Monday, October 22, 2012

A Female Dog

Sonya- "Mommy, what does 'bitch' mean?"

Oh boy.  These are the questions I get when Andy is away for the weekend, as I'm putting them to bed.    It's not like I didn't know where she heard the word.  She MAY have heard it on a certain show that we watch about high school kids who like to sing in a club.  Maybe.  I can't be certain.  Okay I can, but hey they say that word on daytime TV!

Me- "Well first of all, don't say that word to a girl, unless you are prepared to get hit in the face."

Sonya- "Ooookkkaayyy..."

Me- "It has a couple of meanings, actually.  The real meaning is a 'female dog.'"

Sonya- "Oh that's right! Daddy told me that."

Okay my husband MAY have told her what a couple of bad words were and what they mean.  Maybe.  I can't be certain.  Okay I can about that too, but he's reasoning was, tell her what they are and take their power away, and make sure she knows they are not good words to say.  I think it's a good idea, for a kid like Sonya anyway.  It would NOT be a good idea to tell every kid her age these things, but Sonya different.  She understands when she should say things and when she shouldn't.  Lana is not one to tell these words to, because she would be running around the Kindergarten playground shouting them.  

Me- "Yes, well that is the real meaning of it, but somewhere over time the word turned into  something you call a girl or woman when they are not being nice, or you don't like them.  Although, it can also be used jokingly with girls too."  

Sonya- "What do you mean?"

Me- "Well  if I said to one of my friends 'hey bitch what's up?'  I'm not saying it in a mean way, I'm just being silly.  But mostly it's not a nice word to say to a girl and you should NEVER call someone that."

Sonya- "Unless I'm prepared to get hit in the face."

Me- "Exactly!"

See, she listens to me.  For now.  And yes, I'm preparing myself for the day she uses that word in conjunction with me.  

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