Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa's Other Wordly Contribution

This morning at breakfast:

Sonya-"I think Santa was home schooled."


Sonya-"I think Santa was home schooled."

Me-"Why do you think that?"

Sonya-"Because of Santa Clause is Coming to Town." (the Christmas special) "He lived in the cold and snow, so he couldn't go to school, so he was taught at home."

Me-"Oh really?  I didn't know that.  So do you know there are other kids that are home schooled?"

Sonya-"Yeah, that's why the whole world chose to home school.  Because Santa taught them."

Me-"But everyone isn't home schooled.   You aren't."

Sonya-"That's because some parents can't teach their kids everything because they don't know it."

I suppose I can't argue with that logic.  I can barely help her with her first grade "pre-geometry" math. 

 I really wish I was kidding about that. 

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