Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Like Little Fish

For about ten years now, we've been trying to teach the girls to swim.  Okay, I guess that's not right since Sonya is only seven.  It just feels that way.  In reality, this is the third summer in a row the girls have taken swimming lessons.  You might remember the stories from the past summers. and finally, FINALLY, about a month ago Sonya really started swimming:

(Did you like the way Lana had to get herself in that video? Now, I was claiming victory.  At least one of them was somewhat comfortable in the water!  At least one of them will  put her head under without going into hysterics!  I just figured we'd worry about the other two next summer.  Then Lana (yes, Lana! The same one who did this one summer.) surprised the hell out of us and a couple weeks ago started doing this out of nowhere:
So now we have TWO of them at least willing to try and move in the water!  Georgia is still very hesitant, but fortunately we live in Southern, CA where is will be summer until at least November.  This is my friend Stacy's pool, and I plan on living there until I have all three of them swimming like Michael Phelps.  Or at least like Michael Phelps when he was three.  


Hollyhome said...

Michael Phelps when he was three...that sounds reasonable :) Happy Summer :)

Hollyhome said...
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