Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everyone Is A Critic

While my mom was here a couple weeks ago, she made breakfast for the girls just about every morning.  It's so great when she's here, because she's such a huge help and I get a bit of a break from the monotony for a while.  Thanks mom!  Anyway- one morning she made a "Toad in the Hole" for Sonya.  I'm sure most of you know what it is and just have a different name for it.  You take a piece of bread, cut a hole in the center, butter it then put it in a frying pan.  Then you break an egg in the center of the hole and cook both sides.  It's a great breakfast, easy and the girls have been requesting it quite often.  

Here's the problem with cooking eggs though, it is so hard for me to get them right.  The girls want the yolk "dippy", but getting it to that perfect point of just runny, not hard and overcooked and not undercooked and gross is never easy.  At least for me.  The other morning, I had apparently not cooked them correctly as the girls started to tell me as they were eating.

"Oh this one doesn't have much runny yolk," Sonya said.

"I'm sorry.  Is the whole thing cooked?" I asked.

"No some if it's fine, but it's just not right.  It's not how Nona cooked it," she told me.

Mmmmooooooommmm!  You need to come back!  

"Well, I'm sorry girls, I can't get it right all the time," I told them.

Then Sonya said to me, "No, no-I mean I'll eat it.  If we were at a restaurant and you were the waitress, I would tell you it was fine."

But since I'm just mom and I'm here to serve you, you will tell me how I messed up your breakfast.  Thanks girls!  Sometimes constructive criticism sucks.  Especially when it comes from your kids.  

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