somehow the invoice did not get faxed over to them, therefore they didn't even know there was a mattress to be delivered yesterday, and could they deliver it tomorrow instead? To which I replied,

"No, you may not.  You may deliver it today and it will be before 6pm."

"Ummm, oookkayy, I don't think there's anyway we can get it there before six though...." he said.

"Well, my daughter had to sleep on the floor last night because you didn't bring the mattress when you said you would, and that will not happen again today.  If you don't want an angry customer, then you will deliver today before 6pm," I told him.  Yes, I was quickly approaching bitchy bitchy.

"Okay, hold on," he told me.

Then he came back to the phone and informed me  they would have it at my house  between 2-4pm.  Well, look at that!  They DID have time today.  I thanked him and hung up.

Around 3pm, the mattress arrived.  The delivery man was apologetic and nice, but there was one tiny problem.  The box spring we got to go with it, was WAY to big for the bed.  He knew as soon as he took one look at the bed.  He told me there was a "bunky board" box spring that was smaller and would be a better size.  Unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to deliver it until Wednesday, but we could keep this one until they could switch it out.  It wasn't their fault we got the wrong box spring, so that was fine with me.  It was a bit ridiculous looking though.  I felt like I should put a pea under the mattress to see if Sonya could feel it while she was sleeping, thus proving her a real princess.

After he left, I continued my quest for the room swap.  It was a mess and I was exhausted.  Then around 5:30 the mattress store called back.  It was the same delivery guy.  He felt bad at how high the bed was and managed to find the smaller box spring in their Burbank store.  Would it be okay for them to deliver it and take the other one sometime within in the hour?  HELLS YEAH!  I told him.  Well maybe it was more like, "that would be great", but I was excited that they were making up for the faux pas from the night before. 

So they did.  They redeemed themselves for their mistake and I was able to leave nice bitchy behind and just be nice.  The bed was much better with the smaller box spring and it looks great.  Sonya was  excited to sleep in her new room and new bed last night.  Despite the fact that earlier in the week she told me she was a little sad that she would be the only one sleeping without a partner, she fell asleep just fine.   Plus she did find a new partner and Jazz found a new comfy spot to snooze.  I wish I could say the other two who are now partnered up fell asleep just fine too, but I think it's going to be a long time before the party ends in that room... if ever.

Now, my first baby girl is back to the first bed and first room she ever slept in.  Even if it is much bigger and more grown up.  That's the part that makes this the most difficult, because so is she.  

*Just a quick note-we are not completely done with the room and yes the animal border will be coming down and replaced with something else.  For now, it's my last baby reminder.  Tear.

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Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Ha...those mattress delivery people! I don't have words to express my frustration on that one.

That is one of the sweetest looking girl's room I've ever seen. Good job, mama!