Friday, August 2, 2013

SO Close!

Level 2-Pass
It took three summers to get Sonya out of Level 1 swim class and 2 weeks to pass Level 2.  I've documented the girls learning to  swim adventures on here every summer.   I guess not being petrified about the water anymore helps you to swim better.  This picture was from a couple weeks ago.  Yesterday was her last Level 3 class and she didn't pass it yet, but she only has two things she needs to work on.  By next summer she could be headed to lifeguard material.  I'm so proud of her!

The little girls...well they will be in level one yet again next summer. BUT!  I think they will get through it fast though, because they only had two things to work on and they are actually swimming by themselves for the most part.  Lana can even do arm over arm or "ice cream scoops" as they call them. 

I know some kids jump in the water and are swimming within a few months.  Mine are taking the long road. The one that takes at least four years to learn to swim well.   All that matters is that they end up in the same place, being able to swim on their own.  That way Mama can sit beside the pool and read a book while they play at the pool.   I feel like I might be only one summer away from that dream!

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