Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Starting Young

Today I had to make a trip to Costco with ALL THREE GIRLS! AHHH! THE HORROR!  Actually they were quite good, so that's not really what I came to tell you today.

When we first got there I grabbed a shopping cart and parked it in back of the car parked next to us.  I took the girls out of the car and loaded them into the cart.  Georgia and Lana were in the front, Sonya was hanging on the side.  I was trying to get everything together when I noticed three men with a shopping cart full of Costco goods, standing next to the car I was blocking.  I was obviously in their way.  I felt bad, immediately apologized and began to move.  There were two African American guys and I only mention this because I swear one of them was someone famous.  He looked like a younger hotter version of LL Cool J.  He smiled at me and said,

"No, no problem, don't worry!"  Then he looked at the girls and said, "Hi girls!"

The girls responded back with a chorus of "hello's".

The cute guy's one friend was on the phone and the other one was pushing the cart, which led me to believe they were some sort of entourage to this very handsome charasmatic guy.  Living in L.A. you run across famous people just about everywhere.  Sometimes you recognize them, sometimes you're not sure if you do.  He may have been someone. Who knows?  All I do know is that he was very attractive and personable while the other two guys he was with were, eh.

We continued to walk down the aisle toward the Costco and I noticed Lana looking over my shoulder back to where the men were now loading their goods in their SUV.  Then she looked at me and said,

"Mom, doze boys is CUTE!"

What?  Did I hear that right?  She's three, correct?  How does she know what cute is?   Well, I guess the handsome, alluring stranger made her figure it out.  Great.

Have I mentioned how much I'm dreading the teen years?

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Moomser said...

Hi, ran into your blog through a comment at dooce. Love your blog's name! Also fun to read, so great job!