Monday, December 13, 2010

Like An Elephant, She Never Forgets

Last Tuesday morning I woke up, in a panic realizing, I forgot to do something.  Every Tuesday I take Georgia to "class".  It's a parent education class at the adult school down the street.  It's great, because we go together, she plays with kids her age while I hang out with the other moms.  Then we do a circle time and sing songs.  Afterward, all the moms go to a different room to have a discussion while the kids play next door.  We all take turns watching the kids.  It's an awesome program and I wish I would have done it sooner, but I didn't even know about it until last year.  Anyway,  last Tuesday Santa was coming to visit the class during our circle time.  We were to bring a wrapped book so Santa could give it to our child.  Of course,  I forgot to get a damn book.  No worries though!  We have a TON of books at home and I was sure I could find one that we hadn't read much or at all.  I knew she wouldn't know even if I took one we had read before, but Georgia wouldn't be the problem.  Sonya would.

Sonya has a fantastic memory.  She always has.  My mom has even mentioned that it seems almost  photographic.  I wouldn't be surprised, since she learned things like her numbers and letters so early.  I knew when I was looking through their books on Tuesday morning, my challenge was going to be finding something Sonya didn't know we had.  I came across a book called "The Goodnight Train", which we've had for well over a year.  It had been stuck in with all the other small paperbacks and I think we maybe read it once when we first got it.  It was a cute little story, perfect for Georgia and I was sure Sonya wouldn't remember it.  I really have to stop underestimating that kid.

Well,  Santa came to Georgia's class and she was so excited to see him.  She ran run up to him and gave him a hug, when he called her name to give her the present.  She had no idea we ever had that particular book and was excited for it.  I knew that meant that it would be a bedtime book, which meant Sonya would hear the story too.  Little did I know, I wouldn't have to wait for bedtime for Sonya's memory to be tested. 

We picked up Sonya from school later that day and Georgia was telling her all about her visit with Santa and how she got a present.  Then Sonya asked what book it was.  I told her it was "The Goodnight Train".   Immediately she said,

"We have that one at home."

"No, we don't," I argued with her.  Then I lied, "I think we checked it out from the library before.  Maybe that's what you're thinking of."

"Nope, we have it already.  I know," she said.  

Great.  She knows.  Now what?  I continued to try and convince her that I didn't see that book in their bookshelf and I really thought we just got it at the library at some point.  She was not at all convinced.  

Then that night we got it out to read before bedtime.  As soon as Sonya saw it she said again,

"Yes!  We have that one already!"

"Sonya, I looked in your bookshelf today and I didn't see it at all," I told her.  Then I said, "It doesn't matter.  This is Georgia's gift from Santa and she likes it, so can you just drop it please."

"Okay," she said.  Then more quietly to herself, "But I  know we USED to have that one."

Then when I was done reading it she said, "Yeah, I remember we had it because Nona gave it to us."  

SERIOUSLY??!!  She not only remembers that specific book that we have read maybe, MAYBE once, but she remembers who gave it to them?!  Over a year ago?!? 

My only saving grace is that Georgia is too young to understand.  And for as smart as Sonya is she didn't figure out I took the book from home.  She just thinks Santa gave us a book we already had, but now has mysteriously disappeared.  This will be one of those stories that will be fun to piece together for her when she's older and no longer believes in Santa.  In the meantime I really have to watch everything I say and do with her. 

Actually, I could put this to good use and just start verbally giving her all my lists I make of things that need done.  Then I don't have to go searching to figure out where I put my lists.  I'll have Sonya there to tell me what's next.  Maybe I could even rent her out for other people with bad memories.  It would be an extra way to make some cash.  I mean she is six, so it's about time for her to start pulling her weight around here. 

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Robyn :) said...

:) sooo sorry for you...but i loveeeee it! ...and i would be the first to rent your girlie's great memory - - i can't remember anything these days! please please please bring SonyaTheMagnificent to VA so that she can be in my 2nd grade class! xoxo