Monday, December 6, 2010

The Happiest (and Sometimes Scariest) Place on Earth

This past Thursday was our annual family trip to Disneyland.  This year I had only one kid in diapers!  Even that isn't too bad, because most of the time she informs me when she has to poop and we make it to a bathroom on time.  Anyway, I love our trip to Disney every year.  It's a fun day with the whole family and our friend Melinda who gets us in for free!  Because really, who the hell can afford $76 a ticket these days? Yes we use Melinda to get us in for free, but we also love her company.  Plus in all fairness she uses us to get out of work for a day and go to Disney instead.  It's not a bad trade off.  (Thanks again Melinda!)  It's also a day that forces me not to cook, clean and be distracted by other duties.  A day to  hang out and have fun with my kids and husband.  That's just what we did.  

I think we rode more rides than we have in the past, which I was excited about, because I love rides.   We did the usual ones like Dumbo, the carousel and  Teacups.  Well, Sonya and I didn't ride the Teacups but everyone else did.  She and I were more keen on keeping our breakfast in our stomachs for the time being.  Riding the Teacups would have made that impossible for us.  Then we tried some new ones.  Andy and Melinda took Sonya and Lana on the little roller coaster in Toon Town.  Unfortunately, Georgia wasn't quite tall enough and she was NOT happy about it.  She cried for about five minutes after they left.  I distracted her by taking her into Goofy's house and Donald's boat. Every once in a while she would realize we were alone and the reason for that was because she couldn't ride the roller coaster, so she would get upset all over again.  Poor thing.  Hopefully next year she'll make the cut.  

We also did new rides like, Autotopia. That's the one where you drive the cars around the track.  Not sure why we never did that one before.  I guess we just never got over there in the past.  We only saw it this time, because we decided to go on the Finding Nemo ride.  This ride opened over three years ago, but we've never gone on, because the line has always been too long.  Even on days when the park was not crowded, like it is most of the time when we go after Thanksgiving, it was at least a 45 minute wait.  With three kids 45 minutes might as well be three hours.  Our wait time limit is usually 20 minutes tops.  Fortunately, that was the exact wait for Nemo on this day.  

We got in line not really sure what to expect of this ride.  Actually, I was pretty certain it was tame.  You get in a big submarine and ride around a track in the water.  The old ride there was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, which I remember being kind of scary, but this was Nemo!  A story about a cute little lost fish who's dad comes to look for him.  How scary could it be, right?  I mean it was probably just like being in a floating aquarium. 

 I guess I haven't seen Finding Nemo in a few years.

It started out harmless enough.  Except there was the guy behind us who freaked out when they closed the top of the submarine. He decided he had to get out RIGHT THEN, leaving his five year old son in the care of a stranger for the ride.  I'm assuming he was claustrophobic.  Why even get in line, I'm not sure, perhaps he thought he could handle it.  Guess not.  We were all fine.  So far.  It started off like I thought the whole thing was going to be.  We were just looking through the portholes into what looked like the ocean, but with fake fish and fake coral.  The girls were enjoying it, until we "dove deeper" and ended up in darkness.  Then it also got extremely loud, which I guess was good, because then nobody could hear the screaming and crying of my two youngest girls.  They were both in hysterics, Georgia more than Lana. They both kept saying "Mommy!!  I wanna go hoooommmme!"  Oh boy.  

It wouldn't have been that bad if we were on Snow White or Peter Pan and they would have gotten scared.  Those rides are over in, what, 2 minutes?  Not Nemo.  No, Nemo was more like Pirates of the Caribbean length.  Perhaps a little less, but I'm guessing we were in that sub for at least seven minutes with my screaming children, which felt more like an hour.  

When we finally got back to the start, the girls had calmed down some, but GG was still talking about going home.  She was much happier when we went to the Autotopia and let her drive Andy around the track for five minutes instead.  

The rest of the day went more smoothly.  There weren't  even any major kid breakdowns to speak of.  We managed to convince Sonya to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, which she liked.  I wasn't sure if that was ever going to happen.  Next year we'll attempt the Haunted Mansion with her.  Although the other two are sticking to Toon Town and Dumbo for a while.  Even now they Lana keeps saying,

"I do not wan to go on dat Submaween wide again!"

All in all it was a great day.  We had ice cream for dinner and stayed for Fireworks.  Then we changed all the girls into their PJs when we got to the car and they were asleep within five minutes of leaving.  

I guess next year there will be no "Submaween wide" for the Dadekains.  They're just going to have to find Nemo without us.  

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