Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Sonya has never been one of those kids who I have to worry about saying embarrassing things about people.  I don't know if she is smart enough to know better, or is just to shy to talk in front of people she doesn't know well.  What I mean by this is she's never pointed things out to strangers or even people we know that might make them feel uncomfortable.  Like the time my mom was out shopping with my niece, Gracie. A nice woman came up to talk to them and comment on how cute Gracie was.  Apparently the woman has some out of control hair, and Grace pointed it out by telling the woman that her hair was a mess.  My sister was just grateful it was my mom who took the hit and not her.  As many times as I've been put in similar situations with Sonya, she has never said something like that.  Until Friday.

My Grandpa came over on Friday afternoon to see Sonya for her birthday, give her a card and the annual birthday gift of $10.  It's so cute because he's been giving the same amount for birthdays since I was a kid.  Only when I was a kid I also got  pieces of stale bubble gum taped to the inside of the card.  That might have been my favorite part.  He does have six grand kids, and fourteen great grand kids and after a while that money adds up.  Perhaps $10 was a good amount to choose and stick with all those years ago, especially living on a fixed income.  Either way, Sonya was excited for the money and couldn't wait to put it in her piggy bank.  

We hung out and chatted for a while.  Then we went to the kitchen so Sonya and I could make her birthday cake.  Grandpa sat and watched as we made the batter.  Sonya decided that was a good time to ask a few questions rolling around in her head.  

"Is Grandma dead?" was the first thing on her mind.  

"Yes, Sonya," I told her.  "Remember she died over the summer and went to heaven?"

"Oh yeah."

Then she thought for a minute and asked, "How old is Grandpa?"

"Why don't you ask him?" I told her.  So she did and he told her that he was 83 years old.  

Then she looked over at me and asked, "Why isn't Grandpa dead yet?"

Ummmmmm...ha...ha...Oh Sonya....

I wanted Southwest so I could "get away".  

It's not like the death questions are entirely new.  We did deal with this a bit back in June, but it caught me off guard once again.  Especially since this time it was IN FRONT of my Grandpa.  

It didn't seem to bother him at all though.  He's well aware of his age and the fact that he is close to the end of his life.  He started talking about telemarketers  calling him, and how he explains to them that he's too old and doesn't have time to buy what they're selling.  After that the comment was forgotten.  I think.  Eh-Grandpa's probably too old to remember anyway.  Actually, that's not true.  He has a pretty good memory, but I'll just pretend he doesn't to save me the embarrassment.  


Megan said...

doesn't he have like 14 or 15 great grandkids??? not 10.

Kristi said...

Did I say 10? I mean to put 14. Damnit!